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Display the contents of your Time Machine backups.   Free
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TimeTracker displays the contents of your Time Machine backups, and shows what's changed since the previous backup. TimeTracker is in an extremely early state, and is as such very unpolished.
What's New
Version 0.4.4:
  • Extended the expiration date
  • Several minor bug fixes
  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.6 or later

  • BackupLoupe

  • Back-In-Time
TimeTracker User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 0.x:
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Brooklyn_Al commented on 10 Nov 2013
With Mavericks TimeTracker indicates no time machine found--this is happening on both my Macs' but works great with SL, Lion and ML. Hopefully, TimeTracker will be updated for Mavericks.
[Version 0.4.4]


nicmonson reviewed on 29 Apr 2013
I ran it after downloading and it found everything for me within seconds of running. Well, it crashed the first time I ran it so I just ran it again and it worked the second time. So within seconds of running the second time, I had my folder tree up and figured out and excluded the files (Dropbox status folders!) within a minutes. Because it was so fast, I figured I would write a review and say thanks.
[Version 0.4.3]



Tamriel reviewed on 28 Dec 2012
Works flawlessly on 10.8.2
So fast and intuitive!
Thanks :)
[Version 0.4.3]



David Alan Hjelle reviewed on 26 Nov 2011
Great little utility! Helped me see why my Time Machine backups were taking so long, and how I could make them smaller. The only problem I had was that my backup was on a ReadyNAS, and so I had to manually mount the Time Machine volume in the Finder before it would function. After that, worked perfectly—even in 10.7.2! Thank you!
[Version 0.4.2]



Wildfox reviewed on 15 Oct 2011
Works Great! Looks Great! Very Informative!
Everything you want from a simple Freebie.
[Version 0.4.2]



Jkt reviewed on 26 Jan 2011
It's rough around the edges, which is understandable as an early beta version, but it is extremely useful to have. Invaluable for showing what has been backed up and when by Time Machine, and for identifying files that have pushed up the size of those back ups.

There are a few stalls and pauses as it calculates the sizes of back-ups which can give the sense of a frozen app (especially immediately after launch) but, when left long enough, it eventually revives itself. Therefore, it could do with a more visual representation of what it is doing other than a simplistic spinning dial and "Please Wait".

UI and preferences need work to make the look and feel better, and improve the feature set (e.g. the option to use MB in place of MiB etc. - I find it harder to register the 'iB' nomenclature.
[Version 0.3]

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Charlessoft (developer) replied on 11 Jun 2011
I use KiB, MiB, etc. instead of KB, MB, and the like because the latter units are too inconsistently used. The K prefix, for instance, sometimes means 1000 as in the SI system, and sometimes means the binary approximation of 1024, depending on the way the developer of that particular application decided to code it. This can be a problem especially with the larger units such as GB, and TB, where the disparity can become quite huge, and there's often no way to tell which is being used. The Ki and Mi prefixes, however, are *always* binary, with no ambiguity in their use, so I prefer to use them in order to display sizes more accurately.
There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.

Tim Cacciatore rated on 29 Jun 2013

[Version 0.4.3]


Vid rated on 02 Feb 2013

[Version 0.4.3]

Version Downloads:3,463
Type:Utilities : Backup
Date:01 Aug 2013
Platform:Intel 64 / OS X
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TimeTracker displays the contents of your Time Machine backups, and shows what's changed since the previous backup. TimeTracker is in an extremely early state, and is as such very unpolished.

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