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20 February 2020

Suite of Web optimization tools.


Scrutiny is a suite of web optimization tools. Native cocoa app (i.e., not Java) thus safe, fast and efficient. The download includes a 30-days free trial. Supports Mjoave's dark mode

  • Link checker
  • SEO analysis
  • XML sitemap generation, optionally include images / video / PDF pages
  • Helps your migration to a secure (https) website by reporting pages with mixed content and links to your old http pages
  • Page-load speed test
  • Spelling and grammar checking
  • Scans sites requiring authentication
  • Search your site (source or visible text) obtain a list of pages containing a search term or not containing a search term
  • Website monitoring of as many URL's as you like with a choice of alerts and logging
  • Scheduling made easy with a few easy clicks
  • On finish, send an email, save a report, open a file or AppleScript, FTP the sitemap XML, and other actions
  • Opens and scans a list of links in HTML, CSV, plain text format, or XML sitemap

What's new in Scrutiny

Version 9.5.1:
  • Ability to test anchors. You can switch the option on using a new checkbox on Integrity's first tab.
    • This will cause urls like /index.html#top and /index.html#bottom to be reported as separate links (resulting in more data) and tested separately. (more cpu and time for crawl)
    • If a link url has a #fragment then Integrity will report the server response code as before (coloured red if status is bad). The anchor has no bearing on this. However, if the status is good, then Integrity makes a further check to see whether a name or id can be found on the target page matching the link fragment. If not, this is added to the link's warnings, and the link will be marked orange
    • You can view the details of the warning in the Link Inspector
    • Note that the anchor check is case-sensitive. Officially anchors are case-sensitive. Some browsers may treat anchors as case-insensitive, but this doesn't mean that all browsers will and it doesn't mean that it's right.
    • Note that you can't 'ignore querystrings' and also test the anchors, since the anchor fragment comes after the querystring.
    • The filter button contains a new item 'Warnings' which shows only links with warnings, this will include links with anchors where the anchor (a name or an id) can't be found on the page
    • As far as the filter button is concerned, 'Warnings' doesn't include redirects, even though they're both coloured orange in the interface and the Link Inspector Warnings tab does include warnings. The Filter button allows you to separate them
    • The filter button option 'Redirects' will still show redirects, even if you've chosen 'do not report redirects' in Preferences.
    • Typing a '#' into the search field will show links which contain a #fragment.
    • Warnings (which have been reported in the link inspector since v9.0) now cause the link to be coloured orange in the views. As some people like to work towards a clean set of results and may not consider the warnings important, the colouring of warnings can be switched off in Preferences > Links > Warnings. The 'Warnings' filter will still work when colouring of warnings is switched off in Preferences.
  • Option for all-links.csv (optionally saved automatically at the end of the scan) to be based on the links flat view rather than the collapsed 'by link' view. Using this option may result in a very large file for larger sites but it is a more comprehensive csv than the default option.
  • Garbage urls caused by a url containing a comma, or a data: image within an srcset.
  • Garbage urls caused by certain javascript code.
  • Bug that's unlikely to have been noticed. If a url redirects and the redirect url has a # fragment, traditionally the rule is that those fragments are just trimmed. But they weren't being trimmed for redirect urls. That is now fixed, but of course the new preference to not ignore anchors is respected.
  • Warnings not being saved / reloaded after application is closed, reopened and 'show data' button used.
  • Insecure warnings not visible in table if user clicks 'no' when prompted to view insecure content at the end of the scan but later.

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02 January 2020

Most helpful

That "egg-laying, milk-bearing woolly sow" keeps getting better and better!
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Version 9.4.0
02 January 2020
That "egg-laying, milk-bearing woolly sow" keeps getting better and better!
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Version 9.4.0
15 August 2019
Scrutiny is my go-to app for checking sites for broken links. As a website developer, it has all the options I need to fine-tune scans to avoid false positives. Seeing a "clean" report with just the truly broken links (without any "noise") is very valuable especially if you maintain a site over time.

Other features such as "Search pages", "Sitemap", "SEO" are icing on a very delicious cake!

