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29 November 2016

Create, maintain, and blog a personal journal.


MacJournal is the world's most popular journaling software for the Mac. MacJournal 6 adds a calendar mode that show entries from any journal, geolocation, word count, and progress tracking, as well as additional blogging support. A Timeline mode has been added to give the journaler the ability to see their writing activity in chronological order. MacJournal 6 even introduces a feature for creating books from journals specially formatted for publishing. Add any kind of content, not just text. Drag PDFs, QuickTime movies, images, audio, and more. Record audio and video, even publish to a blog account on Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, Posterous, and Tumblr. Dropbox support added as well.

What's new in MacJournal

Version 6.2.1:
  • An issue where closing a separate entry editing window would open a blank window
  • An issue where keeping both entries in a conflict when syncing with an iOS device would cause one entry to be blank
  • "Select Other" item in the Advanced Preferences main document selection list
  • A potential crasher for syncing
  • Hangs when exporting large entries to PDF
  • An issue where changing the Entries List side to the same side it's already on would hide the list but it would still return upon relaunch. Now it doesn't hide
  • An issue preventing the 'A' key from being used in a Quick Note shortcut combination
  • A potential crash launching with mulitple entries selected
  • A crash when exporting multiple entries to PDF
  • A potential crash on launch after editing custom colors
  • An issue in macOS Sierra where new entries created from the New Entry service were missing the web browser source URL
  • An issue uploading entries to Blogger
  • An issue duplicating an entry from the Backups browser window
  • Performance for Dropbox documents
  • Behavior when opening documents missing a critical subcomponent for describing the entries
  • Recovery from failed syncs with iOS devices
  • Performance rebuilding the Spotlight search index for very large documents
  • A word count field to the conflict resolution window during iOS WiFi syncs
  • A way to fetch updated information for the support links to web pages in the Help menu
  • Other:
  • Made the Media toolbar item open the built-in image browser if available
  • Made saving the data file safer in odd circumstances
  • The document list for the main document in the Advanced Preferences will now update as documents open and close

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28 August 2008

Most helpful

I have been a MacJournal user since right after I purchased my first MacBook Pro in March, 2007. It has evolved to more than I could have ever expected. I use it almost every day and find it to be extremely easy to use. MacJournal is designed for not only the average person, but also for the seasoned professional who wants to do more in an efficient way. To top it off, the developer provides First-Class customer service. The best method to really understand the perfection of MacJournal is to download the demo and use it. My guess is that you will buy it and wonder why you waited so long.
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Version 5.1
05 November 2019
HI All. I just got a new macBook Pro and my very early version 1.11.2 of MacJournal has disappeared . ALLl my writings are . WHERE? I can not seem to retrieve them in the new MacJournal except a couple. I DO not want to loose all that writing. Suggestions? I have it on my IPHONE and it's still operational. Might I somehow dump all that writing into the new on on my mac and if so, how might do that. Any help would be greatly appreciated. jeanne
Version 6.2.1
01 June 2019
IMPORTANT: MacJournal is now at version 7.0, FREE and available exclusively HERE:

DO NOT BUY IT! Mariner now have nothing to do with MacJournal. It has been returned to its original developer as of March 1, 2019. Here is new information from Dan Schimpf:

"A message about the transition from Mariner Software

"Hello everyone! After a long and productive relationship with Mariner Software, MacJournal is returning home to be distributed here by its original developer. There are a few important details that will have to change as a result. First of all, MacJournal will be distributed exclusively on this website for now. The versions on the various App Stores will be removed as current App Store rules do not allow us to transfer them. Secondly, MacJournal will be distributed for free, just as it was when it got started almost 18 years ago. Third, there is a new version out today! You can see details for version 7 on this site and download the release now. Prior versions running on systems that can support version 7 will see an automatic update later this week. And finally, since support will also be back to a single person, support via email will be constrained. I will try to get back to everyone that writes, but there could be some delays so I thank everyone for their patience in advance. I'm excited about this next chapter of MacJournal and about the new release!"

