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03 July 2019

Add special effects to your video chats.


CamTwist is a broadcast quality live video switcher that doesn't have the broadcasting budget.

  • Works in High Definition: CamTwist is a capable of 720p output. If you have an input card that supports 1080i or 720p CamTwist can even scale up to 1080p output as well.
  • Works with HDMI Capture Cards: Up to three Blackmagic Intensity Pro cards can be added in to a MacPro allowing you to switch between HDMI, Component HD, Composite or Y/C. Combine DV bridges to get even more inputs.
  • 50+ built in effects included: To get you started there are over 50 included special effects ranging from title overlays to bullet holes and even fire! Each effect can be customized to meet your own needs.
  • Create your own effects: While CamTwist already includes amazing effect out of the box, it is very easy to create your own custom elements. Using Apple's free Quartz Composer additional elements can be created with ease.
  • Stream live to the web: Using your favorite streaming provider such as,, BlogTV, LiveStream, and many others you can stream your CamTwist produced shows live on the Internet. Want higher quality? CamTwist fully supports Flash Media Live Encoder as well as Telestream's Wirecast allowing you to stream HD quality content live online. Don't want to download and install software? No problem. CamTwist can be seen by most modern browsers as an integrated webcam so you can select it as a source in the Adobe Flash Player.

Note: While the software is classified as free, it is actually donationware. Please consider making a donation to help support development.

What's new in CamTwist

Version 3.4.3:
  • Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

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22 Reviews of CamTwist

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11 November 2007
Version: 1.5

Most helpful

This is one of the neatest programs that are out there for playing with the webcam that came with your MacBook... although it was a bit complex to set up at first, once I figured it out, I was able to easily use it during a 'video interview' to great effect. Don't overlook this cool piece of eye candy software! You can also apply the effects in photobooth!
22 January 2020
Version: 3.4.3
I love camtwist but it keeps losing the setups or distorting the screens since Catalina upgrade. With no developers supporting it it makes it very hard to continue with it. Our community use of this is so wide with so many users. Can’t someone take it over and continue to improve upon it
03 January 2015
Version: 2.4
On my Mac, Skype doesn't work anymore, it crashes with a segmentation fault upon launch.

The seg. fault is due to CamTwist and the Uninstaller does not remove this segmentation fault, it still crashes due to CamTwist.

Careful with this piece of software, it causes problems and does not uninstall properly!

Skype unexpectedly quit.

Thread 12 Crashed:
0 CamTwist 0x0000000109f80de5 _ZL19patch_lazy_pointersPK11mach_headerP7patch_tm + 464

You can uninstall it by first using the uninstaller, then
opening a Terminal and running

cd /Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL
sudo rm -r CamTwist.plugin/
11 April 2014
Version: 2.4
CamTwist 2.5 became available in November 2013, but MacUpdate hasn't been updated. You can find it at the developers site:
25 May 2013
Version: 2.4
I love the flexibility that CamTwist gives users who might not have the largest video production budgets, but still care highly about production quality. I use CamTwist with LiveStream and BoinxTV and it fills roles for these quite well. I used to use it with Skype, but I am sad to say that- with the newest version of Skype- it does not work anymore. Overall, CamTwist is a neat program, though a bit rough around the edges- the "Studio" interface could be improved- the buttons can be difficult to move around; and the video mixing environment could be better (but hey, that's what I have BoinxTV for). I would be willing to pay for a more polished version, but for a free version, it does rather well (I just wish it still worked with Skype).
05 July 2012
Version: 2.3
Doesn't work with 64bit programs. Used to be a great app!
23 June 2012
Version: 2.3
Version 2.4 is available at the developer's website. Very cool, but also buggy. The automation is a disaster. For example, the Select Setup step sees only an apparently random and incomplete selection of the saved setups. Lots of problems setting up with multiple cameras too. It would be nice if the effects listing was alphabetical or otherwise sorted somehow. If using one camera, the desktop and prerecorded material, one can make some slick productions. High on features, but low on ease of use because many of the cool features don't work well or not at all. Still a good value for the working features as it is free.
10 October 2011
Version: 2.3
Not sure how to get this to work on photo booth app. The webcam light comes on and this app shows a window of preferences is loaded, so the app must've loaded alright, but I don't see any of the effects anywhere, nor do I find a help menu or "read me" file which will explain what I might be doing wrong. I do appreciate that this app is free and apparently feature-rich. I'd just like to see it work. Hoping someone here knows the trick(s) and or steps.
24 July 2011
Version: 2.2
If anyone had trouble with it crashing after downloading OSX Lion, I justin downloaded it again and now it works. Also I love this app, always works well for me :)
21 July 2011
Version: 2.2
This blows anything and everything off the webcam map and for FREE! ;-)
21 July 2011
Version: 2.2
If it's not compatible with iChat, what's the point? Apple's built in filters are all in iChat! This would be nicer to have built as an add-on to what's already existing in iChat. Instead, this has to be used with Yahoo? Skype? I like Skype, but in many cases iChat is best for "fun" chat. I think if Skype wants such effects they will integrate them themselves. As for Yahoo... this messenger hasn't been updated on Mac in eons. It shouldn't even be considered compatible with modern OS's. I mean... Yahoo video: No sound. Seriously? What's the point of video chat without sound? So you can type, "Hey, Bob, I can see you. Make faces!"? Good lord.
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