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25 March 2019

Print folder listings from the Finder.


Print Window offers the ability to print a file listing directly from within the Mac OS X Finder. No more taking screenshots of windows or settling for text-only printouts of filenames only. Print Window provides the works: icons, file information, sorting and so much more!

The Standard edition is free but does not have all the features of the Advanced edition. Print Window Advanced Edition is available for purchase and includes all the features described on this page. Both editions come in the same executable file. Advanced features are enabled when a valid serial number is entered. A version comparison can be found here.

What's new in Print Window

Version 5.4.2:
  • Fixed an issue that could cause columns to print in the wrong location when using the Names Only style
  • Revamped error-reporting window to make it more clear
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Print Window to not correctly report when a new version is available. Note that, due to changes required to fix this problem, previous versions of Print Window will no longer report new versions after this versions

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27 January 2009

Most helpful

Thank goodness this is free! Not only does it print (for CD cover format) in teeny, tiny .025 point font sizes, THERE'S NO OPTION FOR FONT SIZES! And you all give this 4 stars! Everyone here must have 20/20 vision...
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Version 4.0.2
10 September 2019
I've been playing around with this for about half an hour or so, and it's almost exactly what I wanted this app to be. So, I'm quite pleased with it. Of course, I'll have to purchase it after the trial period, but that's not a problem, as there isn't anything like it out there. ;) Erm, I had been looking for ways to print out the contents of my folder and while there are a number of ways to do this I wasn't all that keen in having a printed list. The only other way is expand a folder's viewport (?) window and just take a snapshot, if you're lucky enough to have a larger monitor. ;)
Version 5.4.2
14 May 2019
The app is not free. It costs $20 USD.
Version 5.4.2
31 August 2017
Have only used a few times, but BOY was it perfect! When you need this function, this app rocks! The developer was responsive when I had a problem... Great find!
Version 5.3.1
23 February 2017
Good. Differences between Standard and Advanced | Print Window 5
Version 5.3
Big Johnson
20 November 2016
I've ownedthis app for several years, although I've only used it a few times.

Print Window will export to a text, pdf, csv or xls file, and can even include icon previews, which is great for images.
There's no option to print to an xml file.

One complaint I have is that Finder must be opened in order for Print Window to function.
I use Path Finder, so Finder is normally closed. That means I must open it before opening Print Window, which is annoying.

If I open PW first, it displays a window saying "An error occured while attempting to communicate with the Finder.
Print Window was not able to successfully communicate with the Finder. This may be because the Finder is not running or because the system is out of resources.
Print Window can not continue."

Then I have to quit PW, open Finder and re-open PW. AAARRRGGGHHH!

Another small complaint is that it opens with the default settings or preset instead of remembering which options were set last time.
You can save any settings as default and it will open to that next time, but if you make a change and don't save it, that change won't be included next time.
Not a big deal, but makes it a bit less user-friendly.

And for those who are wondering why this is better than copying the files in Finder and pasting to a text file, there are several reasons:

With that method you only get the filenames with extension. And you can only copy what's in a single folder.

With Print Window you can print the name, kind, size, version, date created, date modified, comments and label.
You can expand folders and print the contents of all subfolders.
PW can sort the files in ascending or descending order, bold file names and print folders only.
You can choose the font and size for printing.
It can print a header and footer with the date and folder path.
And the ability to print icons in any size from 16 to 128 is terrific. Good luck doing that in Finder!

So, if all you need is a list of filenames, then Finder should suffice.
But if you require more info or would like to print icons or the folder path, or export to different formats, this is the only app I know of that can do all that.

IMO the 5-star reviews are overoptimistic.
The app isn’t perfect - there are improvements that could be made.
And I think in it’s present form, and the fact that it’s rarely updated, $10 is more reasonable. Will it even work with Sierra?
Version 5.2.2
27 October 2015
I am very impressed with this simple, one-trick pony. Print Window is an excellent software product which searches a Finder window of your choice and delivers a report in the form of an Excel spreadsheet, a CSV (comma separated values) file, or a plain text file.

As every Mac user knows, the Finder presents information about every file in a Finder window in column headings that include: Name, Kind, Size, Version, Date Created, Date Modified, Comments, and Tag. In the process of issuing your command to Print Window, you get the opportunity along the way--via checkboxes--to select the File Information that you want Print Window to deliver. You can get all of those items, or you can get a custom set of only the items you want.

You can opt to have Print Window give you information on only the top layer of the Finder, or you can have it "expand all folders" automatically to give you Finder window details of all the sub-folders, too. Unless you specially indicate how many levels deep you want to go, Print Window will go through all of the sub-folders to the very basement. If you don't want Print Window to do this deep digging of all folders, you can opt to manually select those folders which you do want it to go to the depths.

Print Window matches this flexibility in gathering the data with an equally flexible set of reporting options.

For my particular needs in a project I gave myself regarding the gathering in one place of all the software applications installed on the five partitions of my hard drive (each one with a different Mac OS X version), together with information on all the applications installed in over two dozen volumes partitioned across five LaCie external Firewire hard drives, I preferred my reports to be in the form of Excel spreadsheets.

