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Mail Designer

12 January 2017

Create customized mail templates and newsletters.


Mail Designer is in intuitive app to create customized HTML e-mails, mail (stationery) templates and e-mail newsletters. You don't need to know anything about HTML to create amazing e-mails. Just drag-and-drop your mail layout and put in your content. Charming invitations, insightful newsletters and irresistible offers - you can choose from a variety of pre-defined templates and fine-tune the designs based on your target groups and ideas.

  • Add animated GIFs
  • Link to your videos on YouTube, Vimeo and choose thumbnails
  • Supports HTML 5 videos
  • Design multi-column newsletters with drag-and-drop
  • Add photos and pictures
  • Easily design buttons for your offers
  • Create headers and badges
  • Lend Mail Design to colleagues
  • Comment on elements and text in a team
  • Protocol all changes (team work)
  • More than 30 designs for inspiration
  • Build your mail designs from scratch
  • Social media buttons included
  • Discover lots of further content

What's new in Mail Designer

Version 2.6.6:

Note: Mail Designer is a paid upgrade from version 1.x.

  • All calendar graphics have been updated for 2017 – ready for your next event newsletter.

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20 May 2013

Most helpful

I just gave Mail Designer a try yesterday… – but deleted it after only one hour playing around with it. Its templates are too cheap looking compared to its high price in my opinion. And when I wanted to add some (IMHO mediocre) business templates Equinux even wanted to charge more money. But its not only about templates and pricing: I would have been happy to pay that high price (maybe even more) for a really sophisticated and reliable mail designing solution (since I haven't found any other promising app solution for the Mac on the market so far) but Mail Designer doesn't even provide what I see as a "must have" design options e.g. rounded corners in boxes. Provided graphics look cheap, too. Apple showed us with iWork how nice templates and graphics could look if one would invest in professional designers with attention to detail. After having deleted Mail Designer and its stationary packages yesterday today I was informed, that Mail Designer even made entries in my Mac's PubSub framework and wanted to contact Equinux's servers in the background – TO BE CLEAR: This happened while the Mail Designer software was already DELETED (!). I don't like this kind of (for the users) unnecessary modifications of their systems and hidden "calling home". I just searched for a solution to design mails with a professional crisp look – but unfortunately finally haven't found it so far.
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Version 1.3
11 March 2017
In terms of interface, this is the easiest mail designer I have seen. Really like the editor BUT just can not get the "send through apple mail" feature to layouts get all messed up after it's transferred. I'm going to try with a different computer to see if it's just me.
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Version 2.6.6
14 June 2016
I really wanted to love this app. Creating email is on onerous task. Unfortunately Mail Designer isn't quite up to the task yet. It could be a great tool if they fix it. Its not a *bad* app, just not very good yet. For a professional there are no precise controls. Everything is click and drag and that, quite frankly, becomes a drag at some point. I just want to enter a number into a box and be done. This app needs to be more like InDesign or Quark in that it gives the users better control over aspects of the design.

One of my biggest beefs is that it doesn’t use standard html formatting, in that when you use images in the app, the code renames it in to a very long sequence of numbers and letters rather than keeping the original name. This makes editing in an html editing app or even a text editor impossible. Why would you want to use a html editor you ask? There are just some things that you have to do in an editor that this app will not do. Or you just want to tweak the code.

i will say that customer service is excellent.

In the end this is the only html email app that I have found that is works at all, so if they improve the app I may go back to using it. Right now I'd rather use online tools like Campaign Monitor and edit the code in Dreamweaver for now. It easier and far more elegant solution.
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Version 2.6.1
25 May 2016
It is slow and cumbersome, still the best app to create custom Mail templates. Which they could make it more snappy.
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Version 2.6.1
04 April 2015
Great App, best Mail customizer around.
Version 2.1
05 September 2014
I bought the latest MacHeist bundle for this. imo the best mail template maker. Not that difficult to master and great pro results. Highly recommended.
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Version 2.0.2
11 July 2014
Just $9.99 until July 17.
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Version 2.0
25 May 2014
nice app
Version 1.3.2
23 March 2014
I needed to make a quick custom mail template. Searching for a tool to do this it was remarkable there are not many such tools. The only that could do what I needed was Mail Designer. Although it is a real pita to use it did the job. If the developer could improve the GUI, both regarding speed, stability and usability, it could well be worth the asking price. Now it is a plain awful experience and only to be used when no other option is available.
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Version 1.3.2
10 December 2013
I try activate this app — after creating account and inserting my licence it fail. The licence server is not responding. What i can do?
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Version 1.3
09 December 2013
BE WARNED: If you buy this in the Holiday Bundle, you get this this piece of trash package without any upgrade path to the PRO version!!!! STEER CLEAR from this garbage.
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Version 1.3
1 answer(s)
18 December 2013
The Pro app is a separate/different app (despite the similar name).