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31 August 2020

Easy-to-use portfolio tracker and stock watcher.


StockMarketEye is an easy-to-use investment tracking tool that helps you keep an eye on your investments and the stock market.

  • Track the performance of your 401(k) and other investments with portfolios.
  • See how your investments are performing with tools such as portfolio charts and CAGR.
  • Keep your eye on the market with watchlists.
  • Stay informed with Alerts.
  • See the performance of all of your investments at a glance with the investment tracking overview.
  • Find ticker symbols with the built-in symbol search.
  • Get free quotes, updated automatically or on-demand.
  • View basic fundamental ratios.
  • Access stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, indexes or currency pairs from most major world exchanges.
  • Keep your investing ideas on your desktop, not on the Internet.

Download StockMarketEye now for a free, fully functional 30-day trial.

What's new in StockMarketEye

Version 5.2.5:
  • Fixed an issue with the Back-in-Time report date not being initially set correctly from last usage
  • Internal updates
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4 Reviews of StockMarketEye

30 May 2012
Version: 2.9.5

Most helpful

Java needs to be enabled. Isn't that detrimental?
31 May 2012
Version: 2.9.5
Looks great but it's unable to import a .csv portfolio even using the portfolio .csv template from it's homepage makes it a no-go. What other bugs lay hidden within?
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30 May 2012
Version: 2.9.5
Java needs to be enabled. Isn't that detrimental?
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27 April 2012
Version: 2.9.4
This is exactly the kind of interface you want for portfolio tracking. So far, I find it pretty helpful! Nice app.
02 February 2011
Version: 2.7.0
In its class, and relying on a Yahoo feed which can pose some problems for us non-US folks, this software is head and shoulders above the competition and it is more stable that its nearest competitior. It is developed on a regular basis and the on-line support is incredibly good. I tested the trial version thoroughly and it replaces the two other applications I have been using. Not my spreadsheet - because that really is mine! The key works twice, which is worrying if the company goes bust, but they say that they will extend this if one installs on two computers and then upgrades a computer. I particularly appreciate the configurability of the columns. They major on their charting, which is very good. Wish list: Intraday and weekly graphs (they tell me this is high on the list) and a Stox-like note storing facility.