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Araxis Merge2019.5249

15 November 2019

Two- and three-way file comparison/merging, folder synchronization.


Araxis Merge is the two- and three-way visual file comparison/merging and folder synchronization application. Use it to compare, understand and combine different versions of source code, Web pages and other text files, or even text copied and pasted from another application (e.g., Pages or Microsoft Word). Merge integrates with Time Machine, so you can compare older versions of files.

Merge is a compelling choice for software developers, lawyers, product release managers, Web designers and other professionals who work with multiple revisions of text files, including ASCII, MBCS and Unicode files. Merge integrates with many version control (VC) and software configuration management (SCM) systems (e.g. Subversion and Perforce) that allow a third-party comparison/merging tool to be specified.

For legal professionals: instantly identify every change by copying text from different contract drafts being edited in another application (such as Microsoft Word) and pasting it directly into a file comparison window. Many more features.

What's new in Araxis Merge

Version 2019.5249:

This major release introduces support for macOS 10.15 Catalina and Dark Mode. It also features numerous other enhancements and fixes.

  • Merge is fully supported, optimized, and tested on macOS Catalina. Support for Catalina replaces that for Sierra.
  • Dark Mode is supported on macOS Mojave, Catalina, and later. Note that some Light Mode icons, bitmaps, and other user-interface features have minor visual changes as a result of this work.
  • This and future Merge for macOS releases are notarized by Apple.
  • The storage of Merge preferences has been completely overhauled.
  • The file and folder comparison Fonts/Colours preference tabs have been reworked to match Merge for Windows. This provides the new Dark-Mode-related ability to configure overview-strip colours.
  • The width of the ruler in text comparisons now adjusts to fit the line numbers and markers displayed within the ruler.
  • Merge for macOS now uses the same tab icons as Merge for Windows.
  • The vertical positioning of bookmarks and other markers has been adjusted to match Merge for Windows.
  • Integration instructions are now provided for TortoiseHg on macOS.
  • The documentation for the otoolFilter file-type filter has been updated to note that the macOS command-line developer tools are required to use this filter.
  • The rulers of non-focused comparison panes are now drawn with the panel background colour. This helps reduce visual clutter.
  • Empty rows in a folder comparison use the background colour for unchanged rows.
  • Small triangles are no longer drawn in the ruler to indicate omitted-lines in text and binary comparisons. This reduces visual clutter and brings Merge for macOS into line with Merge for Windows.
  • The text comparison status line uses a middle dot to separate the line and column numbers rather than a comma.
  • The folder comparison status line uses a middle dot as a separator rather than a comma.
  • The middle dot is used as a separator in Japanese status-line text rather than a hyphen.
  • The instructions for disabling text antialiasing have changed for this release.
  • The Oracle OpenJDK Java Runtime Environment bundled with Merge has been upgraded to 12.0.2.
Defects fixed:
  • Binary comparisons now scroll to the first change when opened.
  • The first change of all three panes in a three-way text comparison is shown when opened.
  • When using a text-only toolbar, clicking the Merging button group now correctly opens the appropriate drop-down menu.
  • Double-clicking a next/previous change button with the little-used full-width line-preview panel open no longer inappropriately resizes that panel to use half of the available vertical space.
  • The Preferences button in the binary comparison toolbar now works when using the Japanese-language user interface.
  • Text in the right-hand entry field of a folder comparison is no longer drawn over that field’s buttons following certain window resizing operations.
  • The Advanced Line-Pairing Preferences sliders now behave correctly, even after applying preferences from a comparison saved by an earlier version of Merge.
  • The default comments for bookmarks and the annotations for other markers now match those of Merge for Windows.
  • Using a keyboard shortcut to open a comparison while a sheet is displayed no longer results in a state where all the toolbar buttons are disabled.
  • The appropriate currently configured text colour is now pre-populated in the Fonts window when a file or folder comparison preference Fonts… button is clicked.
  • The file type names on the File Types preference page have been given consistent wording and capitalization.
  • Text in the selected row in the Preferences…▸Text Comparisons▸Highlighting table is now easier to read.
  • The alignment of controls on the Japanese version of the Preferences…▸Text Comparisons▸Editing page has been adjusted.
  • The vertical alignment of the status-bar text has been adjusted.
  • All annotation text on the various preference pages now uses a small font and is left-aligned.
  • The spacing and alignment of various controls throughout the preferences window have been reviewed and adjusted.
  • The Merge user interface now consistently uses colours in the sRGB colour space.

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1 Reviews of Araxis Merge

31 January 2020
Version: 2019.5249

Most helpful

Would give it 5 stars except it's very pricey. But if you need it, there's no better merge software than this. I tried all of the others, and they were not catching everything. This was the only app that worked perfectly. A lifesaver.
31 January 2020
Version: 2019.5249
Would give it 5 stars except it's very pricey. But if you need it, there's no better merge software than this. I tried all of the others, and they were not catching everything. This was the only app that worked perfectly. A lifesaver.