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18 January 2019

Manage personal checking accounts.


CheckBook Pro is more than a basic check register and reporting tool: it features everything in CheckBook, our powerfully simple personal finance manager, and then some. Get a report for all of your accounts at once. Search for transactions with any combination of criteria. Group your transactions into folders. Change the details of a group of transactions in a single stroke. CheckBook Pro's simply powerful data management tools make it all just plain easy.

Basic Features
  • Precisely manage your finances:
    • Find transactions with simple searches or dozens of powerful criteria
    • Reconcile your accounts to the penny
    • Schedule transactions that repeat periodically, like monthly bills and paychecks
    • Track cash flow over time with customizable reports so you can see where your money came from and where it's going
  • Import from other personal finance apps or your bank:
    • Strong support for OFX, QFX, QIF, CSV, and Text
    • Import from Quicken Essentials for Mac
  • Share and sync your data:
    • Sync with other users on a local network
    • Sync with iCloud, when used on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
Pro Features
  • Save complex searches as Smart Folders so you can search again and again
  • Group your transactions into folders, to tidy up or begin a new year
  • Quickly change the details for a group of transactions, instead of one at a time
  • Report on all your accounts at once
  • See pending scheduled transactions for all your accounts with a single reminder

What's new in CheckBook Pro

Version 2.6.8:
  • Prevents a crash that can occur when the Accounts drawer is narrower than your Account names
  • Corrects an issue that could prevent Categories from being removed
  • Now remembers the column layout in the Schedule Reminder

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21 July 2009

Most helpful

I've spent hours looking at virtually all the personal finance programs available for the Mac and I've decided to migrate fully to Checkbook Pro. I still really like Quicken--despite it's flaws and non-development--but have been wanting to move away from it due to lack of any real support and continued development from Intuit. CBpro is simple to use, it's interface is really very nice and doesn't get bogged down with a lot of snazzy bells and whistles like a lot of the others have. Right now, CBP is not iPhone ready, but the developers are devoting a great amount of time putting this in place. They are also looking at adding direct connection to financial institutions.. These are not major problems for me right now, as I am willing to wait for their final results in these two areas. Check out this app!
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Version 2.0.3
24 April 2019
Undoubtedly one of the most useful Apps around. Simple to set up and track your expenses. I use it daily and not sure what I would do without it. Think it deserves a 10!
Version 2.6.8
27 March 2019
I had used CBP for al long time. I waited and waited and waited for the iOS version which they said they were working on several times, but to no avail. I need the iOS version for when I’m traveling when I use my iPad and iPhone for expenses/deposits. Are they ever going to introduce an iOS version? If they do I’ll return to CBP.
Version 2.6.8
19 November 2018
I have been using Check Book Pro for more than 9 years as my only money-tracking program. It behaves so much more clearly and intuitively than anything else I've tried. It has never failed or acted ambiguously. At tax time every year, I thank my lucky stars I found this application and am not using any of the others I once had. I can get ASCII files into and out of the program's data base with zero effort. On the one or two occasions I have asked questions, their staff answered immediately, attentively, in fluent English. There aren't many good texts out there about the theory, practice and ethics of good user-interface design--the authors of this program ought to consider writing one, or perhaps they have.
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Version 2.6.7
06 March 2018
I was using another check program. They decided to update it to 2018 version. I didn't want to update but I kept receiving ads prompting me to update. I looked for an alternative and came across CheckBook Pro. Boy howdy am I glad I did. It was the easiest install and use app I have ever come across. It really is intuitive. Even with an easy install there are always questions. The guys at have the best after sales help of anyone I have ever run across. During the day I'd send a query. Within a few minutes the answer and solution to whatever came back. In addition to being an awesome product, the price for it is almost impossible to believe --- but it is real and well worth it. It is an absolute bargain. Really well worth it.
Version 2.6.4
26 June 2017
I love this app. It is simple to use and easy to search. Does everything I want but not overloaded with features. Please keep it up!
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Version 2.5.15
12 May 2017
I am intimately acquainted with Checkbook Pro for as long as it has been out. I just finished writing Splasm with an exhaustive email where I recounted the problems and fixes that have made Checkbook Pro an inexpensive alternative to the likes of Banktivity 6 and Quicken 2017 for Mac! Splasm has always moved almost frustratingly slowly in implementing changes to the software even when users ranted that the company was doing just that on their forum. But Splasm is a conservative company and the long patient wait has allowed them to refine the app. There is no question that in its register searches and summary reports it is damned powerful! I have always called Checkbook Pro by my nickname for it ... The Toy Program. The reason is that the red and green font and the icons they provide are light-hearted and I think meant to be fun. Some think that the red and green produce an eye-sore, but in preferences you can change the colors. Isn't it an achievement though that an app that now sells for $19.95 can actually compete with the likes of Banktivity 6 and Quicken for Mac 2017? Of course it is much more limited in what it can do than Banktivity 6 or Quicken 2017! But Checkbook Pro kicks ass when it comes to working with the data from your bank accounts and credit cards!!! There is only one area where improvement of the app is sorely needed and I wrote Splasm about it and I pray they do something about it in the next Version 3.0 if I should live long enough to ever see it written... hee hee. And that is that when one prints out the register reports in hardcopy, they strike one as utilizing too small a font and the layout is not aesthetic. In short, register reports are powerful like the dickens but look like cash register receipts! The summaries are fantastic and improved so that one can print out, for instance, a category detail report on all line items grouped and subtotaled by category for the complete date range of all your accounts!!! The screen puts out a descent rendering of this summary but as yet, the hardcopy printout is crowded if only because they should be in landscape instead of portrait In order to gain the room to layout everything in a lovely fashion. Larger font capacity for printouts plus the ability to change format on the fly would be a nice thing to provide in the next Version 3. Otherwise, count your blessing on what you get for such an inexpensive price. Checkbook Pro is HOT!!! It is reliable, intuitive enough, never clunky and ever so clever!
Version 2.5.15
10 March 2017
I've used Checkbook on a daily basis since 2005 and cannot praise it enough. It's intuitive, very easy to use and has never let me down. If you want to keep track of all your bank and credit card accounts etc., look no further.
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Version 2.5.15
27 January 2015
As usual, almost 40 days after the release, we AppleStore registered buyers are left waiting for the update to become available. I know it depends on the long procedures of AppleStore, but in my opinion the developer should wait and upload here when his software becomes available also on AppleStore. I am pretty annoyed
Version 2.5.6
2 answer(s)
12 November 2015
Yes, don't buy from the [Cr]app Store — I did long ago, before I knew better… I've just been locked out of this application, as OS X tells me "CheckBook Pro" is damaged and can't be opened…, and so are a load of other applications…

