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22 December 2020

Generation of nonlinear equations using multiple regression.


ndCurveMaster is n-dimensional nonlinear curve & surface fitting program, and:

  • Can load a data set consisting of measured values and automatically discovers regression equation set
  • Can auto fit an unlimited number of input variables and their combinations
  • Utilizes an automated machine learning method for the discovery of equations
  • Offers a multicollinearity detection option through the use of a variance inflation factor (VIF) to improve model quality
  • Offers an overfitting detection option
  • Uses heuristic techniques for curve fitting
  • Quickly generates high quality results and saves time


  • Fully automated process curves to fit your data sets
  • Nonlinear fitting
  • Curve and surface fitting: 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, ..., n-dimensional fitting
  • Automated discovery of nonlinear equations
  • Auto data fitting of an unlimited number of fitted variables
  • Heuristic techniques for data fitting by the use of random iterated or full random search alghorithms
  • Full statistical analysis of every equation
  • Multicollinearity detection by the use of a Variance inflation factor (VIF)
  • Searching for models with a VIF limit value
  • Stepwise regression with backward elimination
  • Weight data for individual data points in any column
  • Detect and prevent overfitting
  • Models with or without an intercept term
  • Free expansion or reduction of the model by the user
  • Ability to lock the predictor variable option to not modify a preselected predictor variable while searching
  • Import data from CSV, TXT, XLSX, XLS spreadsheets
  • Result history and ranking
  • Up to 380 basic functions such as power, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions grouped in 5 collections
  • Copy or save to CSV file options
  • Set any significant level alpha value
  • Optimized to deal with large amounts of data
  • 2D Fitted line, residual plots and histogram in the graph

What's new in ndCurveMaster

  • a new fully automated extended search method
  • a machine learning algorithm
  • optimized and fully improved user interface
  • the addition of fast search, only using a power function with rational exponents
  • the addition of an option to save logs
  • the addition of Standardized Residuals Plot
  • automatically header addition to a data file that does not have a header with variable names
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