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Rank Tracker8.35.12

30 June 2020

SEO software for researching keywords and tracking rankings.


RankTracker is a piece of SEO software to both research keywords and track rankings.

RankTracker allows you to unearth unending number of niche-specific keywords in a matter of minutes! It uses 19 different keyword suggestion methods, including Google AdWords Keyword tool, competition research, etc. Moreover, workspace filters allow you to easily manage your keyword list that's also exportable to another SEO project. RankTracker tracks your site's rankings in 314 international and local search engines. It also builds a Progress Graph to demonstrate how your rankings change over time.

Rank Tracker comes in three editions: Free, Professional ($124), and Enterprise ($299).

What's new in Rank Tracker

Version 8.35.12:
  • A few minor updates have been implemented.

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10 Reviews of Rank Tracker

07 August 2016
Version: 8.3.1

Most helpful

FRAUD – this software is much like burying grandpa in a rented tux.
07 August 2016
Version: 8.3.1
FRAUD – this software is much like burying grandpa in a rented tux.
13 May 2014
Version: 6.12.17
Software for linkspammers.
02 June 2011
Version: 5.4.1
I does what i need - checks rankings for free. There's also a keywords research function, but i don't need it very much, my niche is pretty straightforward. Thanks for excellent tool!
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04 March 2011
Version: 5.2.2
Be aware of high hidden costs that will follow after your purchase. The updates of the search engine information cost high regular subscribtion amounts and if you do not buy those subscriptions the software refuses to work immediately.
22 October 2010
Version: 4.17.3
While the software is certainly useful while it works, the company behind it has a deplorable attitude towards its customers when called on its less than clear business practices. Have since moved on to using SERank (http://ragesw.com) and more recently MarketSamurai (http://www.marketsamurai.com/), the latter requiring Adobe AIR on which to run, but a fine tool nonetheless, backed up in both cases by vastly superior company attitudes toward their users.
25 June 2009
Version: 4.7.7
Buyers beware: The makers of this app completely conceal their identity. No contact information on their website, they even diguise their domain registration data.
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02 June 2009
Version: 4.7.1
Not a review: I found this app at MacZot today in a bundle 40% off and checked here to see what people reported. There seem to be a bunch of fake reviews on the bundle plus on another software review of one of the bundle apps it was said that they hide their identity and can't be contacted. Has anyone tried to get support from them? They also seem to spam MU with tiny updates just to be on top.
10 December 2008
Version: 4.5.7
Good software, but : - no translation available, so the report are not usuable for custommers who don't speak english - the "Live Plan" is mandatory, so you'll HAVE TO pay like $200 every year to continue to use it. Dont trust the "free update for life" in the description page. It's only for the software update, and not for the search engine update, and the software will refuse to work if your live plan is expired. I'm furious, because it's like a false advertising for me, but what can I do ? It's a good software after all, so I suppose I will continue to pay for it..
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22 July 2008
Version: 4.3
I've been hunting down rank applications for quite a while and this is, hands down, the best. It will generate very nice reports and it will help you in getting keywords out of existing ones. It is also a great tool to measure rank statistics on any search engine. The interface is clean and very easy to use. Definitely recommended.
29 February 2008
Version: 4.0.6
Got RT half a year ago and run it practically every day. Apart from what they're saying about fast rankings monitoring, which is truly great, the coolest feature is Reports! My clients love to see the progress so nicely displayed, and I also save much of my time. If I didn't have Rank Tracker already, I'd get it right now. Five stars!