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Helicon Remote3.9.11

30 March 2020

Control Canon or Nikon DSLR cameras remotely.


Helicon Remote allows you to control Canon or Nikon DSLR cameras remotely and automates focus (DoF) bracketing, exposure bracketing (HDR), and time-lapse photography. It can even combine all these methods together.

Main use cases

  • Remote capture of images and video - shoot remotely to automate the whole process, control all the camera settings remotely even in the most awkward camera position and view angle, minimize camera shaking and make perfectly sharp and precise shots.
  • Focus bracketing - set up your camera, connect it to your computer or telephone, adjust the camera settings and let it make a series of shots with focus shifting from shot to shot to be stacked into a fully-focused image.
  • Exposure bracketing - take a series of shots with different exposure for further merging into a high dynamic range (HDR) image.
  • Time lapse - adjust the settings and let your camera make series of shots with the set time interval and see how your object is being changing over time.
  • Burst shooting - control high-speed shooting from your computer or telephone - set the number of shots or just press the Start and Stop buttons.
  • Burst focus bracketing - set the camera on macro rails and combine burst shooting mode with focus bracketing to get a series of incrementally focused images made with minimum time interval.

Helicon Remote allows to connect camera not only with a USB cable, but also via wi-fi. Please check the list of supported wi-fi cameras here.

Another very useful feature of Helicon Remote for mobile devices is geotagging - travel around and make the shots, meanwhile info on your current GPS coordinates and shooting direction will be included to the image metadata.

Hardware requirements: only Android devices with USB OTG (host mode) support will work with the app. USB OTG adapter is required for USB operation (not required for wireless operation). Run this app to determine whether your device has OTG support.

List of supported cameras.

What's new in Helicon Remote

Note: Although Finder indicates no version number for this application, the developer refers to it as version 3.9.11.

  • Canon 1D X Mark III supported
  • CR3 format supported (CR3 image files will receive proper .cr3 file extension)

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