When it comes to support, developer Sheila Dixon is top notch! She truly cares about her product and her users. She is thoughtful, professional and responsive - a real "shining star" in a sea of "dim bulbs".

Overall a great value for a truly useful, well-crafted piece of software.
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Version 9.0.11
27 July 2019
$29,95 in 2011, did you make 576% more money the last 8 years? What a joke.
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Version 9.0.9
2 answer(s)
05 August 2019
what the hell are you talking about ?

BTW MacUpdate... now you can only like comments and reviews ??
where's the unhappy face ?
I want to unlike this comment, Shiela is very responsive to comments and many versions have had free updates so I don't understand why you moan !
Like (1)
06 August 2019
You're suggesting that as version 1 was priced at $30 in 2011, the price should never rise to reflect its true value as the app develops?

If you don't find its features and functionality and our support worth the asking price, then it's clearly not for you and that's OK.

If it were overpriced, people would not buy it. But many companies, universities, nonprofits and individuals around the world feel that it's worth the price, including some big names. Everyone who buys it has had the chance to evaluate it for 30 days, so they can be sure it's for them. The ratings you see on this page and the testimonials on Scrutiny's home page are all genuine.

The app that I consider Scrutiny's nearest competitor costs more than Scrutiny *per year*. Scrutiny's price is a genuine one-off price with no IAP. There have been upgrade fees a couple of times in its history but not with every major version.

You may consider Integrity Pro, which lacks some of the advanced features and is less than half the price. Or Integrity Plus at $15 if you're only interested in link checking and sitemap generation.
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28 June 2019
Phenomenally convenient, powerful collection of tools. Frequently updated and enhanced by the developer.
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Version 9.0.5
26 January 2019
Exactly what I wanted.
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Version 8.1.22
26 February 2018
A really useful tool. I've just finished migrating my website to https and I was really pleased to find that, in addition to all the other stuff that Scrutiny does, it will also check for insecure content, so it helped me find all of the insecure links in odd places like the functions and footers files. Yes, the upfront cost may seem a lot, but compared with the cost of online services it's a bargain.
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Version 7.6.10
01 February 2017
I've been using Scrutiny for a few years now and it saved me many hours of manually checking links and building sitemaps. Recently, it helped me locate the links scattered through a hacked site. Shiela has been very responsive to bug reports and they were fixed promptly. Version 7 seems focused primarily on streamlining the user interface, which had rough edges in previous versions, and adds new features such as the ability to have multiple windows to scan multiple sites at once. A must-have tool for any web designer.
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Version 7.1.1
31 January 2017
I'm really happy with Scrutiny ; It has tons of features and it saves me hours of work when performing QA/QC for web site production . I'm also grateful for the free upgrade from v6 to v7. Thank you Sheila !
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Version 7.1.1
1 answer(s)
31 January 2017
Thanks so much for the feedback!
For anyone reading this, I'd like to be clear that there is a small upgrade fee but (for a number of reasons) we decided to waive this for anyone who bought or upgraded to v6 since Jan 2016
02 December 2016
Where have you got version 6.8.17 from? Checking for updates in Scrutiny 6.8.16 states that I've got the most recent version, PeacockMedia offers 6.8.16 for download on their website.
Version 6.8.17
1 answer(s)
06 December 2016
The most recent version is always available from Scrutiny's home page on the peacockmedia website. The update system within the app (which told you you were on the most recent version) relies on us broadcasting a message, which we currently don't do for each and every minor point (depending how important it is that existing users update). This is because not everyone enjoys being notified very frequently (there's a complaint about this a little further down this discussion). Your question has made me realise that there's a difference between the app notifying the user of an update, and the user pressing a button to check for updates. In the latter case the most up-to-date version should be returned. Thank you.
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04 November 2016
Scrutiny is a good tool for fixing up issues with your web site. I do recommend it to anyone who has smaller web sites that they need to check for important SEO and other errors on their web site. It is easy to use, fast and has a good developer behind it. I appreciate the consistent updates as well and would recommend it as an essential tool for improving a web site.
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Version 6.8.15