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DB Solo

04 January 2020

Query SQL databases.


DB Solo is a SQL query tool.

  • Cross-platform SQL query tool with support for all major DBMS products
  • Multiple simultaneous database connections
  • Browse and manage database structures with a couple of mouse clicks
  • Create and drop common database objects using the advanced DBA features
  • Enter ad-hoc SQL queries in the query window that supports
    • Auto completion
    • Syntax coloring
    • Explain plan
    • Persisted query history
    • Multiple result sets
  • Script generator
  • J2EE code generator for POJOs, EJB 3.0 annotations, JDBC persistence layer using the DAO pattern, JUnit tests, etc.
  • Schema comparison tool - including schema synchronization
  • View table references in a graph or list format
  • View images stored in BLOB columns (GIF, JPG, and PNG)
  • View ASN.1 and XML data in a tree format
  • Store favorite queries and database objects

What's new in DB Solo

Version 5.2.5:
  • Added a new Data Search Tool
  • DB2 BLOB/CLOB columns are scripted correctly
  • Schema Compare Tool: Trigger enabled/disabled flag can be compared
  • Data Comparison start/end time shown in the HTML report and sync script
  • Data Comparison summary shown on the results page
  • Data Compare Tool: Postgres json columns handled correctly

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24 January 2011

Most helpful

Nice Windoz screenshot. I'm using a mac.
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Version 4.0.2
24 January 2011
Nice Windoz screenshot. I'm using a mac.
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Version 4.0.2
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DB Solo, LLC
DB Solo, LLC
25 January 2011
The screen shot is now updated.
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03 October 2008
The installation procedure is bizarre. It prompts you for the folder where you want to install the application, and then asks if you want to "create a desktop icon." I'm only being slightly facetious here: I realize this is normal behavior on Windows, but it is weird and disconcerting on the Mac. I've never seen a Mac installer of this type, and it makes me worry that the application developer doesn't know what he's doing and/or could be modifying things on my system that he shouldn't be.
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Version 3.5
29 January 2008
Probably the best database tool currently available on Mac. Tons of features considering the price point.
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Version 3.0b1