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04 March 2020

Sequence analysis for molecular biology.


MacVector is the leading package of kind for Mac and an ideal solution for researchers who want a simple but comprehensive desktop sequence analysis application. MacVector provides sequence editing, primer design, Internet database searches, protein analysis, sequence confirmation, contig assembly capabilities, multiple sequence alignment, phylogenetic reconstruction, coding region analysis, and a wide variety of other functions. With MacVector you can view the results of any analysis in graphical or text format.

All analysis, editing, and display functions are contained within a single application, so not only will you find MacVector remarkably user-friendly but you'll also save time whether you're exploring gene relationships, predicting coding sequences, or conducting cloning experiments. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can flow from task to task with just a few mouse clicks. Furthermore, collaboration with colleagues will be easier than ever because MacVector lets you customize graphic results and export them for high-quality printing.

What's new in MacVector

Version 17.5.31:
Bug Fixes:
  • A glitch in the Multiple Sequence Alignment (MSA) Editor where it was possible to delete residues while sliding a block of text around has been fixed
  • Opening Fasta formatted files containing protein sequences now always opens the files as amino acid alignments
  • A display problem where residues might get clipped at the right side of the Single Sequence Editor has been fixed
  • Missing "dashes" in the MSA Picture tab have been fixed
  • Copying RNA sequences from the MSA Editor now correctly retains the U’s rather than converting them to T’s
  • When using the MSA Editor in DNA+virtualAA mode, selecting and copying the translated amino acid sequences now places protein residue information on the clipboard
  • When zoomed to the residue level in the Map results tab, multi-part subsequence search hits now display the correct sequence for the second and subsequence parts

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