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07 November 2019

Powerful security for sensitive information for up to 5 family members.


1Password Families is the one password manager that’s ideal for your whole household. Decide who you share your information with and what they can do with it. You can give your loved ones the tools to stay safe online without taking away their independence. But not everything needs to be shared with the whole family. Personal vaults let everyone keep their own private passwords and documents, all managed under a single subscription.

  • Share. 1Password is the easiest and safest way to share passwords, credit cards, and anything else that’s too important to email.
  • Protect. 1Password helps your family practice smart online security by generating strong, unique passwords for all your online accounts.
  • Relax. 1Password remembers everything for you, and automatically signs you into your favorite sites with a single click.
  • Features
    • Protection for the whole family - Five people can join in and have individual accounts on your single subscription. They don't even have to belong to the same household.
    • 1Password on-the-go - Sign in to your account, view and edit your items, and manage your family from your web browser.
    • Always up-to-date - You will always get the latest versions of 1Password and all new features as soon as they come out. Never pay for upgrades again.
    • Award-winning 1Password apps - Your subscription includes the latest, full versions of the 1Password apps for Mac, iOS, and Android at no extra charge.
    • Secure documents - Your family gets 1 GB of encrypted storage for documents, which you can share and access securely from anywhere.
    • Use on all your devices -- for free - Don’t stress about licenses -- install 1Password on as many computers and devices as your family owns.
    • Seamless sync - All your data appears instantly on all your devices with no work on your part whatsoever. There is no sync service to set up.
    • Watchtower service - Receive around-the-clock alerts whenever there are security breaches for the services and sites that your family uses.
    • Item history backup - Go back in time up to one full year and recover passwords which you or your family members have deleted or changed.
    • 24/7 support - Get free, one-on-one support from AgileBits employees whenever you need it. We're here to help you at any time of day or night.

    The published price is that of a monthly charge for an all-access subscription (desktop and mobile apps, free upgrades, Web access, and sharing) for up to five (5) people.

What's new in 1Password Families

Version 7.4:
New Features:
  • Support for Voice Control on macOS Catalina.
  • Opening 1Password while using Pocket Casts will show you your Pocket Cast logins. {#4241}
  • 1Password mini window snaps to the center of the screen when dragged near the center. {#2350}
  • 1Password mini window reattaches to the 1Password icon in the menu bar when dragged near to it. {#3696, #3594}
  • The pop-up menu shown when reviewing duplicate passwords is now sorted alphabetically. {#2766}
  • The sidebar will now remember if you last viewed the category list or the vault list on launch. {#4131}
  • You can now move nested tags up a level in the sidebar using the contextual menu on the nested tag. {#3844}
  • Removed support for manually reordering favorites which fixed a crash that was occurring when attempting to reorder favorites. {#4066}
  • You can now give administrators the ability to manage a vault when creating it.
  • The Migration Receipt items created when moving items to a 1Password.com account can no longer be moved or copied to other vaults.
  • Improved the experience of opening AgileKeychain files when no local vaults are present. {#2462, #3929}
  • When viewing Documents in 1Password mini you can now Quick Look, Open in Finder, and more. {#4263}
  • We removed support for re-ordering favorites, this also fixes a crash that was occurring when attempting to re-order favorites. {#4066}
  • Watchtower will now promote an existing secure URL rather than changing an unsecured URL and leaving the item with two identical secure URLs.
  • Updating the website address of an item to HTTPS will first look to see if secondary website addresses are HTTPS and use those if found.
  • The duplicate passwords pop-up menu now has its items sorted alphabetically. {#2766}
  • Restoring the app to specific states no longer crashes in certain situations.
  • Personal and Shared vault names are now localized. {#3901}
  • Improves vault creation, reducing false errors. {#4247}
  • Improved the filling experience when upgrading to 1Password 7. {#3984}
  • Improved the experience of opening AgileKeychain files when no local vaults are present. {apple-issues#2462, apple-issues#3929}
  • Improved handling of login when machine has OS keychain issues.
  • Two-Factor Authentication Watchtower will now only be checked on the primary URL. {#2767}
  • The one-time password notification is no longer incorrectly displayed after closing the scanner. {#4133}
  • The item list now updates immediately when dragging items to other vaults. {#3108}
  • Search results are now retained when minimizing 1Password to the Dock. {#4230}
  • Resolved an issue that would prevent the app from quitting when doing an update.
  • Improved QR Code generation for better compatibility between platforms. {#4299}
  • Fixes an issue that would prevent the extension search URL scheme from working while locked. {#3795}
  • Fixed positioning of the "Add This Account to 1Password" window when the 1Password status bar icon is hidden. {#3711}
  • Fixed BETA-ONLY support for Edge. {#4213}
  • Fixed an issue where the "Go" button in 1Password mini could become stale instead of updating to "AutoFill". {#4256}
  • Fixed an issue where granting 1Password access to Screen Recording or Camera would not immediately take effect after relaunching. {#4190}
  • Fixed an issue where 1Password did not remove cached files after deleting an item. {#4224}
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent detecting duplicate items when one item was missing a URL label. {#3348}
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Create Vault operation to errantly retry forever.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a failure to access subscription settings while locked. {#3224}
  • Fixed an issue that could cause 1Password to crash when performing a search and then expanding the search to all fields. {#4250}
  • Fixed an issue that could cause 1Password mini to no longer display for a particular Safari tab if you used the return/enter key to fill an item into a page with no fillable fields. {#4090}
  • Fixed an issue that could cause 1Password mini to forget the last selected item during multi-page logins. {#3732}
  • Fixed a potential crash that could happen if you lock while the auto-save database is being generated.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using 1Password mini. {#4114}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when signing in. {#4106}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when locking. {#4056}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when locking 1Password during an inertial scroll. {#4102}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when fetching items from the database. {#4111}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when dropping documents onto an item while editing the item's icon. {#4331}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when displaying sidebar tooltips on macOS 10.12 and 10.13. {#4092}
  • Fixed a crash that could happen if locking while receiving a shared item. {#4194}
  • Fixed an issue preventing the "Compromised Websites" Watchtower service from being enabled from the main window. {#4281}

