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28 April 2020

Real-media paint app.


Rebelle is an award-winning watercolor and acrylic painting program created by Escape Motions. Its watercolor simulation is based on a real-world color mixing, blending, wet-diffusion, and drying. Rebelle convincingly mimics the way natural media interacts with the canvas and itself. Users can paint, smear, re-wet dried colors, blow wet washes across the paper, tilt the paper to create water drops and runs and create countless fantastic watercolor effects.

  • Rebelle 2 integrates groundbreaking improvements, watercolor and acrylic brushes got an unprecedented realistic look and together with watercolor masking fluid give an exceptional traditional feel to the digital painting.
  • Completely new brush engine allows users to create custom brushes - round, flat, bamboo, various wet splatters, sponges and many others. Moreover, Rebelle’s various wet tools - watercolors, acrylics or ink pen can be combined with pastels, pencils or any other dry media tools, in wonderfully intuitive ways.
  • New stencils and selection tools together with wet paint diffusion open new creative results yet not possible to achieve in digital art.
  • This new super charged version comes with full multi-touch support and layered PSD support. All these convenient features are wrapped in an agreeable and easy to use interface with a tiny learning curve.
  • Realistic Brushes
    • Real world simulation of paint diffusion
    • Wet tools: Watercolor, Acrylic & Ink Pen
    • Dry tools: Pencil, Pastel, Marker, Eraser
    • Blend and Smudge tools
    • Wet, dry and blow the wet painting
    • Tilt the canvas to get flow effects
    • Pen pressure support
  • Layers and Colors
    • Unique color mixing
    • Multitouch gestures
    • 10 paper and canvas presets
    • 23 Photoshop blending modes
    • Sets of user predefined colors
    • Image color tracing
  • Intuitive Interface
    • Intuitive customizable interface
    • English, German, French, Spanish, Finnish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other translations
    • Custom keyboard shortcuts
    • Support for Retina displays
    • Fullscreen mode
  • Files
    • Drag-and-drop image from folder or web
    • Import and export with alpha channel
    • PNG, JPG, TIF, BMP and REB files
    • Iterative Save
    • Image file thumbnails
    • Publish and share artworks in Gallery

What's new in Rebelle

Version 3.2.1:
  • When rotating the reference image using multi-touch, canvas does not react
  • Rotation using three-fingers touch is not possible when the canvas rotation is disabled for multi-touch actions
  • Pressure decrease at the start of the stroke
  • Other minor bug fixes

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8 Reviews of Rebelle

03 November 2019
Version: 3.1.6

Most helpful

One of my top 3 favorite digital paining apps! I use it every day. There is no subscription either!
03 November 2019
Version: 3.1.6
One of my top 3 favorite digital paining apps! I use it every day. There is no subscription either!
05 March 2019
Version: 3.1
It is a powerful tool! It gives me what I want with pleasant surprises just like real water. I enjoy painting with Rebelle very much and recommend it to everyone who enjoys painting.
Gmot R
05 January 2018
Version: 2.0.3
Really love where this program is headed and the watercolor simulation in particular is astounding. Aside from its standalone quality, for me this will eliminate endless hunting online for quality watercolor resources. Thanks for developing something extremely promising.
01 November 2017
Version: 2.0.3
This software's a heaven for digital painters - affordable, easy to use and with some beautiful effects I have not yet seen in other software. The tilt effect almost made me cry... Finally a software that actually imitates the real world painting. Hoping for some additional features as salt, alcohol effects, etc.
10 August 2017
Version: 2.0.2
Very unusual computer program at a relatively affordable price. Rebelle offers quite natural paint abilities. I really like the watercolor and I have just started experimenting. Can't wait to see what great graphics I can create with this software. Making my own stencils is so cool!
30 November 2016
Version: 1.5.2
This is great, just what I wanted. Not overwhelmed by options, just a few essential media extremely well simulated. After trying Rebelle, I fell in love with the ability to mix paint on the canvas. The price is also a reason as well as how the interface doesn't look cheesy like in many other apps
28 October 2016
Version: 1.5.2
what a fantastic app! tried the demo and could not believe my eyes, the simulation of fluids and the way colours bleed on canvas is simply fascinating. the ink pen is great for sketches. it seems that i have just found a new favourite piece of art software. thanks macupdate!
25 October 2016
Version: 1.5.1
This application is absolutely stunning! I have been trying to find similar software to compare but I have not yet found anything comparable. The simplicity in UI design coupled with the brush technology is by far some of the best stuff I have worked with so far.