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Logitech Media Server


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Logitech Media Server

28 March 2014

Access your music collection over your home network.


Logitech Media Server (was Squeezebox Server) is a revolutionary approach to music playback, which frees you from the hassles of fragile, expensive compact discs. It presents an entirely new way of accessing and enjoying your music collection. Instead of storing your music on CDs or memory cards, the SlimServer uses your home network to access the music stored on your computer. Imagine having lightning-fast access to any song in your collection, from any room of your home, with no limit to the size of your music library.

What's new in Logitech Media Server

Version 7.8.0: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

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17 June 2003

Most helpful

What's new? Read the release notes: http://www.slimdevices.com/su_changelog.html
Version 4.2
03 June 2016
Abandonware. I invested in the boxes and now nothing works on any new OS.
Version 7.8.0
05 August 2014
The Logitech site shows version 7.7.3 as the current version and that version downloads if you select it. I don't know where MacUpdate is getting 7.8.0 to show at the top of the page. I selected the 7.8.0 to download from MacUpdate and it did and says it is 7.8.0 and is a .pkg.. It DID install OK and shows 7.8.0 as the current version. Won't know about how it plays music until tomorrow as it is late and my wife has gone to sleep for the night. This is confusing - where did this version come from?
Version 7.8.0
18 July 2011
worked fine to begin with... when i did a re-scan of the library the artist section turns up empty but in the album section they're all there...
Version 7.5.5
24 March 2011
The latest server rocks as always. What other software can stream 124 bit flac CD quality sound from any computer in the house without a single hiccup. It will also give you the weather, NCAA or NFL or any scores you desire. It can give you a stock ticker too. Of course you need to own the hardware but it is totally worth it.
Version 7.5.3
18 January 2011
I use it on Synology DS210j (so its Synology modded for their NAS systems) and I wish Logitech would done it by themselves. Synology is still 7.5.1, which sucks, btw.
Version 7.5.2
29 September 2009
This new version (though it is still 32 bits) is a complete eye candy ! Actually it rocks as never. Fully compatible with snow leo and itunes 9, the remote is now faster for loading, transmitting, improved stability of network also. Logitech was very reactive for this time ! (we regret it's not the same about mice). Keep on developing when it has to be such a victory.
Version 7.4
17 June 2009
OMG, Is anybody else using this? It rocks! I wish I had an excuse for getting the new mobile model. I think people see this as the same as playing tunes on a stereo with an ipod BUT it is not. You can play anything off your computer > 356 mbs You can actually broadcast cd quality music. This is way different than the 128 mbs recording on your ipod.
Version 7.3.3
12 December 2008
From looking at the iTV Web site I can't tell What itv does or is. SlimServer on the other hand is a piece of hardware and the software that goes with it. You can then stream your Music (no tv) to your audio equipment. This includes all itunes music and play lists or any other music on your computer. You can stream any Internet radio station you want without having a computer on. This includes your personal pandora radio stations as well as last.fm and others. It also has awsome plugins that display on the screen of the device. For instance, you can stream the weather from a rapid fire weather station down the street from you and get real time temp, wind, preasure and such from your neighbors weather station. You can also display stock market tickers and sports scores. Also you can write your own plugin and have it do what ever you want. I highly recommend the device. You can probably pick up an older one on ebay for cheap (slim1, slim2) and they still work great. They also have two new devices that look great for home and now portable audio. Cool stuff.
Version 7.3
14 March 2008
Wouldn't iTV enable this function and more for the same price?
Version 7.0
16 December 2006
Been using this since first gen SLIMP3 player on a Green iMac G3. The server, plus some plugins, and the Java Softsqueeze combine to make a very useful whole house sync or independent music distribution system. Current version 6.5 is very good on my G5 1.8. Infrequently loses sync with wireless remote head units or Macs when heavy action on the server Mac. Very reliable distribution of asynchronous music to head units. Can't beat the price. [ Anxiously awaiting impact of recent acquisition of SLIMs parent company.]
Version 6.5