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Whirlwind WordSearch Lite4.1.3

07 January 2020

Word search puzzle maker.


Whirlwind WordSearch Lite is a powerful and easy-to-use word search puzzle maker. It creates uniquely engaging word search puzzles from your own lists of words... in many different languages! You will be building and printing professional-looking puzzles right away. Although this "Lite" version has some reduced features, you can still build and print quite a range of puzzles. And you can buy the full version when you are ready to access all the extras.

You can choose from different built-in puzzle shapes, and the puzzles can range in sizes from 9x9 to 12x12 letters (4x4 up to 50x50 in the Full version.)

Make your puzzles stand out by choosing your own fonts and colors for the title, puzzle-letters and grids.

It is not just a pretty puzzle though, there is a powerful puzzle-generator under the hood. Quickly change the "Difficulty to Solve" setting to create easy or difficult puzzles.

Any randomly-created "naughty words" are detected and removed (in all supported languages), offering classroom-safe puzzles.

Here's a list of features that present Whirlwind WordSearch Lite as an outstanding puzzle-generator. Compare these features against ANY word-search software you are using now…

  • Create puzzles in any font, upper or lower case.
  • Choose from two of the many built-in shapes in the Full version: Square, Circle
  • Supports many languages/alphabets besides English... You can create puzzles with words in French, Spanish, Swedish, German, Russian, Japanese (hiragana and katakana), Danish, Hungarian, Romanian, Turkish, Greek, Sanskrit, Dutch, Ukrainian, Catalan, Portuguese, Czech.
  • Simply increase the difficulty slider from "Easy" to "Difficult" and the software automatically adjusts many subtle aspects of the puzzle, changing how tricky it will be to solve. This lets you quickly fine-tune your puzzles so they are appropriate for early learners or puzzle savvy adults.
  • Create puzzles ranging in size from 9-by-9 up to 12-by-12 letters ("full/paid" app can make: 4x4 to 50x50)
  • Supports Dark Mode and Full-Screen mode.
  • Add "hidden words" into your puzzle that are not in the word list or answer key (for adding copyrights or extra credit words.)
  • Work without a net... You can run Whirlwind WordSearch anywhere... you never need an internet connection to create, save, and print your puzzles.
  • Tailor the display and printing options to suit a variety of audiences and needs.
  • Includes a comprehensive User Guide that contains tutorials and tips and describes every option, getting you up-to-speed right away. Advanced features are explained, helping you create high-quality puzzles.
  • Copy and resize the puzzles and answer keys (as PDF graphics or text) right into your own newsletters, worksheets, books, or other publications, or print them for handouts.
  • A built-in spell-checker alerts you to any misspelled words in your word-list before you print.
  • Whirlwind WordSearch thoroughly checks the final puzzle and removes any randomly-generated duplicates of your words.
  • Whirlwind WordSearch also removes randomly-generated "naughty" words in your chosen language!

What's new in Whirlwind WordSearch Lite

Version 4.1.3:
  • BugFix: On easy puzzles, the puzzle is again correctly filled with random letters that are NOT in the word list, instead of all letters.
  • Large word lists with long words now print better (and can shrink to smaller font sizes) with the "word list font size adjustment" slider.
  • "Edit:Copy Image of:Word List" menu item now adjusts font size based on the "word list font size adjustment" slider.
  • New Feature: The width of the answer ovals that circle the words is now adjustable, from very thin to very thick.
  • New Feature: The font size of the word list words on your printed pages can now be fine-tuned, from smaller to larger than normal.
  • BugFix: The Basic-Difficulty setting "Medium" accidentally got UP and LEFT added, these are now removed to behave like it used to in 3.x, user guide updated too.
  • BugFix: The "Show Textured Background" option has moved to the more-apropos "Preferences" dialog.

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