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03 July 2020

Improve your website ranking.


WebSite Auditor is an extremely efficient SEO tool that introduces a creative and smart approach to onpage SEO. This software product is a must-have for anyone engaged in website promotion, be it a professional SEO or a beginner webmaster. It takes your top 10 rivals and analyzes why they rank so high in search engine results. After presenting detailed analysis of your competitors' webpage promotion strategies in a report, WebSite Auditor produces a unique optimization plan for your website, based on your competitors' strategies. The reports are written in plain English, easy to read and consistent.

WebSite Auditor quickly suggests the optimal keyword density in all the elements of your website - title, body, headers h1-h6 etc. Helpful tips come in easy to follow step-by-step sequence.

Using WebSite Auditor you will:

  • Look into your competitors' strategies for ranking so high.
  • Learn what exactly search engines need to rank websites high.
  • Find out how to make your pages meet search engines' conditions for success.
  • Easily perform necessary changes under professional guidance.
  • Find out if there are any problem areas on your page.
  • Eliminate the problem areas by onpage optimization.
  • Effectively use unique report's features, such as step-by-step advice.
  • Leave no more open SEO questions for yourself.

WebSite Auditor comes in three editions: Free, Professional ($124), and Enterprise ($299).

What's new in WebSite Auditor

Version 4.46.13:
New feature:
  • A few minor updates have been implemented in Website Auditor

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6 Reviews of WebSite Auditor

02 February 2017
Version: 4.18.7

Most helpful

I used to have this at work. Good value for the price, beats needing to hire some one.
02 February 2017
Version: 4.18.7
I used to have this at work. Good value for the price, beats needing to hire some one.
11 February 2014
Version: 3.12.3
I own the previous version of Website Auditor and I've had a good experience with it. No, SEO is not a science but it requires you to filter a lot of information. This application helps with this a lot.
17 June 2012
Version: 3.1.1
hmmm this looks sketch
28 March 2011
Version: 2.6.6
After paying $500 for the program, it still doesn't even support printing or data export, you have to pay another 300 for that. avoid.
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07 April 2009
Version: 1.4
Buyer beware: Even though the software can be used after the expiration of the "Live Plan" it becomes NAGWARE !!! All the time it reminds you that you need to extend the Live Plan, even though I don't wish to do that at this moment, since I rarely use this app. Another reason I will *not* purchase a Live Plan is that the company is very shady. I think they are eastern european, but I don't know. Their website has no information to find anywhere with a mail address or anything. And the WhoIs information for their domain is "protected" by some privacy-service! What are they hiding??? PS: I know the purpose of the Live Plan is updates for the search engine algos, but please guys, my Live Plan expired last week, so I guess I would be fine without the nagging reminders!
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18 January 2009
Version: 1.3.3
Excellent features but expensive. The $87 "Pro" version doesn't even let you save or print your reports. You'll need the $267 "Enterprise" version for that.