4.0.9 02 May 2018

Create visual training lessons in PDF or HTML format.


Developer website: Blue Mango Learning Systems, LLC

With ScreenSteps you can create a knowledge base your customers love. Help customers successfully use your product by providing better learning resources. The creation and maintenance of user documentation becomes a simple process with ScreenSteps. In turn these assets enhance enablement tools and speed customer and employee onboarding. ScreenSteps enables you to create visual user documentation, including articles, how-to guides and manuals. Further, it allows you to build a knowledge base for easy organization and maintenance. This way, you're encouraging self-service among your customers and improving efficiency on both sides.

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What's New

Version 4.0.9:
  • You can now toggle the article type between "article" and "checklists" in the article inspector. [Only available on accounts which support checklists.]
  • The contextual menu for headings now has an option for toggling between a heading and a checkbox [Only applicable to checklists.]
  • Triple-clicking on an annotation will bring it to the front of the image canvas
  • ScreenSteps can now authenticate with ADFS servers that use Channel Binding Tokens
  • Support for seamless login from the ScreenSteps web app
  • You can now reset the crop applied to an image using the image contextual menu
  • The alias icon is now displayed in the article editor and Launch Pad for articles that have an alias
  • A friendly message is now displayed if no sites have been assigned to the user who is logged in
  • Improved initial loading speed of the article editor for articles with lots of content objects
  • The version of Chrome used for authentication and displaying tables has been updated to version 62.0.3202.94
  • Styled paragraph colors have been updated so that there is more contrast between the text color and background color
  • The image annotator contextual menu has been revised. Previously there were four different contextual menus that could be displayed. It was a mess. Now there is one menu which displays the appropriate options based on the selection
  • Right-clicking on an image will now select it and display the contextual menu regardless of which annotation tool is selected. Previously you had to switch to the image selection tool
  • Return characters are no longer stripped when pasting text into a code content block
  • Improved use of the image cache when opening an article that has been opened before
  • Images are now stripped out when importing tables as inline images are not supported yet
  • Improved error message that is displayed if an image is too large
  • Improved font rendering on macOS and Windows
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that caused an internet error to not be reported while trying to open an article. The result was that the article loading window would remain on the screen with no way to close it
  • When adding a file attachment with the same name as an attachment you just deleted the name of the attachment would be altered
  • The Clipboard menu option in the Add image to canvas contextual menu was sometimes active when it should not have been
  • Search and replace was not working on fields with unsaved edits
  • Selecting an annotation preset from the annotation contextual menu would do nothing
  • Fixed a bug that could cause article editor windows to remain in memory after closing them. This would lead to an error message when trying to open a new article editor
  • Using the mnemonic keys assigned to menus for Windows would trigger menus on macOS
  • The inspector was not always being updated when content block settings were changed
  • Non-ascii characters in HTML content blocks would not display correctly
  • Fixed a bug that would cause some revision notes to not display correctly
  • Root level headings were being converted to checkboxes when opening a checklist article
  • Fixed a bug caused by using undo with an image content block containing multiple images
  • Additional fixes to the undo queue
  • Releasing the mouse button outside of the window while resizing an image would cause the resize operation to become stuck until clicking inside the window again
  • Edit > Copy to Clipboard > Text and Images was not working properly on Windows
  • ScreenSteps was not using a proxy server in environments that use WPAD
  • BMP images are no longer allowed to be added to an article. They are not supported on the server and would just cause an error when trying to upload the article
  • If an article had no headings in it then the Format > Edit Hyperlink > Headling Link option would be enabled when it shouldn't have been
  • Fixed a bug that affected the undo/redo functionality while editing text in a field
  • Trying to insert checkbox content after an existing content object using the navigation list contextual menu could trigger an error


  • OS X 10.9.5 or later


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