This is an excellent bit of software that I'm totally reliant upon — it works great (until I was locked out). Splasm Software are very responsive when I highlighted an issue…

I have to admit that I used to use MS Money on a PC, this was very good (especially for MS) but I much prefer "CheckBook Pro".
24 November 2015
This is for PieMuncher:
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28 December 2014
Question ... can CheckBook Pro be used for balancing credit card accounts, loan accounts, mortgage accounts?
Version 2.5.6
1 answer(s)
12 November 2015
It can certainly balance credit card accounts and bank accounts, so I would assume that loan & and mortgage accounts can be balanced too, assuming they are supported.
05 June 2014
CheckBook Pro has become a mainstay in managing our daily finances. We have used it for nearly 3 ½ years. Reconciliation is easy and can be a major help. If you have several daily credit card transactions created by multiple people, you can balance as often as needed. In our case, daily reconciliation (balance to the online amount) has simplified our life and prevented fraud. There have never been performance issues such as beach balling. The app was used on a Mid 2010, 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB memory, Hard Disk MacBook Pro, that was upgraded this year to 8 GB memory and Solid State Disk. It has worked well from Snow Leopard to Mavericks (10.6.8 to 10.9.3). Enhance your experience by using the help files and videos. Remember to backup often. With Time Machine, there is no excuse to not backup! It is your responsibility. If you have an issue, problem or complaint, contact support. You will be helped. My support experience has been at the highest level in technical expertise, concern for the customer and response time!
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Version 2.5.4


App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • Mac OS X 10.6.0 or later
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