There is no information about MacJournal for iOS at this time. Theoretically, it is, or will be, no longer available. The iOS version still sort-of works but has detrimental bugs that make it annoying to use, the worst of which is when it shoves the body of entries directly under an entry's header text, creating chaos. Please contact Dan Schimpf if you'd like him to revive the iOS version. I certainly do! It used to be one of the best cross platform text writing and editing solutions.

My first impression of MacJournal 7.0 is that it is excellent! I'll be reviewing it as soon as MU catches up with these changes. I see no point in posting a 7.0 review until that time.
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Version 6.2.1
1 answer(s)
10 July 2019
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16 April 2019
This is simplest, easiest journal to use. I've been journaling with MacJournal since 2011 and I've never had a problem. Love, love, love this app.
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Version 6.2.1
26 March 2019
This may be of interest to some MacUpdate readers, as MacJournal seems abandonware here. MacJournal 7 - << After a long and productive relationship with Mariner Software, MacJournal is returning home to be distributed here by its original developer. [...] Secondly, MacJournal will be distributed for free >> High Sierra and above, there is also a v6.2.2 for Mavericks and above.
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Version 6.2.1
15 December 2018
It does not work with Tumblr. Perhaps it is the page's problem since none of the tested applications, including the official AppStore, works. It does not allow you to identify yourself, and therefore neither publishes nor downloads any of your blogs. As long as they do not check it, the program is useless.
Version 6.2.1
03 August 2018
Hi, I just love the icon feature in MacJournal. I love images and hooking one to each Journal is so fun. However, they are sooo tiny! i would like to make them bigger to enjoy them more - kind of like you can make the icons bigger in the Mac dock. HINT, HINT!
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Version 6.2.1
01 February 2018
No updates since 2016. I bought this app a long time ago and abandoned it after getting tired of bugs in the iOS app. (Using it on both Mac and iPhone was important to me, so iOS usability mattered in deciding what to do with the Mac version.) I'm glad I abandoned it and got the personal data out before the app stops working. It is a class case of why I won't use this type of app again. Day One, etc. are all "roach motel" when it comes to storing your personal data. It's best to keep my personal thoughts in plain text files stored in an encrypted disk image. People waste so much time moving from one app to another every time someone decides to abandon an app like this. Always make sure your data is accessible outside your app.
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Version 6.2.1
2 answer(s)
11 February 2018
I recently emailed Mariner Software to ask about the future of MacJournal. I got a response fairly quickly telling me they were working on a new version. They provided no details about exactly when it would come out or what it would entail. I am hopeful they weren't just blowing smoke, because MacJournal is a terrific writing app -- unless you prefer editing in Markdown.
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07 March 2018

To me, it's too late. Some of the bugs in iOS app never got fixed, and besides that, I'm sick and tired of how "everything bucket" or note apps always try to lock people into their proprietary data format. You are at the mercy of these apps working or even launching once your data is locked into them. And, I don't count "Export/Import" feature as a pass, because I have seen it fail more than a few times, and when it does, there is no way of accessing my data.

Granted, ultimately, you can't escape it; Illustrator files are tough to open in any other apps, for example. Word files don't render well in other alternatives when they contain complex layout. I have to export them to other generic formats. My point is, why add one more of them to deal with when I can keep my notes and journals in plain text format? I don't want my workflow to be dependent upon some moody indie developers.
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22 January 2018
No updates since 2016? This app used to be regularly updated and improved once upon a time. Alas, it’s interface now seems outdated and ‘clunky. in comparison to other alternatives. (I know 2016 isn’t that long ago, but I’m pretty sure version 6 has been out for a while before then).
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Version 6.2.1
12 February 2017
Use it every day. Brilliant. Does exactly what it says it does on the tin. As far as I can tell it is the only Mariner app that is regularly updated and spiffed up. And that applies to the iOS version for iPads and also the iOS version for iPhone apps.
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Version 6.2.1
27 November 2016
Version 6.2.1 is out. Info about update is here.
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Version 6.2