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02 March 2020

Statistical software with data analysis.


AcaStat statistical software is an inexpensive and easy-to-use data analysis tool. Whether a teacher, student, manager, or researcher you will find AcaStat is a simple solution for your basic analytical needs.

AcaStat is especially useful for academic applications where school labs or student personal computers are both Mac and Windows based. Includes practice data files and a basic statistics tutorial.

What's new in AcaStat

New Features:
  • Updated the Explore module display.
  • Enhanced the ANOVA summary statistics output option with a Total row that contains the summary descriptive statistics for all categories.
  • Added the option to save data when the Filter is enabled so only the filtered data is contained in the new file. Use this option to reduce the size of large files to a subset data file that is easier to analyze, view, and edit.
  • Improved labeling of the Descriptives histogram.
  • The Explore listbox changes column widths so all columns show without scrolling for most statistical procedures.
  • Enhanced the sharpness of printed and exported charts.
  • Added a link in the Help menu to access an online Help Dashboard.
  • Added a variable label to the Pareto chart title bar for the Frequencies procedure.
  • Improved the alignment of very large axis values in histogram charts.
  • Corrected an error in the Filter module that could fail to compare numerical values properly.
  • Improved stability when filtering string variables.

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