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Retrospect Client runs with "root" permissions and can completely backup and restore an OS X computer with ease, providing the fastest possible recovery from disaster.
What's New


  • [New] Block level incremental backup - See details
  • [Fixed] Fix engine assertion errors (netcotop.cpp-427, soccon.cpp-491) during network backup (#4018)
  • [Fixed] Fix engine assertion error when connected with Retrospect Touch for iOS (#2703)
  • [Fixed] Copy script to Mac volume didn't reliably set destination folder's creation and modification dates (#4240)
  • [New] Enhanced email reporting with logs included for easy filtering
  • [New] Option to send e-mail on server startup or shutdown
  • [Improved] Consolidate emails into one email per backup source for Proactive script and one email per script for other script types
  • [Improved] Send email notification for each repeated script execution, while still limiting emails for certain warnings to once a day
  • [Fixed] Disabling the "Send e-mail for failure and media requests" option now automatically disable other e-mail options (#4237)
  • [New] High-level dashboard
  • [Fixed] Fix several intermittent cases of Past Backups not refreshing (#3719)
  • [Improved] Allow manually changing order of backup sources in scripts
  • [Fixed] Correctly display server-specific changes (e.g. in Scripts) when connected to multiple servers (#3943)
  • [Fixed] Fix Copy Backup script's drop down from reverting to "Copy most recent backups for each source" when reopening console (#4115)
  • [Improved] Add new Path column for Backup script under Sources, in case there are different Favorites with the same name (#3843)
  • [Fixed] Allow sorting of media sets that are in Busy state (#1176)
  • [Fixed] Disable Run button when script is modified but not saved (#4173)
  • [Fixed] Clarify error messages for incorrect licenses (#2860)
  • [Fixed] Disable Add/Edit Member buttons for locked sets (#3169)
  • [Fixed] Local favorite folders now include volume name (#3640)
  • [Fixed] Days of the week corrected in German, French, Italian in Scripts > Schedule (#3990)
  • [Improved] Installer for server and client list version
  • [Improved] Console displays "Upgrade local server" when older local server present
  • [Improved] Console auto-selects first syncing server
  • [Improved] ASM licenses accepted in License Manager
Known issues with this release
  • Engine: under some circumstances log shows negative file count for block level incremental backup, even though files are correctly backed up and are restorable (#4508).
  • Engine: restoring the 32nd block level incremental backup of a large file fails if it is unchanged since the prior (31st) backup (#4499). Workaround: restore from the 31st backup.
  • Engine: if a backup contains no new/modified files and the backup is transferred, restoring that backup from the transfer destination backup set fails (#4357). Workaround: restore from the source backup set or from prior backup.
  • Console: Past Backups view show removed backups (#4476). Workaround: restart console.
  • Console: Past Backups view does not show retrieved backups (#4512). Workaround: restart console.
  • Console: Dashboard doesn't show all recent backups unless media sets have grooming enabled. Workaround: retrieve relevant backups or enable media set grooming.
  • Console: Dashboard information not accurate on OS X 10.9 on Japanese under certain circumstances (#4368). Workaround: switch to 24-hour time.
  • Console: Dashboard intermittently shows OK button (#4431). Workaround: restart console.



  • [New] Block level incremental backup - See details
  • [Fixed] Fix engine assertion errors (netcotop.cpp-427, soccon.cpp-491) during network backup (#4018)
  • [Fixed] Fix engine assertion error when connected with Retrospect Touch for iOS (#2703)
  • [Fixed] Copy script to Mac volume didn't reliably set destination folder's more...
  • Intel
  • OS X 10.6.8 or later
  • Retrospect 10

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Retrospect Client User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 11.x:
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Jweisbin reviewed on 19 Sep 2013
Tried to run the client installer (to update older client) on 4 different machines: error the installation could not complete.

Tried to uninstall first, then reinstall, same thing.

But after, in every case, it appears that it was updated, not sure why the error.



Jon Rasmussen reviewed on 27 Mar 2013
I use this everyday. I have 2 networks of users backing up. They backup logged in OR logged out. I like the Proactive backup and on the server side I like the ability to backup to many small files. Their support is very good. While there are problems with any software they have been excellent to work with. Keep up the good work guys.


