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06 May 2020

Scientific image processing and analysis.


ImageJ is a public domain Java image-viewing and -processing program. It runs either as an online applet or as a downloadable application, on any computer with a Java 1.6 or later virtual machine, and can provide image analytics and basic editing functions.

What's new in ImageJ

Version 1.53:
  • Removed file sizes from entries in the File>Open Samples> submenu. Macros that use the old entries (e.g. "Blobs (25K)") continue to work.
  • The Overlay and RoiManager classes are now iterable. Plugins can use "for (Roi roi : rm)" instead of "for (int i = 0; i != rm.getCount(); i++)". In JavaScript, use "for each (roi in rm)".
  • Increased the BufferedOutputStream buffer size in the FileSaver class to 32K and added the static FileSaver.setBufferSize(int) method.
  • Support for saving and restoring persistent image properties via the Property.set(key,value) and Property.get(key) macro functions and the setProp(key,string), getProp(key), setProp(key,double) and getNumericProp(key) methods.
  • The [&n] macro shortcut notation that allows shortcuts to be used on both numerical keypads and normal (laptop) keyboards.
  • The Plot.setOptions() macro function. See Help>Examples>Plots>Plot Results for an example.
  • The Property.get(key), Property.set(key,value), Property.getInfo, Property.getSliceLabel, Property.setSliceLabel(string) and Property.getDicomTag(string) macro functions.
  • The Plot.getCurrentFont(), Plot.getDefaultFont() and Tools.getNumberFromList() methods.
  • The GenericDialog.getLabel() and FHT.getRawPowerSpectrum() methods.
  • The ImageProcessor.getForegroundValue() method.
  • The GUI.getParentFrame() method and made GenericDialog.getParentFrame() private again.
  • A bug that caused the getDirectory() and getFileName() methods of the FileInfoVirtualStack class to always return null.
  • A bug that caused the File>Import>Image Sequence command to not ignore subdirectories.
  • A 1.52v regression that caused recording to not work correctly when Preview was checked in a filter dialog.
  • A 1.52o regression that caused the Help>Examples>JavaScript>FFT Filter script to display an error message.
  • A 1.52v regression that caused the Threshold tool to sometimes freeze ImageJ.

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11 Reviews of ImageJ

22 July 2015
Version: 1.50a

Most helpful

it is a VERY important application but it doe snot work on OS X 10.11!
13 July 2020
Version: 1.53
Does ImageJ work on mac OS Catalina? I'm going to buy the new macbook air and I need use ImageJ
22 July 2015
Version: 1.50a
it is a VERY important application but it doe snot work on OS X 10.11!
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08 May 2015
Version: 1.49s
ImageJ deserves your continued appreciation. I'm in a physics department. ImageJ is widely used by our students in both physics and astronomy contexts. It is loaded on well over 50 computers in the department. It gets used in labs, research, and homework. Some of the time it is used for cosmetics (minor image processing, addition of graphical elements such as circles and arrows). Sometimes it is used analytically. As much as we use it, I'm sure we have only touched on its breadth and depth. It is free, actively maintained, and widely appreciated in the scientific community. Stable, extremely functional, and not hard to learn. Do not be put off by its lack of glitz. It is a gem.
26 June 2012
Version: 1.46r
I really wish I knew about this app when I was in college. Apart from professional image analysis and general editing, it can be very helpful for students in signal processing/image processing to understand how transforms and filters work. Thanks to the devs.
21 August 2011
Version: 1.45m
perfect software for all. from the scientist POV imagej allows us to handle, process and analyse microscope data without the need for prohibitably expensive and sometimes unstable software. for the non-scientist it can be used for all your image needs including scripting for batch processing.
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27 November 2010
Version: 1.44j
Perhaps the most hideously designed software ever written.
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28 February 2010
Version: 10.2
actually, the downloaded version is Version 1.43r already.
17 April 2008
Version: 1.4d
Excellent work in the public domain. This is the kind of tool you NEED when you are in image processing and want to analyze a new type of image. This saves time and resources, since it provides all functionality I would usually find in either expensive image processing suites or environments, such as Matlab. Congrats to the developers!
29 July 2006
Version: 1.3.7m
I found it to be extremely buggy. It wasn't able to access an image on the clipboard at all when no other Mac app had a problem with the clipboard image. Then when opening a JPEG of aprox. 2500x1900 it threw an out of memory error, which is an absolute joke on a 768MB system that had 160MB free at the time. Considering opened the same image flawlessly, what gives? I would give it thumbs down. Maybe wait until they do a Cocoa/Java port? Who knows. It just doesn't feel very polished at this point.
10 November 2004
Version: 1.33p
Thanks for this Java program. It's easy to use and it's fast.
01 May 2004
Version: 1.32i
Madena is much better. More controls, better interface, faster and the same price (Free). Still ImageJ might have its uses (primarilly if you are operating on a cross plaform basis). Either provide control and manipulation of 16-bit level data in either TIFF or DICOM files. Something GIMP can NOT do.
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