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08 May 2020

Organize important personal files.


Records Wizard (formerly Records Master) is a secure file manager that allows you to collect important records (such as bank statements, credit card statements, investment records, bills, or receipts) or PDFs in a database and allow for:

  • easy addition of new files (importing),
  • organization of files in hierarchical folders,
  • optional organization of files by date, easy access to existing files (browsing, finding, smart folders exporting, printing)
  • the ability to associate notes with files or folders,
  • the ability to associate attributes with files (e.g., cost) and produce reports based on those attributes, reminders to download, or scan in recurring records such as financial statements, (including an integrated website password-manager with advanced features to make it easy for you to go to websites to download the records),
  • encrypting the database, and
  • automatic or manual backup of the database.

Think of it as a replacement for a file cabinet but with easier filing and retrieval. You can also use it just to keep any files together...especially useful for PDFs.

What's new in Records Wizard

Version 1.2
  • The height of the attributes panel can now be changed by dragging.
  • The attributes show/hide button now acts as a toggle button.
  • Added 32 characters as a length for generated passwords.
  • Improved performance.
  • Improved help.
  • Fixed bug in the backup mechanism.
  • Fixed bug in type speed slider.

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8 Reviews of Records Wizard

26 October 2019
Version: 10.9

Most helpful

Upgrade to Catalina MOS 10.15; now Records Master dead, won't open, bought upgrade RM $40 for 6-MONTH SUBSCRIPTION, and it's still locked. NO SUPPORT, n
26 October 2019
Version: 10.9
Upgrade to Catalina MOS 10.15; now Records Master dead, won't open, bought upgrade RM $40 for 6-MONTH SUBSCRIPTION, and it's still locked. NO SUPPORT, n
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27 November 2012
Version: 9.5
I very like this program. The ability to log in into all of my websites from where I download my bills and balances is essential for me. The use of RecordMaster's own internal browser simplify this task to some mere clicks with the mouse. I also use EagleFiler for other kind of documents. RecordsMaster lacks EagleFiler's capturing capabilities (pressing F1 anywhere will capture the mail, webpage, PDF, file, whatnot and put it into EagleFiler), and scriptability. Furthermore it cannot allow for storing my files unsorted into any folder, but still remain ordered by tags. So both of the programs have some usage niche for me ... I have met the developer friendly and helpful with my problem I approached him. Thanks for your products (I also own QIFMaster and PWMaster) ...
09 November 2008
Version: 6.75
To the developer - sometimes its not about the money - sometimes its about trust. Generally people are trustworthy - in fact statistics show that only about 10% of people try to cheat in this way. So for the price of your app you got a shitty review and I am now dissuaded from buying your app. Was it worth it?
26 September 2007
Version: 5.82
Do not buy this software. The developer will not support it. I was a registered user for the past two years when, suddenly my computer wanted the original password which I no longer had. I emailed the developer and was told I had never purchased it! I sent him at least six e-mails where we had corresponded in fixing a problem with the software in 2006. In spite of evidence that I was, in fact, a registered user, he was adamant that I never purchased the software and refused to give me the key I had paid for. As a result I had to find another way to accomplish what this software purports to do. Luckily, I found that you do not need this software as organizationof folders in the Finder does exactly the same thing!
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24 August 2007
Version: 5.6
I was hesitant to pay the money for this program as it appeared to do little more than what I could do in the Finder, but it has proven to be a very good solution for my record storage. Takes a lot of hassle out of filing my bank/brokerage/credit card/etc. statements. What it does, it does well, but at a somewhat higher cost than perhaps it should.
01 February 2007
Version: 4.5
God all these apps that do little bits and pieces.. if you need any type of sturdy hub for your files I advise you take a look at DevonThink (comes in different flavors). Sure it is more expensive but 24 here plus 19 there plus another 30 there.. you know how that goes..for what I call incomplete apps that you eventually even forgtet you purchased and that may not get developped next year.. it all adds up.. just save you money instead of jumping onto "fairly cheap" apps that are almost one-trick-poneys (ok 2 or 3 tricks.. so what) and get ONE real product that really empowers you and that is truly well-supported.
29 March 2006
Version: 2.92
So far I think this app is great. In just under an hour I managed to put in order a ton of .tiff and .pdf files of my internet transactions I had captured with Grab. Record Manager allows me to visualize all my documents, ordered by forders and subfolders using only one application. I am soon getting my scanner hooked up to keep a digital record of all my transacions, checks written out, etc. This seems like a very handy app. Did not find any other like it in my quick searches. And 60 days is plenty of time to evaluate. The price is great!
24 July 2005
Version: 1.0
This seems like a nice idea however I'm not sure how advisable it is to scan in paper records. I wouldn't like to bet that the Tax office would accept such copies if they audited you (not that I'm an expert on this kind of thing).
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