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26 October 2020

Media management tool.


tinyMediaManager is a media management tool written in Java/Swing. It is written to provide metadata for the Kodi Media Center (formerly known as XBMC), MediaPortal and Plex media server. Due to the fact that it is written in Java, tinyMediaManager will run on Windows, Linux and macOS


Multi OS support

tinyMediaManager is designed to run on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

Automatic updates

tinyMediaManager has an integrated updating system.

Command line support

tinyMediaManager supports command line arguments. With this function you are able to call tinyMediaManager functions from other tools.

Scrape meta data

tinyMediaManger gets all necessary meta data for your movies from TheMovieDB.org, Imdb.com, OFDb.de, Moviemeter.nl and even more.

Get artwork

Artwork such as fanart, poster, clearart, discart, logos and more can be downloaded from TheMovieDB.org and Fanart.tv.

Get trailers

Get a list of available trailers for your movies from TheMovieDB.org and HD-Trailers.net.

Get subtitles

Get a list of available subtitles for your movies from OpenSubtitles.org.

Edit meta data

If you aren't satisfied with the scraper results, you can manually change all meta data/artwork/trailer.

Rename movie files

tinyMediaManager supports you to organize your file structure. You can rename your movie files and folders files to suit your needs.

Powerful searching

In tinyMediaManager you can search, sort and filter movies by many criteria. This allows you a fast access to the movies you are searching for.

Create NFOs

tinyMediaManager will produce Kodi and MediaPortal compatible NFOs as well as import NFOs written by other tools (like EmberMediaManager). This will allow an easy migration to tinyMediaManager.

Extract media information
The mediainfo library is used to extract technical metadata from your movie files (i.e. video codec, resolution, bitrate, audio channels, ..).

What's new in tinyMediaManager

Version 4.0.5:
  • Added support for trailer download to /trailers
  • Re-added tinyMediaManagerCMD.exe for Windows command line execution
  • Added subtitle count filter for TV shows
  • Updated libmediainfo to 20.09
  • Fixed reading hybrid DVD ISOs
  • Completely reworked trailer downloading to fix several issues
  • Reworked aspect ratio calculation
  • Lowered memory consumption of the imdb rating fetching
  • Draw table/tree grid when multiple rows are selected
  • Improved loading time of large libraries
  • More precise search results when searching for text only
  • Added an option to specify which actors should be fetched from IMDB
  • Updated live calculation of movie set/movie count
  • Inversion of media file filter for TV shows
  • Prevent trailer from being renamed from within /trailer(s) folder
  • Support reading of the mediainfo.xml for unsupported files (.disc, .img, …)
  • Fixed reading of mediainfo via UNC paths
  • Fixed some updater issues
  • Fixed macOS dock pin issue
  • MPAA tag in the NFO now also respects the certification style setting

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