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Valentina Studio10.1.1

28 March 2020

Free database manager for many databases.


Valentina Studio is a cross-tool for database architects, developers, DBAs and even end users to work with the most popular RDBMS such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server and ValentinaDB. You can do data modeling using different diagrams, work with database schema and records, do SQL development, do server administration, etc.

In PRO Edition ($199) you can develop a Valentina Project where design Reports and Forms automating them using JavaScript. This project can be used in multi-user way if you put it under Valentina Server.

In PRO Edition ($199) you can develop a Valentina Project where design Reports and Forms automating them using JavaScript. This project can be used in multi-user way if you put it under Valentina Server.

FREE Edition brings you powerful, visual editors including:

  • Diagram Editor - design your new db here then generate tables and other db objects from that diagram.
  • Schema Editor (tree view and column view) - create and modify all schema objects of supported databases: Tables, Views, Fields, Enums, Links, Constraints, Triggers, Indexes, Stored Procedures, ...
  • Data Editor - easily browse table records in a grid, modify records, inline edit of values, sort, filter records and save favorite filters, preview images, hex editors for binary values, ...
  • Related Data Editor - easily learn and manage linked records of two tables, link/unlink records by a mouse click, do set operations over linked records, ...
  • SQL Editor - with color syntax, auto-completion, recent an saved favorite queries, templates, console with error/warning reporting, ...
  • Query Builder - build SQL queries visually using just a few mouse clicks.
  • Server Admin - where you can manage users, learn logs and other parameters of servers.

PRO Edition adds more tools:

  • Valentina Project - keep here reports, forms, javascripts
  • Form Editor - design forms
  • Report Editor - design reports

Open as many editors as you like at the same time for different databases/servers opened in tab-panels. You also get different DB related utilities, including Import/Export, Dumps, Diagnose, Clone, Reindex, ...

What's new in Valentina Studio

Version 10.1.1:
  • [Bookmarks] Synchronization of bookmarks and SQL snippets via Cloud Storage folder (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive).
  • [SQL Editor] SQL Snippets now can be linked to one or more databases.
  • [Schema Editor][Pro] Duplicate command in the contextual menu of a Table.
  • [Schema Editor] Cmd+F keyboard shortcut moves focus to the search field on the top right.
  • [Schema Editor] Added ability to filter the first column with databases in columns mode.
  • [Form Editor][JavaScript] Added QCoreAppliction.processEvents() static method which can be used during long-running loops (for example, to show the progress, process button clicks).
  • [Query Editor] Added an ability to duplicate a query of the Query Editor.
  • [Data Editor] Fixed adding a related record for a binary link.
  • [Form Editor] Fixed adding a new record in a form.
  • [Form Editor] Fixed applying a custom font for all widgets.
  • [Form Editor] Fixed highlighting of JavaScript Template Strings (e.g. `some string`).
  • [Report Editor] Fixed execution of reports with multiple JavaScript-based expressions.
  • [SQL Editor] Fixed hiding of autocompletion menu when we type string longer than any existing.
  • [Data Editor] Allowed the user to open SQL Editor, Query Editor, Server Admin for active database/connection, using toolbar buttons.
  • [SSH] Fixed sending long packets via SSH. This makes the execution of long queries more stable.
  • [Load Dump] Update dump loading progress more frequently.
  • [Load Dump] Show the list of errors on the last page of the Load Dump wizard.

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7 Reviews of Valentina Studio

10 June 2018
Version: 8.3.1

Most helpful

Saves me hours and hours of job time.
10 June 2018
Version: 8.3.1
Saves me hours and hours of job time.
05 June 2018
Version: 8.3.1
just impressive
09 April 2017
Version: 7.0.3
29 July 2016
Version: 6.5.6
Really nice browser to do drill down on your database, yet this is nagware. If you can survive nagging, this may or may not be the best drill down interface to explore your SQL database.
24 February 2016
Version: 6.3.2
It seems nice you need to register to use it freely but it's ok! I tried similar softwares but this one looks great, it connected to a remote database easily and very quickly...
18 November 2015
Version: 6.0
Current version is 6.1.2
25 March 2013
Version: 5.1
great release. We are using valentina since many years now. it replaced mysql server in our applications. It's always a pleasure to see how great support works from these guys and version 5 is a really great and feature rich release.