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Inventory Manager1.0.6

28 March 2019

Inventory your belongings.


Inventory Manager helps you organize and store important information about your home and its contents. You can save product manuals, receipts, warranty information, purchase date, maintenance logs, repair information and other important product details. With Inventory Manager, all of this information is secured in one place, and accessible at any time.

This app has been designed from the ground up to be a simple app by incorporating each and every aspect of an ideal home inventory program. The user interface of the app has been made self-explanatory and straightforward, that anyone can get along with the app in minutes. The best part of the Inventory Manager is that it stores all your personal data locally in your Mac, not on any third-party server. You are the sole owner of your property and its information. With the help of its Password Protection Feature you can go ahead one step further to secure your information.

  • Dashboard - Inventory Manager comes with a dedicated Dashboard section where all the information about your property will be represented with visual graphs and special pointers. Total number of assets, purchase value, total maintenance cost, depreciation value are always available in Dashboard. You can click on the down arrow button in the top bar in the middle to see purchase history of last one year.
  • Inventory - This is where users can have a comprehensive list of all the property items added into the app. The main purpose of Inventory section is to have complete access to all the products in one place.
  • Maintenance - You can add maintenance and repair log with date, cost, receipt etc. It will help you to see your total maintenance cost, made to specific property items.
  • Projects - Manage and track things if you happen to do decoration, new interior designs, property extension, create a new space within a property, renovate, paint so on and so forth. In Project section, you can add projects with different items or materials, required to complete the project.
  • Services - Save contact information of different service providers of different property items you own.
  • Reports - In Reports section of the app, you can generate useful reports regarding your property based on the data you provide in the app. You can export these reports in PDFs and print as hard copies.

Note: While the software is classified as free, it offers in-App Purchases.

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What's new in Inventory Manager

Version 1.0.6:
  • Fix of PDF export and Print, in Reporting.

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