Print Window had absolutely no problem ferreting out the list of information contained in the Applications folder of each of those volumes. It also had no problems giving me nice, clean Excel spreadsheets to play with--one spreadsheet report per search. After adding a column to indicate on each sheet which volume had contributed its information, I then combined all of the spreadsheets into one master spreadsheet, and I imported that data in a FileMaker Pro data base that now lets me see at a glance what versions of each application is installed on volumes ranging from El Capitan to Panther, so that I can optimize the use of "legacy" apps without having to pay for expensive upgrades when individual apps and the Mac OS get out of step every so often.

Also, with disk utilities installed on every volume, I can run maintenance and repairs from any one volume on any other.

Thanks to Print Window, I now have a database of over 4,100 items featuring the software applications listed in the Finder's Applications folders on my many volumes.

I know of no other Mac program which uses a moderately simple User interface to deliver Finder information like that so quickly, so effortlessly, and so elegantly.

In terms of marketing, the developer invites you to find out for yourself how the program works: he grants you a 30-day free trial with no restrictions. You can't lose.
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Version 5.2.2
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Big Johnson
Big Johnson
20 November 2016
I also own a lot of external drives, many of which have multiple partitions.
My internal drive has a main boot partition, a small 2nd boot partition (with repair and data-recovery apps), and a large data partition.

Then I have about 20 external drives, several of which have multiple partitions. I have several backups of my music and video files, and several clones of my boot volumes. Some are kept at home, while additional backups are kept off-site and rotated regularly.

It used to be a royal PITA to find what was on all those volumes, and I could only do it when the drives were here. Then I began using a catatoging app and it was soooo much easier!

It sounds like you’re using Print Window to keep track of what’s on all your volumes and partitions. That’s doing it the hard way!
I suggest you get an app that’s actually made for cataloging data like that, and the best choice is NeoFinder.

I use it to catalog every volume, partition and a few folders.
That way I can see in ONE WINDOW what’s on any of about 40 volumes/partitions, even ones that are off-site. If I were using PW to do that, I’d have to open 40 different files!

I can search for files on any of those volumes and browse them just like I’m browsing in Finder. It will save icon previews up to 512 pixels, making it great for finding image and video files.

Print Window is made for exporting a list of file data, not for cataloging it and making it searchable.

I think NeoFinder will make your life a lot easier!
26 March 2015
Wow. I'm blown away by these 5-star reviews -- not because the app doesn't accomplish its tasks, but because it does so in a cumbersome way. I guess people are just so happy to have a solution that they just don't notice the poor implementation.

1. I just need occasional lists of folder contents for pasting into Evernote. But after selecting "Text File" and personalizing PW's various options, instead of displaying the list in a window for inspection, Print Window first makes you *name* and *save* a document -- before you can even see what you're saving! I don't need to save a document at all! Yet, PW forces us to do so.

Then you have to locate and open the document, just to see the results. And if you determine that you need to modify the settings, you then have an unnecessary document to be trashed. This is simply poor programming.

2. if you do decide to modify the settings and generate a new list, upon dropping the folder onto PW again, all settings that you'd previously specified are *cleared* and reset to defaults -- forcing you to start from scratch and select all options again. (Really, developer?!)

The number of configuration options is fantastic! But the fact that the app doesn't remember our previous settings is inexcusable.

Yes, there's a feature for saving presets. But why should a first-time user be forced to use an "advanced" feature, like presets, if he never needs more than one? Apps have been programmed to retain settings for decades, and it's inexcusable that PW doesn't do so. Again -- poor programming.

I really wanted to like this app. I've used FolderLister for years, but wanted a more modern solution. But I can't use (or recommend) Print Window until these oversights are corrected. Advanced features are meaningless if basic ones are overlooked.
Version 5.2.1
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27 October 2015
What a ridiculous review! You're slamming an excellent product, which delivers the content of a Finder window in several formats, merely because it actually saves the results of what it finds in either a text file, an Excel spreadsheet, or a comma separated values (CSV) file, but not as a bunch of data saved to the clipboard for immediate pasting elsewhere, as your main complaint? Sounds like you're too lazy to know a good thing when you see it.

And to mislead others into thinking that Print Window forgets the settings of the last find, well, you really had to back-peddle on that one, when you discovered the Presets function, which, come off it, is not really an "advanced" feature to someone who's been using a computer for at least a week.

Print Window is a functionally beautiful program. You just can't see it because you're judging it wrongly from a narrow set of blinders.
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21 March 2015
Provides the ability no other utility does! Indespesable tool. Great options.
Version 5.2
19 March 2014
Thanks for the offer, but for as little as I need to print folder file listings, I'll either use the free version, one of the alternatives listed above, or take snapshots and use one of the OCR programs I have, either in PDFpenPro, or Abby Fine Reader, to convert it to a delimited text file, or put it in the spreadsheet to output XML. Frankly I think my $20 offer me more than put towards another application, such as PDFpenPro or Abby Fine Reader. These may cost more, but they do a whole lot more and offer more value for your money.
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Version 5.0
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30 June 2014
Open a window select all and past into TextEdit. Ugly and loses folder structure but it works. This utility is for those who need to track, archive or send disks to vendors while keeping all the folder structure.
27 December 2012
I had been looking for a way to do what this application does for a long time (and have, now, been using Print Window for quite a while). I continue to be absolutely delighted each and every time I use it. It's simple yet powerful. It does exactly what it does, perfectly, with lots of options and complete ease. Can't imagine being without it. (And it also happens to still work under OS 10.5.8, something that is becoming increasingly rare)
Version 4.1.5
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14 June 2019
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