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20 March 2019

Quickly typeset LaTeX equations.


LaTeXiT is a small utility that allows you to quickly typeset LaTeX equations, without bothering with file creation, preambles, and so on. The PDF image obtained can then be exported by drag'n drop to any application supporting it. This is very useful to insert equations in presentations made with Keynote or Powerpoint. LaTeXiT also features an application service, so that you can type and transform equations directly in most text editors (Pages, Nisus Writer Express, TextEdit...).

  • Generated PDFs can be reopened (even with copy/paste) to be modified
  • LinkBack support
  • Syntax colouring and auto-completion of LaTeX keywords
  • Smart LaTeX errors manager
  • LaTeX palettes
  • Automatic history and library management
  • Included application service
  • Automator support
  • Several export formats (PDF, EPS, TIFF, PNG...)

LaTeXiT is compatible with the most popular versions of OS X. It can be deployed on almost any machine, even the "old" machines in laboratories that will still be used for years. This is not a sacrifice, the LaTeXiT code is optimized: most recent APIs are used if available, and old ones are used if not.

What's new in LaTeXiT

Version 2.13.2:
  • Force to allow text completion for all MacOS versions (the standard shortcut has become <⌥+Escape> since MacOS 10.13);
  • Added a new preference to allow automatic text completion for any word beginning with backslash ();
  • Added a new "on-the-fly" drag'n dropping export option to create a temporary file instead of using the pasteboard only; it can help interacting with other applications;
  • LaTeX palettes are no more automatically hidden when LaTeXiT is not the active application;
  • Various polishing on text-completion, LaTeX palette insertion;
  • Fixed the localization of the LaTeXiT Service items;
  • Dark mode adjustments.

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02 January 2007

Most helpful

For simple equation formatting, just write the equation into /Applications/Grapher, select it, and copy paste into your text document. Furthermore, you can even use it to get the LaTex equation.
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Version 1.11
29 November 2018
Version 2.11.0
22 February 2018
For me, this application is perfect. And it is free :)
Version 2.9.0
22 October 2015
This application is indispensable for me to create equations to lecture notes for science and engineering courses. It supports LinkBack. This gives a great way to embed an equation in to a document and have it "active" for immediate update when you need to make a change. For those who need place to put the equations, as noted in earlier reviews, OmniGraffle supports LinkBack. So does Curio. Forget MathML ... Learn LaTeX and use LaTeXiT!
Version 2.8.0
03 December 2014
Wonderful program if you know (or can take 10 minutes to learn) enough LaTeX to create the equations you need, but don't need/want the full rigamarole of an entire LaTeX document. Unfortunately, the link appears to be dead, reports cannot be found. Hopefully, just a temporary blip.
Version 2.7.5
29 November 2014
In version 2.7.4 and 10.9.5 (Mavericks) there is no display in the upper part anymore after performing 'LateXiT'! In 2.7.3 there are no problems...
Version 2.7.4
2 answer(s)
30 November 2014
It is broken but 2.7.5 is already available from the developer website
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30 November 2014
Wonderful! Thank you Red Herring, now everything works like a charm.
21 September 2014
Indispensable. Rock solid.
Version 2.7.3
18 April 2014
A big helper for me in writing Mathematics formulars or experessions. Works like it should, is stable and small. No problem here on OS 10.9.2. The dactual download link gives you an old version, the version 2.60 is here:
Version 2.6.0
02 April 2014
does what it says on the tin. Very simple and it works. Usually people don't prefer LaTeX to write their documents; they simply want to be able to do equations. You can just write the equation part with this program and then drag it to whatever you're really using. Fantastic. I've used it for years.
Version 2.5.4
08 February 2011
I use LatexIt a lot, always for the same purpose: pasting symbols into OmniGraffle pictures, for illustrations in papers and talks. Most of the time, it works very well. Maybe there are other facilities for this purpose, but when I started looking for one, I have repeatedly been directed to LatexIt.
Version 2.3.0
01 June 2010
Thank you. Although I may not use LaTeXiT, I appreciate your contribution, especially when you mentioned that individuals need not donate. Individual like myself is taking freeware to learn more than to use it to generate income. I encourage those who use it for business to generate income to donate for a good cause. Thank you.
Version 2.2.0


App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • Intel 32
  • Mac OS X 10.4.0 or later
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