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Mick Tagger1.24

19 October 2020

Music Playlist Organizer.


Mick Tagger - the easy way to organize songs into playlists.

Type CMD + SHIFT + SPACE and bring up Mick Tagger whenever you're listening to a song and easily add it to any playlist you'll type in the search box.

TAB between playlists to find the correct one.

  • If the playlist doesn't exist yet, it will be created.
  • Mick Tagger won't add a song to a playlist if it's already there. No duplicate songs in playlists anymore!
  • You can now also quickly open a playlist by just typing in part of its name! Handy for those of us with dozens of playlists!
New feature:
  • Evergreen Playlists - opt-in feature where Mick Tagger removes songs you skip often. Keeps your playlists fresh!
  • Mailbox Monday - group a few playlists together and get new songs added to those playlists every Monday. Group your favorite playlists together by genre, artist, user and enjoy a better music discovery experience!

Note: While the software is classified as free, it offers in-App Purchases.

Mick Tagger Premium $0.99

What's new in Mick Tagger

Version 1.24:
  • As many of you have requested – the auto-like feature is now implemented!
    With auto-like, after playing a song all the way through a few times, it will be automatically added to your Liked Songs
    You can change the number of times to your desired level – the app can automatically like a song anywhere from after one full listen, to after as many as 20 full listens

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