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Growly Draw1.3.4

19 August 2020

Simple drawing app.


Growly Draw is a simple drawing app.

Everyday drawing

There are hundreds of painting and drawing apps on the App Store. This one is a bit different. It doesn’t want to grow up to be Photoshop, Illustrator, or Draw Anything the Next Generation. It’s not intended for professional artists. This is a drawing app for day-to-day use by people who don’t have a degree in graphic design. You can use it to create illustrations for reports, newsletters, blogs, or just to amuse your friends.

What's new in Growly Draw

Version 1.3.4:
  • When working in the painting on Mac OS 10.15 Catalina, the cursor kept changing back to an arrow, which made some of the tools very difficult to use. The cursor is now forced to the proper shape whenever you move the mouse in the painting.
  • Pasting or moving selected pixels in a painting, followed by an operation such as Invert or Shrink to Fit, did not set undo properly.
  • When selecting in a painting, you could not select the last pixel on the right or the bottom.
  • When text was more than one line, certain fonts in certain sizes would not draw the last line.
  • Starting on Mac OS 10.15 Catalina, the “Original Folder” button in the Save As dialog didn’t work due to pointless changes in the OS. On 10.15 and later that button no longer appears. For all versions of Mac OS, hold down the option key when you look at the File menu to see “Save As to Original Folder,” which defaults to showing the folder in which the file currently resides.

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3 Reviews of Growly Draw

16 February 2018
Version: 1.2.4

Most helpful

Easy to use. Nice alternative to Paint. Like it
06 November 2018
Version: 1.2.5
version 1.2.7 is available at the developers site
16 February 2018
Version: 1.2.4
Easy to use. Nice alternative to Paint. Like it
09 December 2016
Version: 1.2
AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! SuperPaint is back! Not really—this is much better. But as the developer notes, Growly Draw is a throwback to that venerable program from the '80s and '90s. It is awesome to have this app. Sometimes you need a fine deep drawing program such as EazyDraw, but much of the time you just need to get some work done without messing around with tons of features, and that is what this program is good for. Simple, straightforward, but very capable—not so stripped-down that you can't do much of anything. There are vector drawings and bitmaps, and you can put bitmaps into the drawing layer. But this isn't just a clone of SuperPaint; it is built with all the goodness of Apple's latest technology and it even imports QuickDraw. It launches in a blink of an eye and has a good help system, which is to say, does not use Apple's built-in crapfest of a help window but uses its own speedy and informative system. I'll mark it down a bit because it is missing a constrained-draw feature while holding Shift but I'm sure that will get fixed. And it uses its own file format which can burn you in the future. Yes, it can export in several file formats but that doesn't solve the PITA if you ever have to convert hundreds of files at once in the future. I also noticed that it added extra white space around a simple image that was exported as a PDF; that is surely a bug. And I wish it wasn't free as that can give the developer a license to abandon it. But I'm sure that if it cost $5 or $10 there would be whiners. Boo, you whiners who have never written a line of code and expect fine software for free. Well, here it is.