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13 December 2019

Create customized e-mail newsletters and templates.


Mail Designer 365 is a visual design platform, dedicated to building modern, responsive email newsletters. Get started with a growing collection of 80+ fully customizable professional HTML newsletter templates.

Mail Designer 365 Core Features
Mobile-optimized newsletters

Design modern, mobile-optimized newsletters with a powerful yet familiar WYSIWYG interface.

Built for designers

With 80 professional templates, millions of layout combinations, re-usable elements, image editing and web-font support, your newsletters have never looked this good.

Works with every email client

Mail Designer 365 produces modern, tried & tested HTML that works with all email clients (yes, even Outlook).

Send direct or export to your ESP

Email your team directly from your own email address through Mail Designer 365, or export your newsletter to your preferred email service provider.

Note: Listed price is an amount per month when billed annually.

What's new in Mail Designer 365

Version 1.9.2:
  • Three new Design Ideas for the Holidays!
  • A crash caused by high memory usage in image areas has been fixed
  • A crash when rendering image groups has been fixed

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24 May 2019

Most helpful

The posted price of this product is very misleading. The posted price of $20 is a monthly charge billed annually or $240 per year for as long as you use the product. A less featured version is available for $180 per year. This is subscription based software.
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Version 1.8.1
24 May 2019
The posted price of this product is very misleading. The posted price of $20 is a monthly charge billed annually or $240 per year for as long as you use the product. A less featured version is available for $180 per year. This is subscription based software.
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Version 1.8.1
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07 August 2019
I'm so sick of subscription-based software.
28 April 2019
This App is $20 per MONTH or $240/Year! to design templates.
Version 1.7.1
13 April 2018
Just another really bad review... Mail Pro 3 is not working with the last version of mac OS High Sierra.. they force you to buy a new license every year... SHAME
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Version 3.5
16 February 2017
Godd UI but many flaws when template transfered to Mailchimp, and tech support is inexistant. Sent 4 tickets, no answer on any of them.
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Version 3.3.0
Harry Flashman
14 September 2016
I purchased 2.6 not long before version 3 came out and it wasn't cheap. It's clunky and awkward but just about allowed me to create a usable looking newsletter.

Roll forward a few months and I've just received an email saying it won't work under Sierra, so I should upgrade. An app I bought less than a year ago that won't work with the latest OS is pretty miserable and I think I'll look elsewhere rather than handing over more money.
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Version 3.0.5
14 June 2016
I left this review for the regular version of this app as well, they are essentially the same save for some templates of resources. This is for the 2.6.1 version. I really wanted to love this app. Creating email is on onerous task. Unfortunately Mail Designer isn't quite up to the task yet. It could be a great tool if they fix it. Its not a *bad* app, just not very good yet. For a professional there are no precise controls. Everything is click and drag and that, quite frankly, becomes a drag at some point. I just want to enter a number into a box and be done. This app needs to be more like InDesign or Quark in that it gives the users better control over aspects of the design. One of my biggest beefs is that it doesn’t use standard html formatting, in that when you use images in the app, the code renames it in to a very long sequence of numbers and letters rather than keeping the original name. This makes editing in an html editing app or even a text editor impossible. Why would you want to use a html editor you ask? There are just some things that you have to do in an editor that this app will not do. Or you just want to tweak the code. i will say that customer service is excellent. In the end this is the only html email app that I have found that is works at all, so if they improve the app I may go back to using it. Right now I'd rather use online tools like Campaign Monitor and edit the code in Dreamweaver for now. It easier and far more elegant solution.
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Version 3.0
09 February 2016
Hopeless application if you use MailChimp. Every laboriously created template so far has rendered with blocks all out of alignment once exported to MailChimp for me. I didn't buy it to have to delve into HTML code! I also didn't like the UI at all, seems very unintuitive. After far too much tinkering and frustration I've since started using CoffeeCup's RED application, which is SO much better. Works a treat and does what you want it to do on multiple email clients. MailDesigner Pro 2: uninstall.
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Version 2.5.4
21 December 2015
After all these years and Equinux still can't be bothered fixing the corrupt html export problem. I have been battling with this for years. Oh and there is NO support although they pretend there is. My advice, DON"T BUY!
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Version 2.5.2
24 November 2015
I wasted a lot of time trying to build emails in this program. The program is buggy, crashes and you lose work often. Very frustrating. If you finally make it through building an email, you find out that the emails look good if your mail list is only on Apple products, but are not compatible with other email readers. Emails sent were unreadable by too many people on my list. The company is unresponsive when you do to write with questions about problems.
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Version 2.5.2
03 October 2015
BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! Existing Mail Designer Pro 2 users should NOT upgrade to this version yet. It is rife with MASSIVE GLITCHES not the least of which is you can't save a project and have to force quit the app.
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Version 2.5.1