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16 January 2015

Personal finance software.


My Money is a high quality personal financial software written from ground up to work with online bank statements. Simply download your transactions from bank Web site and they are automatically entered into electronic register.

By bringing all of your important financial information together in one place, My Money helps you more efficiently organize your financial data, simplify taxes and grow your net worth.

My Money:
  • Instantly organizes financial records. Eliminates errors.
  • Categorizes expenses automatically for business, taxes, budgeting.
  • Eliminates Manual bookwork, simply download and import your statements from a bank website.
  • Reconciles your bank statement for you. Actually finds and fixes mistakes.
  • Transfers your reports into PDF, OpenDocument or Microsoft Excel formats.
  • Works with all US and Canadian Bank statements out of the box.
  • Works with Microsoft Money files.
  • Works with Quicken files.

My Money users enjoy high level of privacy, data security and encryption. Data files are stored locally in a SQL compatible database. SQL shell is shipped with the software.

What's new in MyMoney

Version 2.0.91:
  • Added OFX 2.0.3 spec support
  • Added support for Suncorp Bank ( eStatements
  • Integration with Shopify data
  • Misc:
    • Data-input fonts are now customizable
    • Fixed register sorting issues
    • Cumulative bug fixes

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09 May 2008

Most helpful

Looks like something directly ripped from a Windows PC...
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Version 2.0.26
23 April 2013
The MacUpdate page says that this version (2.0.85) is Snow Leopard compatible - BUT IT IS NOT. The MacMoney 2.0.85 Installer provided me an alert that it was NOT compatible with my version (Snow Leopard 10.8.6), and identified the minimum compatible MacOS as Lion.
Version 2.0.85
1 answer(s)
24 April 2013
RogerKatz, My apologies – the info on our listing was indeed incorrect. The correct minimum version of OS X is 10.7 for version 2.0.85, as you stated. The listing's been corrected to reflect this info.
30 January 2010
wow, i think i know now why the iPhone OS software goes through a review process.
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Version 2.0.51
09 May 2008
Looks like something directly ripped from a Windows PC...
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Version 2.0.26
18 March 2008
Where's the automatic account download? Instead I get a dialog that says I have to manually download the data, and that the automatic downloading will be in a later version. Clearly a bit of false advertising. Unless the product has its full complement of features it's a beta version for which there should be no charge.
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Version 2.0.20
17 March 2008
Wonderful and elegant MS Money clone with oodles and oodles of "good old fashioned" Windows eye candy, which I would assume Mac users would find... distracting. Yet for all the bells and whistles, it lacked snappiness. I was using this on a 3GHz processor with 3GB of memory, so I have plenty of horsepower. It was sluggish and had lengthy response times for simple actions. Probably because it is a Java application. After a few minutes, all the classic Redmond eye candy became tiresome. At this price, "Prospects" or "MoneyWell" are far better solutions for the Mac, or MS Money for Windows.
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Version 2.0.20