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09 April 2019

Simple, intuitive painting app.


ArtRage gives you a range of artistic tools such as oil paints, pencils, and felt pens that look and feel like their real world counterparts so you can get right down to painting without having to learn how they work.

You can create your own artwork from scratch, import photos as tracing images to guide your art, and even pin images to your canvas for reference as you paint, as well as take advantage of many professional digital editing features and customizable tools.

ArtRage is also available as iOS and Android apps, as well as a Lite version for Windows and macOS. Desktop licences for Lite and ArtRage 5 cover both platforms. For more information visit the ArtRage homepage.

  • Contains all the features of ArtRage 3 Studio Pro and ArtRage 4
  • Custom brushes (create your own custom digital brush)
  • Docking and lights out interface modes
  • Customizable perspective (one- and two-point, transform paint to match perspective)
  • Guides
  • Layer effects (e.g., drop shadow, glow, emboss)
  • Warp (liquefy) filter
  • Remove color matter filter (easily delete white backgrounds)
  • Improved color sampling options (select from an area, select by hue, luminance, saturation, metallic)
  • Improved fill tool (fill neatly to border, slow motion, ignore gaps)
  • Improved pencil and pastel tools (natural noise effect)
  • Improved performance
  • Multiple documents

What's new in ArtRage

Version 5.0.8:
  • Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

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17 December 2009

Most helpful

Artrage 3.0 is a must have in the digital artist toolbox. It will make you fall in love with art again and if you already are in love you will fall deeper and harder. It is a joy to play and paint with real world simulated tools like oil paint, the newly added watercolor, chalk, crayon, pencil, paint roller, artist airbrush, a newly added gloop tool, felt pens and the newly added illustrator's ink pen with auto smoothing and last, but not least, the amazing new stickers feature. Add shiny stickers to your artwork or load them in an object sprayer that sprays them out at an unbelievable rate and they can interact with other paint or mediums on your canvas. Add to this easier transform tools, a paint bucket type fill tool, selection tools, newly added text capability and now a real color blending mode. This is an amazing upgrade to 2.5 which was an amazing program to begin with. The cost to value ratio is definitely on the side of the digital artist. One of the best buys for the money out there. It can and is used by professional artists and illustrators but is also a great tool for the amateur artist who will find it an invaluable tool to improving their art.
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Version 3.0.4
23 August 2014
Wanted to have fun with this tonight, but dunno what is happening, I'm on Yosemite, app cannot handle that or my new 4 k screen, completely sluggish as in "useless.". used to work fine.. sad. SketchBook Pro works fine and fast still. But I like Artrage :0(
Version 4.0.5
13 August 2014
ArtRage is a wonderful tool for me as an academically trained artist, it's nothing less than a dream mobile atelier. There's the learning curve to digest, but once this is done it's the perfect digital painting studio I say, even if you don't ask! What needs to be known is this app is too powerful for the once in a while doodlers, so I would recommend mainly for serious artists or aspiring ones. It's the best in this app category by far with an unbeatable price!
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Version 4.0.5
22 February 2014
Current version is 4.0.6.
Version 4.0.3
03 January 2014
Retina please.. I'm getting so used to the sharpness that when I open an app that's not, I feel like I need to see an ophthalmologist.. or that I jumped back in time to Mac Quadra or something ;0)
Version 4.0.3
27 November 2013
Without a doubt, one of the most convoluted, byzantine paths to an upgrade I've ever experienced! Developers: are you listening?
Version 4.0.3
26 April 2013
Latest version is ArtRage 4. They dropped the Pro from the title.
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Version 3.5.1
03 December 2011
this is my favorite software for my tablet wacome. Also my daughter play with it with fun. very intuitive reccomended
Version 3.5.1
18 November 2011
Wow what a nice app! It is a real pleasure to discover we can paint whit a computer. Like everybody I have been drawing since I was a child but I'm still drawing now on paper. Alongside with this I'm making photo of course and the best is that you can draw on photos and save it as jpg, tiff, PNG, BMP, very the coolest way for me to add effects on photos. Well, if you like to paint or drawing or just relax give it a try. Note: the actual version is 3.5.4. And on their website: Winter Sale: ArtRage Studio Pro for Windows and Mac OS X just $49.90 (normal price $80)!
Version 3.5.1
24 May 2011
Release notes (for 3.0.8) available here:
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Version 3.0.8
10 February 2011
GREAT SOFTWARE!! Very intuitive to use. The effects and structures of the brushes are amazing! The great thing of ArtRage is the easy usage. As a beginner you can achieve incredible results with only using the default settings. I'm used to the Adobe Creative Suite. But for illustrations I now use ArtRage! It integrates perfectly with Photoshop because you can export to PSD (with layers).
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Version 3.0.7