Lylehm commented on 14 Jan 2011
6.3.029 Sonic branded client is available here:

According to Retrospect on Twitter, major work is underway. A screen shot of the new client (albeit a Windows image) is offered.
[Version 6.3.028]



Wizard2 reviewed on 15 Dec 2009
After over a decade of using Retrospect -- I cannot ever recommend Retrospect to anyone, for any purpose:
- Retrospect is buggy and bloated, often freezes client machines
- Retrospect is expensive, and upgrades are outrageous
- Many legacy backup devices no longer supported

The ugly truth is that often times, Retrospect will FAIL TO SUCCESSFULLY RESTORE a file. That is the true test of any backup/archive solution. Unless a sysadmin can KNOW that a solution is reliable -- it is dangerous to ever trust it.

When it really counts -- Retrospect cannot be trusted.

EMC/Dantz I have tried to engage at conventions have been dismissive and unhelpful in solutions for recovery failures. Although we have spent many hundreds of dollars on Retrospect, we've ditched it entirely, and moved on to a much better solution -- ChronoSync.
[Version 6.3.028]


CyborgSam commented on 28 Oct 2008
The 6.2.234 update stoped Retrospect from seeing the client on the first 2 Macs I installed it on. I had to downgrade to 6.1.130 to get the clients talking again.
[Version 6.2.234]

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seika7 commented on 29 Oct 2008
I run into this problem in older versions too. What usually works for me is turning off the client (hold Command and click the Off radio button in the client) and then turning it back on. Other things that have helped are rebooting the server, rebooting the client, and rebooting the network switch. It's a royal pain that the client network connections are so fragile.

qmedpaul commented on 30 Oct 2008
Here's what always works for me, no server restart required:

In Retrospect, remove the client from the Client list. It'll ask if you're sure you want to forget that client. Click OK.

Click Network. Most likely it will not list the new client, so you have to add it manually. Simply click 'Add by address' and type in the client's IP address. Voila.

The only pain is you have to reset the Volumes.

seika7 commented on 30 Oct 2008
I don't type in IP addresses manually because they change from time time (DHCP). If you have static IP's for each computer, go for it; that would be a lot more reliable than Retrospect's method of finding clients.

Foulger commented on 04 Feb 2007
Goodbye old friend.

I have been a retrospect user since Noah built the ark but it is patently obvious that EMC2 or whatever they call themselves this week, has lost the plot, lost the initiative, dropped the ball and have turned a sturdy wonderful product into a dinosaur. I have realised lately that with hard drives becoming cheaper and more reliable that to pursue either a raid policy or a daily cloning to another hard drive is the way to go.
Thank you for the support you have given in the (distant) past but I fear we are to say goodbye.
[Version 6.1.130]


Anonymous reviewed on 27 Dec 2004
Retrospect is the only option if you want to prerve older versions of your files while also backing up the newer ones ("incremental backup", or "progressive backup"). For me, that has saved me twice a lot of time when in earlier backups some files turned out to be corrupted.

It works well with Panther (10.3.7), and I use it for both MO-drives and CD-RW. I have not encountered a single problem, and I make daily backups.
[Version 6.0.109]

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mr kitty replied on 05 May 2006
not the only option. most incremental backup utilities have archival options. i use synk 4.1 for exactly that.

Anonymous reviewed on 23 Jul 2003
TOTALLY DOESN"T WORK AND F*@$s UP your mac....i hate Dantz....can't delete it from your computer either....such irony for trying to back up your computer when all it does is make EVERYTHING buggy.
[Version 5.0.536]

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Mjolnir replied on 19 Oct 2004
Are you sure you read the instructions??? While is not nearly as user friendly as Carbon Copy Cloner, it IS much more configurable, and maintains a chronology of incremental backups. As far as uninstalling it, I have done so in the past, and it came off fine. What issues are you having?
Anonymous commented on 19 Aug 2005
your noobness is showing...
Anonymous commented on 04 Oct 2005
He probably dloaded it using Limewire and now somehow configured one or the other to interfere with each other.

Either that, or it's a competitor.

Fact is, I've been using Retrospect since the early days and manage to backup over 300 computers via the network. Been doing so for many years now. I've tried other programs (even PC ones) and for ease of use and reliability, Retrospect cannot be beat.
There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.

vabt rated on 03 Nov 2012



Jon Rasmussen rated on 23 May 2012


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Retrospect Client runs with "root" permissions and can completely backup and restore an OS X computer with ease, providing the fastest possible recovery from disaster.

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