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13 June 2019

Vector-based drawing application.


EazyDraw is a vector drawing application. For the full journey from Jaguar to El Capitan, EazyDraw has been the trail-blazing app for the new vector-drawing paradigm on the Mac.

EazyDraw provides a balanced feature set that includes tools needed for technical drawing, Web and app graphic design, print publishing, logos, page -- text layout and more. Easy enough for everyone, but with the depth your project will need.

Includes comprehensive support for bitmap and vector graphic formats. Import and ungroup for editing PDF and EPS. Import and export SVG and now DXF. Preview and publish to EPS and TIFF with RGB or CMYK process colors. Exchange scaled CAD drawings with DXF. Publish Web graphics. Create Mac, iPhone, and iPad app-development graphics and icons.

What's new in EazyDraw

Version 9.3.3:
  • Runs well on Catalina developer release (macOS 10.15). Please report issues if encountered.
  • Support for Beta release of SF Symbols. Access the new SF Symbols with the SF Symbols App. Use standard Convert to Bezier commands for design and editing of the new UI symbols; as allowed with Apple copyright information.

Requirements for EazyDraw

  • Intel 64
  • macOS 10.13.0 or later

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18 August 2008

Most helpful

Tried this out for a bit while attempting to revive some old forms for new "legalese." However, it was much harder to use than going to an emulator, using MacDraw, dumping to .ps, and then printing using Preview. Though I am impressed with the flood of preferences, major portions of the programs' interface seriously need to be brought under mac-like standards, and severely tightened-up. I taught myself MacDraw in minutes, without a manual... I still, after nearly ten years can operate it without thinking... (and without having used it for nearly a decade). EazyDraw does not have that, and many interface layouts specifically make things harder. As an example, the foating toolbar is huge and ugly, it should resemble the old MacDraw palette, or the current adobe palettes... Rulers and Gridlines should be unobtrusive but are far from it, even when trying to use the prefs to make them that way (complete failure). Though I suspect there might be some "Claris" copyrights to be wary of, a program that is supposed to be the modern successor of ClarisDraw should really have all the best interface elements already built-in, and moreover, tweaked for the OSX generation. Sadly I didn't see ANY of that. I definitely want to keep this in mind for printing old documents without any roundabout tricks, but since it failed to recognize a typeface in an old document that's actually present (and replaced it with another), I really don't want to chance editing things that work fine in an emulator, in exchange for a document that is solely reliant on this software. Keep working on this, it definitely could be a worthy successor, but has far to go, IMHO.
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Version 2.6
11 May 2019
Downloaded, paid for upgrade to fully functional version. "Convert to vector graphic" and all other convert menus still disabled. Tried to restore purchases. App said, "EazyDraw is damaged, please redownload. All other functionality seemed fine.
Version 9.3.2
29 March 2018
This is one of the best and most thought out pieces of software that I have ever purchased. It has extensive help system and documentation is very good. It is the only one that can do scale and dimensions properly and is a real joy to use.
Version 8.7.0
21 July 2016
I've been using EazyDraw for many years for technical drawings. I'm not an artist and don't even attempt illustrations of any kind. But for what I do I find EazyDraw the best program out of the lot. I've tried all of them, mostly out of curiosity, but always come back to EazyDraw for my actual work. This consists of block diagrams and rack layouts for audio systems. The main thing I find is that although it took a little effort to master the drawing tools, they work reliably and the overall application is very solid. I've never suffered loss of data and I can’t even remember if it's ever actually crashed while I was working in it - and that's over many years of use. So I would recommend this highly to anyone who does technical type of drawing. I cannot comment though on how it would be for other types of use. I should also mention that the developer is extremely responsive and helpful. That's a huge plus in my book!
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Version 8.3.1
11 October 2015
WoW! Not a good policy having no discount price for those wanting to upgrade.
Version 8.1.0
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13 October 2015
Not cool, Lightning. Do your homework before tarnishing this fine product and developer. From the website: "Version 8 is a free upgrade from EazyDraw 7."
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30 June 2016
The worst thing about EazyDraw, imo, is that every time OSX is upgraded, i.e. from 10.10.x to 10.11 EazyDraw stops working until you fork out another $35 for the "upgrade".
It seems that the program checks what version of OSX you are running and if you have moved to the next version the program stops running. Wont even launch.
i have not come across any other app that won't let me stay at the version I have paid for once, even if the OSX is upgraded. OSX does not prevent the App from working the Apps version check does.
Asking the developer I am told I can just create another disk partition and install the older OSX and then run EazyDraw from there.
I am looking for another program, as I am not paying another dime to EazyDraw. :-(
I agree with other posters that it is not "Eazy" despite its name.
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19 August 2014
Let's party like it's 1999 !
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Version 6.5.0
16 June 2014
