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03 August 2020

Retrieve information about top-performing Internet rivals.


Top-ranking begins with SEO SpyGlass. The tool lets you spy on your Google competitors to know exactly how they make their sites top-ranking. It reveals their backlinks, the best keywords, anchor texts and titles.The application shows you what worked and didn't work for your Internet rivals. Using the best of your competition techniques and applying minimal efforts you work out your own winning SEO strategy and outperform your Google competitors.

SEO Spyglass is available in three editions: Free, Professional ($124), and Enterprise ($299).

What's new in SEO SpyGlass

Version 6.49.1:
  • Fixed non-finishing Java processes after closing Rank Tracker and some other enhancements have been implemented

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14 Reviews of SEO SpyGlass

22 August 2013
Version: 5.10.6

Most helpful

I wonder what kind of company does everything to not let you find out who's behind it. Just try to get their address from their website. No luck? Then have a look who registered their domain ... oops, no luck either ... protected byWhoisGuard. I guess you get the idea.
22 August 2013
Version: 5.10.6
I wonder what kind of company does everything to not let you find out who's behind it. Just try to get their address from their website. No luck? Then have a look who registered their domain ... oops, no luck either ... protected byWhoisGuard. I guess you get the idea.
08 September 2011
Version: 4.5.7
Be careful with this company. I just downloaded their software. Didn't fill out a form. Didn't send them any information. And got a phone call on my cell from their "manager". And a SPAM email. All from my IP address. I reported such things to SPAMCOP, their ISP (rackspace, GoDaddy, and LiquidWeb), but I'm still getting contacted. It's kind of creepy. And their software takes over the desktop, filling the screen. I'm not about to point it to my web site to see what SEO opportunities it finds. It's going straight into the trash.
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27 May 2011
Version: 4.4
Hi, folks! I downloaded the free version of seo spyglass here and purchased the pro version from the developer the next day cause i was impressed with the tool. I want to start a blog in a personal development niche, and it's pretty overloaded - there's no reason plugging into it unless you have an edge. I did keyword research and studied my competitors from a 'common sense' view point for a decent time, and then I looked for some back link checkers and was pretty satisfied to find spy glass. - It found up to 25-30k links for the best websites - I wasn't that lucky with free online tools - At first I was shocked at the amount of data provided - waaaaaaaaaaay too much, but the support replied me in 6 hours to explain how to customize the workspace me. - I'm particularly interested in the social media impact, so I left only twitter/facebook mentions, google buzz and bookmarks mentions, and I plan to track it over time. - Got some very good ideas on promotion of my website and a bulk of stat data - thanks to developers
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28 March 2011
Version: 4.2.6
I did buy this software and while it is useful in some instances its slow, buggy freezes and its full of pay walls. Pay to save any info, pay to print, pay to keep it working. If I pay for your software it shouldn't be crippled and not allow basic features like data export or printing, you cant evan copy and paste.
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04 March 2011
Version: 4.2.1
Be aware of high hidden costs that will follow after your purchase. The updates of the search engine information cost high regular subscribtion amounts and if you do not buy those subscriptions the software refuses to work immediately.
30 November 2010
Version: 4.0.1
A whois on the domain-name reveals this: Whoisguard protected. When a domain is WhoisGuard protected, it means that the domain owner opted for a private registration. WhoisGuard is a third-party service that replaces domain owner's personal information with their third-party information in Whois records. Domain owners may opt to use WhoisGuard so that they can remain anonymous. When a domain is WhoisGuard protected, you have no way to contact the domain owner directly. You may contact WhoisGuard at the email provided in the Whois record for information pertaining to further contacting the domain owner. (taken from Thus, folks, you will never know who owns or controls this software. Buyer beware.
04 December 2009
Version: 3.12.1
Still no information can be found on their website on who's behind, where it's located and so on. That's a reason I wouldn't do business with them. What a pro company ...
28 October 2009
Version: 3.11.4
I bought the suite (all apps) I love them! They work.
25 June 2009
Version: 3.8.7
Buyers beware indeed. There is no contact information on the company's website and even their domain ( registration information isn't visible. Makes this company and their software quite trustworthy, don't you think so too?
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07 April 2009
Version: 3.7
Buyer beware: Even though the software can be used after the expiration of the "Live Plan" it becomes NAGWARE !!! All the time it reminds you that you need to extend the Live Plan, even though I don't wish to do that at this moment, since I rarely use this app. Another reason I will *not* purchase a Live Plan is that the company is very shady. I think they are eastern european, but I don't know. Their website has no information to find anywhere with a mail address or anything. And the WhoIs information for their domain is "protected" by some privacy-service! What are they hiding??? PS: I know the purpose of the Live Plan is updates for the search engine algos, but please guys, my Live Plan expired last week, so I guess I would be fine without the nagging reminders!
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18 December 2008
Version: 3.6.2
Decent piece of software, does nothing too exciting. You can get a lot of this done with Google Webmaster Tools and the like. Mainly, I don't like the way they have a "new" release every dang day with no release notes. Shameless self promotion. Buy some advertising, guys. Most of us read these sites every day and you are crying wolf, here.
21 October 2008
Version: 3.5.2
An update like every other day?? I like the attention to detail, but unless it is an emergency, how about combining a couple of those bug fixes into more of a robust update instead of subjecting your customers to constant updates and a waste of our time. And if you insist to keep barraging us, at least post what has changed so we can decide whether to take the time to install the new version!
30 September 2007
Version: 2.0.7
great tool for seo. 4.5 stars! ;) ---
15 May 2007
Version: 2.0
Purchased the full version of Spyglass a while back and I have been underwhelmed. SEO Spyglass basically does what it says ... but you're not going to be surprised by great results. Of course, it is just reporting information that is readily available from the search engines. I thought it might be worthwhile to have it gather everything into one place, but I was wrong. *) It is very basic. You can put in keywords or a URL and have the tool examine it. *) I found that the results were off-topic. That is, not what relevant for what I wanted. The real disadvantage is that you can't re-direct/pare down the results. You know how you use advanced search techniques in search engines to find what you really want? You can't do that with SEO Spyglass ... which means you're back to the early days of the internet. Searching through a ton of results that you don't care about. *) It just spits out a bunch of data. It's up to you to make sense of it and get results. If you're a webmaster looking for an automated way to gather a bunch of stats, I guess it would be OK. If you really want a tool to help you improve your search engine ranking, look elsewhere. *) It is sloooow. I've let it run overnight before and it never finished. In short, the interface is basic, but getting what you want out of it is very difficult. If you want to spend a lot of time getting up to speed and analyzing data, maybe you'll like this software. Anyway, they have a free trial that you should definitely try first. I wish I would have ... then I wouldn't have purchased the full version. There are better services out there.
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