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Lasso Server9.3.1

30 November 2015

Integrated language & server platform for data-driven Web applications.


Lasso Server is a next-generation object-oriented Web programming language that incorporates advanced Web-application server administration. Lasso Server is built with a distributed architecture, has wide platform and data source support, and unprecedented extensibility and customization. Redesigned and rewritten documentation at and over 200 new methods types and traits giving you built-in new features and enhancements options. Using 'Just-in-time' native compilation for faster response times, Lasso is a performance language that is accessible to a wide developer base.

Lasso integrates with the built-in Apache Web server in OS X or OS X Server. Lasso 9.2 and up run on 64-bit Intel based Macs. A new admin interface added in 9.1 allows developers, hosting providers, and enterprise administrators to manage multiple instances of Lasso with ease: the main Lasso Instance Manager interface displays of a list of all known Lasso 9 instances on that machine. Below the list is a button allowing a new instance to be created quickly, and custom configuration applied to just that instance.

Each instance in the list shows:

  • Current licensing mode, based on the instance serial number, if any (runs in Developer mode if no license applied)
  • Current run status: red is not running, yellow is running but with a provisional license, green is running and fully licensed
  • Instance version
  • Instance uptime
  • Instance status In addition, a row of buttons permit access to the following:
  • Instance details: instance name, description, url, home path, OS user, host pattern, disable instance, delete instance
  • Instance notes
  • Instance output log
  • Instance environment variables
  • Instance URL link
  • Cross-platform Deployable - Deploy on Mac or Linux servers for the ultimate in flexibility and systems integration. FastCGI support makes it easy to connect to Apache, IIS, and most other Web servers. Manage users, data-sources, and email queues, adjust settings, execute SQL queries, and more. Free to develop in. Users purchase a license when going live with a website or where needing access internally across more than 5 ip's and 200 connections.
  • Document Mangement - Create, modify, combine, and serve print-ready documents in PDF, Rich Text, and other formats containing complex layouts which utilize tables, forms, graphics, and bar codes.
  • Image Manipulation - Create, layer, rotate, scale, overlay, crop, and convert various types of images with built in image management support via the powerful ImageMagick library.
  • Database Connectivity - Lasso 9 Server includes native connectors for MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, FileMaker, and more, and can also use standard ODBC drivers, as well as access directory servers (LDAP and Active Directory) and other sources.
  • Web Services Integration - Create and/or consume Web services with built-in support for common protocols such as XML-RPC. Easily create RESTful Web services utilizing native support for traversing and manipulating JSON and XML objects. Lasso 9 Server makes working with third party API's a breeze.
  • Email Services - Compose and send plain text, HTML, or multi-part emails, including attachments, directly from Lasso 9 Server. Programmatically retrieve messages from POP accounts and decode attachments.
  • Ultimate Multi-lingual compatibility - Lasso 9 is fully Unicode native the whole way through. Manage and publish multi-lingual documents with confidence, read and write files and work with text in any character set.
  • Extensibility - Extend the native capabilities of Lasso 9 Server with API's for C and Java. Interact with other server processes at the command line level.
  • Date and Time Management - Convert dates between different display formats and time zones, work with durations, and schedule repeating events. Create and consume event calendars with native support for the standard iCalendar format. Object-oriented from the ground up, Lasso 9 is a powerful fully resourced and flexible programming language that provides a full Web development platform and yet is still friendly and easy-to-use. Execute scripts embedded within Web pages or directly from the command line.
  • Support for the LassoLab IDE - From Lasso Server 9.2 and up comes the ability to run the LassoLab IDE for fast and error free development using the debugger, syntax assistance, code-completion and many more tools.

What's new in Lasso Server

Version 9.3.1:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.8.3 or later.

  • This release adds support for Apache 2.4 on OS X 10.10. Other OS X releases 10.7+ should have the Apache 2.2 module installed instead.

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5 Reviews of Lasso Server

22 December 2010
Version: 8.5.6

Most helpful

This product has been acquired by Treefrog Interactive, and is also up to version 9, a significant update featuring native code compilation on the fly.
22 December 2010
Version: 8.5.6
This product has been acquired by Treefrog Interactive, and is also up to version 9, a significant update featuring native code compilation on the fly.
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17 October 2005
Version: 8.1
The latest version (8.1.0) is blazing fast. We develop and host solutions for some of the UK's largest blue chips. We could not get products to market as fast and as cost effectively without Lasso. With the release 8.1 it can now compete with PHP and ASP on performance grounds as well. Fantastic!!!
11 March 2005
Version: 7.1.3
If you're a web developer and have never checked out Lasso, do yourself a favor and download one of their 30-day trials, or at least check out the online language reference at . It's available for Mac, Win, and Lin, and can connect to a wide variety of data sources. The core language is easy to learn yet very full featured. If I had to go back to any of the other web middleware languages I used to use, I think I'd just switch careers instead.
10 December 2003
Version: 7.0
In my experience I've found the Fm Pro/Lasso solution an inexpensive, powerful and easy solution for those people wanting implement a database into their website. Especially for those companies who have used FM for a long time within and now wish to web enable their database.
21 July 2002
Version: 5.0
Put simply with Lasso v5 I can produce products that compete with anything else on the market ... and still host all of our sites on WebSTAR Mac servers ..... it beats PHP and ASP into the ground ..... a fantastic product