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08 August 2019

Reliable backups, drive clones, and folder synchronizations.


ChronoSync is the professional choice for periodic backups, bootable drive clones, and folder and file synchronizations. Target any device or folder visible in Finder such a volume, thumb drive, NAS, disk image, select cloud services, server or (with ChronoAgent) another Mac! Directly connect to Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage cloud services and SFTP file servers. ChronoSync replaces your backup utility, drive clone utility, and folder sync utility with a single, powerful application. Get push notifications of your syncs sent to your phone with ChronoMonitor. Add InterConneX (free for iOS) and use ChronoSync to push files and folders to your iDevice.

What's new in ChronoSync

Version 4.9.4:
Changes & Enhancements:
  • Changed Strict Volume Identification to no longer examine deviceModel and deviceProtocol
  • Implemented full Diagnostic Logging support in the InterConneX connections
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug when communicating with an InterConneX sharespace as a target whereby it was not likely going to be able to copy into a locked folder
  • Fixed a bug whereby if invoking a Trial Sync and target validation fails, subsequent attempts to invoke a standard sync (after correcting the cause of the validation failure) would invoke Trial Sync again unexpectedly
  • Fixed a few diagnostic messages that were being generated in non-debug builds
  • Fixed the logic used to determine a unique, temporary file name for copying to a remote cloud or InterConneX target as it had concurrence issues and could return non-unique filenames if called simultaneously from different threads
  • Fixed a bug whereby setting the UF_HIDDEN, UF_IMMUTABLE and UF_APPEND BSD flags on a file stored in an InterConneX target was prone to setting random values for those flags
  • Fixed a bug whereby extracting a file path from a collection record could result in a corrupt path. This could lead to errors or even a crash
  • Fixed a bug whereby the read-only destination readiness test would report "Left target is read-only" when BOTH targets were read-only, even though it was a left-to-right sync

Requirements for ChronoSync

  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.11.0 or later

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31 October 2010

Most helpful

This just simply has to be one of the very best back up programs that has ever been created. It is so simple to set up and use that it defies belief. I doubt I use 20% of its potential or what I could do with it but for backing up one hard drive to another, which is what I want to do this program really just works. I would love to be able to tell you about all the great personal and technical reasons why this is better than any other program that does the same thing but I can't as this does everything I want and requires zero technical knowledge. If you buy this you are not only buying a great program, your also buying a lifetime of great upgrades as for some (fantastic) reason the developer seems to give regular updates but makes a point of never charging for updates once you buy the program.
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Version 4.1.1
16 September 2019
Hard to add anything to all the positive reviews... ;-) What I like most is the transparent multi-sync procedure (when you set up multiple sync documents and launch them with a container), it also connects to remote drives with no hiccup. If ChronoSync meets some error, it generally offers a way to fix it either by changing a setting for you or by ignoring the offending file. The only thing I really regret is that I can't find any place where it would tell me how much data has to be synced — or was actually synced — as Synchronize Pro X did.
Version 4.9.4
18 June 2019
I'am currently using Chronosync to backup some of my data to external drives. It finctions perfectly with an high level of customisation (exemple: I use flags and comments to select my files). Now I have in project to - synchronize my data with Apple's iCloud Drive (without Chronosync) - backup my data to the Cloud with Chronosync + Backblaze B2 (or maybe Wasabi). I'm testing... I had some questions but EconTechnologies was as usual very fast and efficient to give me responses...
Version 4.9.3
31 December 2018
Complete Mac backup cloning works like a champ, and is lightning fast! Tech support was very responsive and answered my two questions very quickly. I highly recomend this software and company.
Version 4.9.1
04 December 2018
I use this on a daily basis. It's very user friendly and does everything I want it to. I never have to worry about losing any of my data, ever, thanks to Chronosync. Oh, and you can't beat free updates for life.
Version 4.9.0
04 December 2018
A great and reliable backup tool !
Version 4.9.0
29 November 2018
The •combination• of ChronoAgent + ChronoSync is absolutely the best working system for backups and bi-directional syncing that I've found in my three decades of using Macs. The duo enable a smart-scan feature which performs incredibly fast. If you haven't tried running both together [i.e., with agents on target Macs], I highly recommend it. Great job, Econ Technologies! -HI-
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Version 4.9.0
31 August 2018
This is a solid app, never crashes, full of features, and the price is right. $50 might seem like a lot for most but every upgrade is free for life. My only complaints are the update mechanism and a couple of not so intuitive UX choices.
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Version 4.8.7
10 June 2018
Better than Carbon Copy Cloner for versioning files

I find CCC to be one of the best cloning and backup software. I have used it for many years with no single flaw. The bootable backup is very important.
I recently migrated to Chronosync because a few advantages (I still love CCC) that Chrono offers for my need: the most important of all is how the Archives are organized.
CCC organizes archives in a separate folder called "archives". Chrono puts archives inside the core structure of the backup. I find the Chrono strategy very useful to keep versions of files.
For CCC, finding the earliest version of one specific file requires browsing through hundreds of folders. In Chrono, they are kept together, numbered with version numbers.

To put it shortly, I use Chronosync both as my GIT/SVN (versioning) and as my cloning (backup) system.
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Version 4.8.6
17 May 2018
I cannot prevent from highly recommending Chronosync. I own since 2012 and it never failed. The support is amazing. Quick and efficient. They are committed to help you whatever your questions. Use it for multiple purposes : -backups. They work better than Timemachine and never fail -synchronization of different disks in different places through the cloud or through external drive. A fantastic feature.
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Version 4.8.6
Krag Surtur
20 February 2018
After failing to fix a problem with Time Machine and Apple Mail I got ChronoSync. It's fast and easy to use. We use it to back up files daily and weekly. It will archive changes. We use SuperDuper to make a clone.
Version 4.8.4


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