Users who dismiss Eazydraw without even learning how it works are missing out on a really fascinating program. Compared to all the other vector apps out there, Eazydraw is easily the most technically sophisticated of the lot. When my MacBook Pro recently bit the dust I lost the use of FreeHand, after Adobe bought it & dumped it off the market (since it drew rings around Illustrator), forcing FreeHand artists to buy Illustrator to be able to use their own graphics files. Consequently, many of us dumped Adobe. Freehand's demise left a big hole in the Mac vector design & layout market. Currently there is no single app that excels at both. I've tried them all; Sketch, Intaglio, Artboard, iVinci, Zeusdraw, Idraw, NeoDraw & Eazydraw. While they all do basic draw functions, most fall way short of FreeHand's many features & technical elegance (and, to be fair, its price). A few feature a standard set of Core Image filters & blending modes, but lack more essential vector drawing & page layout functions. The two that come closest are filling this gap are Eazydraw & NeoDraw (the drawing app included in the free open-source NeoOffice suite that rivals MS Office). Surprisingly full-featured & ultra-customizable, NeoDraw has loads of tools & options, like font-enhancements, freeform-distort, image-fill, simple 3D, bitmap filters, autotrace, autosave, presentation & layout tools & lots more. At the requested $10 donation, NeoDraw is a steal. Eazydraw takes a unique approach. Primarily a technical drawing app rather than a graphic design app, it lacks filters & blending modes in favor of more essential drawing functions. While managing to be simple enough for basic drawing, it is also extremely technically proficient, with a long list of vector functions, tools, menu options & vector shapes. Eazydraw's precision & its decent text-handling abilities also make it well-suited for page layout. Features like multiple pages, an adjustable canvas area (critical for layout work), & its ability to flow text around or inside objects & between separate text boxes, make it not only a good vector drawing program, but also the best page layout app of the bunch. Eazydraw's minor flaws, like its use of the Apple Font Panel instead of font menu preview, plus a few rather confusing, non-standard drawing functions, only slightly detract from its overall usefulness. And it wouldn't take much, like the addition of font menu preview & a few more professional graphics functions, to make Eazydraw a fairly reasonable Freehand substitute for vector design & page layout work.
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Version 6.3.1
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01 October 2014
I've owned Eazydraw for many years every since Freehand was killed by Adobe. I don't use it much, mostly because I do NOT find it easy to learn or use. Yes, it has a lot of great features, but I would not describe Eazydraw's flaws as "minor". Its non-standard drawing functions are unusually confusing and hard to learn and do detract from its overall usefulness.
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11 October 2013
Certainly not bad but compared to iDraw it lacks many drawing tools.
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Version 6.1.0
29 October 2012
I've been using EazyDraw for more than two years now. EazyDraw does the job OK. It's pretty good at technical drawings, very useful for teachers who need some physics/geometric drawings for their class or people who want to draw some plans. From the bunch of mac vector apps out there it's the best choice for technical drawings, (so to say) "baby-"CAD; I mean CAD with an "easy" MacDraw-like interface. EazyDraw is quite easy to use – things like the spiral tool and the many shapes in the object libraries are great. However, for the artsy stuff, designing, etc. I felt EazyDraw not so well suited, because the cluttered interface holds back your creativity, in a way. Well to be honest, the interface is a mess. It is fine if you are a complete beginner or you have learned drawing apps in the '80 and '90, however, since the app is quite feature rich, when used for advanced things you end up with so many pallets and menus… well, clutter, that costs you time. The UI just doesn't feel up to date and could be much more efficient. Also, there are "rough edges" from the technical side – there are always a few bugs around, but these are usually addressed quickly in the frequent updates and upgrades. However this brings me to another point: it is very easy to lose oversight about the various versions of this app. At the moment there are three versions of EazyDraw at the MacAppStore: ED3 (called only "EazyDraw", but with "3" in the icon), ED4 and ED5, for 15$, 30$ resp. 95$. I don't really know what's the difference between those, because description and screenshots in the MacAppStore are the same at least for version 3 and 4. Buying directly from the developer you can get another version of version 5 (as far as I have understood it), and also there is EazyDrawRetro, which opens the legacy formats (MacDraw, AppleWorks), however for this you need a "version 4 free market license". It is nice that the developer maintains a version 5 for older OSs, like 10.4. Still, the whole MAS thing has made things quite confusing with EazyDraw. One year ago there was even more confusion, with different versions having the same number (see comments below). Definitely one developer who didn't "get" the MAS right. I purchased version 3 in summer 2010 directly from the developer for 95$, one year later I had to update to version 4.1 because version 3.6.1 doesn't work with Lion (yeah right, and now a version 3 is sold at the MAS which works). Version 4.1 works now on my machine in "grace period", I have 78 days left. Probably that means the app won't work after that period. Personally, I haven't experienced a difference in features from version 3 to version 4, except for the Lion full screen mode. Many crashes and corrupted files with version 4.1 on Mountain Lion… Probably I will never upgrade to version 5 but instead will just buy the cheapest 15$ version from the MAS. However, I haven't found a more capable app for technical drawings with this price tag (15$). If you need an easy to use "CAD"-like app, then EazyDraw is the way to go. For more "artsy" illustration jobs, creating icons, etc., I'd recommend Intaglio and iDraw (which has a great, great, great iPad version). Sketch is also a very nice looking alternative, and Artboard seems to be worth a look too.
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Version 5.2.3
08 October 2012
Hugely overpriced, rather underwhelmed. Looking for a Mac replacement for CorelDRAW. EazyDraw is just a 'cheezy' wannabe knock-off, with hard-to-take-seriously candyland-looking icons. More importantly it failed some simple, basic, but critical tests for text and object manipulation, and I abandoned EazyDraw within minutes as a result. Developers, look at CorelDRAW if you want a litmus test for how your product should function. There's a reason CD has been a standard in the business for over two decades. So I am sticking with Fusion on my Mac to run must-have Windows apps such as CorelDRAW, WordPerfect, FinePrint, ACDSee and Quicken. Nothing native to Mac even comes close. Yet.
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Version 5.2.3
30 July 2012
Using OS 8. Try ED 5.1 build FMKT1240515. I do not see a save as even when holding down the option key. So I think we need some directions here.
Version 5.1.0
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19 October 2012
Don't you mean 10.8? Mac OS 8 was released in 1997. >_>


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