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24 May 2019

High-level language and development environment.


MATLAB is a high-level language and interactive environment that enables you to perform computationally intensive tasks faster than with traditional programming languages such as C, C++, and Fortran.

What's new in MATLAB

Version 9.6 (R2019a):
  • Projects: Organize, manage, and share your work using projects
  • Live Editor Controls: Add check boxes, edit fields, and buttons to control variable values and specify what code will run when a value changes
  • Live Editor:
    • Hide code when sharing and exporting live scripts
    • Automatically refactor selected code into a function
  • Live Editor Export: Save live scripts and functions as Microsoft Word documents
  • Live Editor Output:
    • Enable animations in plots to show changes in data over time
    • Clean categorical data, filter datetimes, and change variable data types in table output interactively
  • MATLAB Online: Share folders with a view-only link or invite individuals with view-only or edit permissions
  • Toolbox Packaging: Install required add-ons with custom toolboxes
  • parallelplot Function: Visualize tabular or matrix data with multiple columns by using a parallel coordinates plot
  • Data Tips: Pin and customize data tips in charts
  • Axes Interactions:
    • Customize chart interaction gestures such as dragging to pan, or scrolling to zoom
    • Pan data by dragging the x, y or z axis without having to use the pan tool
  • Property Inspector: Control visibility of graphics objects interactively
  • Graphics Export: Export axes with tighter cropping using the axes toolbar
App Building:
  • App Designer:
    • Create two and three panel apps that automatically resize and reflow contebased on device size
    • Add and configure a grid layout manager on the App Designer canvas
  • uiimage Function: Display an icon, logo, or image in apps and on the App Designer canvas
  • uitable Function: Use table arrays for faster rendering of data and to sort tables interactively
  • Auto Resize: Automatically resize components when an app is made smaller than its default size.
  • Graphics Support: Explore data using axes toolbar and data tips in apps created with the uifigure function
  • MATLAB Online: Create and edit App Designer apps using MATLAB Online
Data Import and Export:
  • Datatype I/O: Use dedicated functions for reading and writing matrices, cell arrays, and timetables
  • Parquet file support: Read and write single or large collections of Parquet files
  • FileDatastore Object: Read large files by importing the file in smaller portions
  • Custom Datastore: Read from Hadoop based databases using the custom datastore framework
  • Datastores:
    • Manage read errors when importing data from large collections of files
    • Combine and transform datastores
  • thingSpeakRead and thingSpeakWrite Functions: Read or write data to the ThingSpeak IoT platform
  • writetable and imwrite Functions: Write to web-based storage services like Amazon S3 and Azure Blob Storage
  • MATLAB Support Package for Parrot Drones: Control Parrot Mambo FPV drones and acquire sensor and image data
  • Android Sensors: Acquire images from your mobile device camera in MATLAB Mobile
  • Raspberry Pi: Build standalone applications for communicating with Raspberry Pi hardware from a desktop computer
Data Analysis:
  • xcorr and xcov Functions: Compute cross-correlation and cross-covariance
  • detrend Function: Remove piecewise polynomial trends, set continuity requirements, and specify sample points
  • groupcounts Function: Count the number of group elements for arrays, tables, and timetables
  • grouptransform Function: Transform array data by group
  • tall Arrays: Write custom sliding window algorithms to operate on tall arrays
  • tall Arrays: Operate on tall arrays with more functions, including groupcounts, intersect, and svd
  • filloutliers, isoutlier, and rmoutliers Functions: Detect outliers using percentiles
  • sortrows Function: Sort rows of large matrices faster
Advanced Software Development:
  • C++ interface: Use classes and functions from C++ libraries in MATLAB
  • C++ MEX: Execute MEX function out-of-process
  • MException class: Provide a suggested fix for an uncaught exception
  • Unit Testing Framework: Display code coverage metrics in HTML format

