DeltaWalker Standard

2.5.0 11 May 2019

Compare, edit and merge files, and synchronize folders.


Developer website: Deltopia Inc.

DeltaWalker, the advanced file and folder comparison app by Deltopia Inc., lets you compare, edit and merge files, and synchronize folders. DeltaWalker is a compelling choice for software, web, legal and publishing professionals, as well as scientists, engineers, translators and anyone who works with text, documents, and folders that change over time.

With DeltaWalker Standard edition you can:

  • Compare and synchronize hundreds of thousands of files and folders side-by-side
  • Compare, edit in-place and merge text files side-by-side
  • Visualize and compare pix-by-pix wide range of image formats
  • Compare wide range of documents - MS Office, PDF, RTF, OpenOffice
  • Compare and synchronize on the cloud - Google Drive or Dropbox (Pro, Oro only)
  • Compare and synchronize over (S)FTP(s), WebDAV, HTTP(S)
  • Compare ZIP, JAR, TAR and other archives
  • Compare HTML files as text then preview in-place
  • Generate HTML reports, create comparison snapshots
  • Print, Print Preview, Print to PDF

What's New

Version 2.5.0:
Folder Comparison
  • Optimizes memory use to the tune of 250%
  • Uses a new, more reliable, API for transferring timestamps and other file attributes
Text Comparison
  • Fixes intermittent editor crash when pasting text on Mac OSX 10.13 & 10.14
  • Closing a text comparison no longer results in a memory leak
  • Improves performance of inline delta visualization by an order of magnitude
  • Optimizes memory use by 30%.
  • Fixes script runner, updates existing script samples
  • Extends the Submit Feedback to allow addition of other files e.g. images, etc
  • New MSI installer fixes infrequent, intermittent installation aborts, allows transparent upgrade of existing DeltaWalker installations
  • Delegates heap memory management entirely to the JVM
  • Optimizes memory use by 30%


  • OS X 10.7.3 or later
  • 32-bit support in Related Links
  • Versions supporting OS X all the way down to 10.4.6 are available on Deltopia's web site


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11 May 2019
Intel 64 / OS X