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28 January 2020

Generation of nonlinear equations using multiple regression.


ndCurveMaster is the first and only program to find the ideal equation to allows the auto-fitting of an unlimited number of input variables, for example: y= a0 + a1*x1^(-11) + a2*x3 + a3*x5^3 + a4*[ln(x8)]^3 + a5*[exp(x1*x4)]^(-2) + a6*x1*x8^2 + a7*ln(x2*x6) + a8*x3*x4. It was designed to find optimum nonlinear equations to describe empirical data using only a multiple-regression method, and is the first regression program that offers an overfitting detection option.

ndCurveMaster was tested positive for 500,000 cases and 10 variables.

  • Auto-fitting of an unlimited number of input variables: x1, x2, x3,..., xn and their combinations: x1*x2, x1*x3, x2*x3,...,x1*x3*x3,..., x(n-2)* x(n-1)*xn
  • Detect and prevent overfitting
  • Optimized to work with large amounts of data
  • Heuristic techniques for data fitting by the use of random iterated or full random search alghorithms
  • Full statistical analysis of every equation
  • Stepwise regression with backward elimination
  • Multicollinearity detection by the use of a Variance inflation factor (VIF)
  • Detect and prevent overfitting
  • The model with or without an intercept term
  • User can freely expand or reduce the model
Powerful and easy to use
  • Import data from CSV, XLSX, XLS spreadsheets
  • History and ranking of results
  • Fast, medium and high detailed search
  • Copy or save to CSV file options
  • Any value of significance level alpha
  • Optimized to deal with large amounts of data

What's new in ndCurveMaster

  • Weight data for individual data points in any column,
  • Search for models with a VIF limit value,
  • Manual model expansion by manually adding a new nonlinear predictor variable,
  • The ability to lock the predictor variable option to not modify a preselected predictor variable while searching.

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