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20 October 2009

Most helpful

The "Free demo" is only for registered users. Other people have to fill a detailed request. Then they are told that "A MathWorks representative will contact you to discuss your needs and provide access to trial software." I know what I need : a free demo not a discussant about my needs !
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Version 7.8
05 October 2014
Huge update! The new graphics system is *finally* here after years of development, and it is a significant improvement in almost all ways. The object-oriented classdef mechanism got a huge boost too, as updating objects occurs "live". And *finally* the bugs with retina displays have been fixed. Github integration is cool. Lots of other nice changes in the toolboxes too, like statistics. As klunky as this language and environment can be, Matlab is still the best programming/analysis tool for fields like Neuroscientific research (Python is very slowly catching up...)
Version 8.4 R2014b
07 September 2013
Well us Mac users have finally got clipboard vector graphics support in this release (nevertheless it is years after Windows supported this)!!! But they have made a huge regression in that 2013b is now not compatible with the retina MBP HiDPI mode, the whole UI and fonts are blurry, apparently this is because they stopped using Apple's Java and now bundle their own JRE -- what a mess!!!
Version 8.2 R2013b
1 answer(s)
08 March 2014
...And this is still broken in 2014a -- according to Matlab support the latest version of Java fixes this, and you can force ML to use the installed Java rather than its own bundled Java, but there is another bug with misplaced cursor position that is even worse depending on which monospaced font you use. Amazingly poor for such expensive software...
06 September 2013
MATLAB is a crappy language designed for crappy programmers.
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Version 8.2 R2013b
2 answer(s)
18 September 2013
What a crappy comment !
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17 October 2015
Yep, 'crappy' comment from a 'crappy' contributor. I'm not aware of a single tech university where freshmen aren't expected to be proficient in MATLAB use. May not be everything everyone might want but it's light years ahead of anything else.
12 September 2012
The version released today is actually R2012b, not R2012a.
Version 8.0
02 March 2012
I found that for the average student, a very useful (and free) alternative is SciLab. It's feature rich, it's language is almost identical to MatLab, it's toolboxes are open source as is the program itself and it has a fairly robust community supporting it. I haven't used it professionally, but I would suspect it measures up quite nicely to MatLab in that respect as well, and it has enough similarities that making a transition to MatLab would be quick and painless.
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Version 2.1
1 answer(s)
13 August 2013
Octave is another similar, free alternative
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04 October 2011
good program, but way too expensive for students ...
Version 2.1
23 October 2010
The basic price of MATLAB is not unreasonable for a professional product, though some items which should in my opinion be included, are only available with the addition of toolboxes, which can cost more than the basic MATLAB. There is even a toolbox for curve fitting. A professional user could easily need to spend $15,000 to get all the toolboxes they need. Often one toolbox requires several others to be installed too. The price rockets up. The symbolic toolbox for MATLAB, adds symbolic capabilities, but it is clear this was not developed initially for MATLAB, but was sold as another product, and the company than acquired by Mathworks. It does not feel very nicely integrated into MATLAB, and although I have access to it, I soon gave up and use Mathematica when I want symbolic maths, as Mathematica is much stronger at symbolics. For numerical work, this is an industry standard and well worth learning to use well. But there are alternatives someone should consider 1) Octave is a free Clone. It is not 100% MATLAB compatible, but is quite close. However, from a students point of view, I'd rather learn MATLAB as that's what employers want. But if money is tight, Octave is a very viable alternative. 2) Sage - open source, and free, but too buggy. I would not trust any result from Sage. 3) Mathematica - more expensive, but more complete, but not as easy to use as MATLAB. There is a "home edition" of this too, which is excellent value for money if you want it for hobby use. 4) Maple - Like Mathematica, this is better at symbolics than MATLAB with the symbolic maths toolbox. But I feel Mathematica is better than Maple, so I don't really consider Maple worth bothering with. 5) R - for statistics this can't be beaten, and is free too.
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Version 7.11
21 October 2009
Can you believe it, you've already finished C, think you can do Matlab?
Version 7.9
20 October 2009
The "Free demo" is only for registered users. Other people have to fill a detailed request. Then they are told that "A MathWorks representative will contact you to discuss your needs and provide access to trial software." I know what I need : a free demo not a discussant about my needs !
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Version 7.8
07 March 2009
On this webiste under price (start page, price column) it says free, but the download link directs to Mathworks' website where they state that it's only a 15-day trial for free. And when you try to look up the price there's a login required. What the ...? I just wanted to know how much it is. Download of the trial also requires a login.
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Version 7.8