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Professional business publishing software.   Demo ($650.00)
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RagTime is a complete professional business publishing solution that allows you to create reports, price lists, analyses, spreadsheets a charts, inventory tools, typography, and data set storage.
What's New
Version 6.5.2:
  • Increased stability, fully compatible with Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6), improved data base integration using RagTime 6.5 Connect Pro or RagTime 6.5 FileTIme X, these are some of the important feature of the new RagTime 6.5.2.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4.2 or later

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Razz reviewed on 18 Dec 2010
I used to be a RagTime user and before Apple Pages came of age. It was one of the best solutions for my brochures, postcards, letters and such.
Since Pages has added so many capabilities, I find that I never use RagTime.... ever.... at all. Perhaps never again. The only reason that I keep it is to open older documents. One day I will delete RagTime all together.
[Version 6.5.2]



Phylo reviewed on 18 Dec 2010
Maybe a good application, but too expensive for what it is. You can buy MS Office with a publication application for much less.
Who would afford for it?
[Version 6.5.2]


JimW commented on 16 Mar 2007
Since Ragtime Solo seems to be discontinued, previous Solo users might want to take a look a Scribus-Aqua, another free page layout product.
[Version 6.0.1]



Razz reviewed on 13 Dec 2006
This product was pretty good before Apple Pages was introduced. I converted to Pages and never looked back. Ragtime is overpriced for it's feature set. Support is timely but not very good. It may just be a language communications issue. Just get iWork and get on with it!
[Version 6.0.1]


jojoman commented on 15 Jan 2006
Not a single reply from the developer.

My Chinese input problem is still there, I tried using an Open sourced IM called "OpenVanilla" but still doesn't work.

I have to come to the consclusion that to the Chinese market, this software is useless.
[Version 6.0b4]


jojoman commented on 29 Dec 2005
Chinese input doesn't work in 5.x and now the 6.0 beta 3 doesn't do it either.

In RT 5.x, you cannot type Chinese at all, simply won't accept it.

In RT 6.0 beta 3, you can type chinese after pressing the 'Enter' key, but if you want to select a character from the OSX IM dropdown list with the arrow key, nothing happens, so you cannot select the right character from the IM dropdown menu.

I've emailed Ragtime just now and lets see what they say about this.

Without the input problem solved, I cann use this software at all.

I will post review once this is solved.
[Version 6.0b3]


Anonymous reviewed on 17 Nov 2005
Crashes on start-up using Tiger. This is a well-known issue and should be acknowledged by the developer.
[Version 6.0b3]


Anonymous reviewed on 26 Mar 2004
Perfect piece of software. MS Office killer...
[Version 5.6.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 01 Mar 2003
If you find Office v X too expensive (and why wouldn't you?), this is an excellent alternative. And it imports and exports to and from Word and Excel. This is a final candidate, so the final version will even be better.
[Version 5.6fc1]


Anonymous reviewed on 04 Nov 2002
Well done - a great application for daily use. A good reason to say good bye to M$ Office
[Version 5.6b1]

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Version Downloads:2,528
Type:Business : Applications
Date:17 Dec 2010
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $650.00
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RagTime is a complete professional business publishing solution that allows you to create reports, price lists, analyses, spreadsheets a charts, inventory tools, typography, and data set storage.

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