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10 Reviews of 1Password Families

12 October 2018
Version: 7.0.4

Most helpful

1Password is a fabulous application, and certainly worth the price, especially if you have a family of 4 or 5. $12 per year for the protection it provides--a great value.
29 February 2020
Version: 7.4
one more thing... if, as me, you don't live in America, you can request to store your information in Europe (see support.1password.com/regions/). We can change after but it doesn't seem to be easy
27 February 2020
Version: 7.4
Honestly, in general, I hate the new subscription-based model. But in the case of 1Password (Families in particular), I think it's worth it ... It is a tool that I have already used daily for a long time. I just went to version 7 by subscribing to the families option. It will quickly pay for itself given the number of users (4, maybe 5), different machines and systems. In addition, I would like to emphasize the friendliness and efficiency of the online support that I have bombarded with questions these past few days ...
20 November 2019
Version: 7.4
5-stars. Works REALLY WELL. Not perfect, but overall, an excellent product. (Please see my review -- also 5 stars -- on 11/19/19 on MacUpdate for 1Password standalone. Sorry, I didn't know there were 3 places 1Password was reviewed here. Good heavens. What's a mother to do?) Yes, there's a learning curve from v6, but once you get over that, it's a PLEASURE to use v7. The sync between devices works flawlessly as does the sharing of logins between family members. And frankly, dear friends, I'm getting a little tired of 1-star 1Password bashing, based solely on the fact that there is subscription pricing. Yes, Agilebits makes it too hard to license the product. I get it. But so what? $4.99 a month for four people is an absolute BARGAIN. You pay more for a single CUP OF EXPRESSO at Starbucks for crying out loud. Or at least be fair and BASH APPLE TOO. No one calls Tim Cook "GREEDY," when Apple charges $1,199 for a laptop that can't be upgraded after purchase, and has about the functionality of a PC costing half that. And charges $200 (!) more to upgrade RAM from the base 8GB to a functional 16GB -- RAM that should cost maybe $60 tops, except that -- oh right, Apple won't let you do the upgrade yourself anymore. Or swap out the hard drive. Or change the battery. And if you have any Thunderbolt 2 peripherals to attach to your peachy new Thunderbolt 3 port, that'll cost you an extra $49 for the adapter. ENOUGH. STOP THE WHINING. The world is moving toward subscription pricing. If you find a licensed product you prefer to 1Password, great! Write a review and let's have a look. I doubt it will match the functionality and convenience of 1Password, but I'm willing to listen. Regards, -SB
12 October 2018
Version: 7.0.4
1Password is a fabulous application, and certainly worth the price, especially if you have a family of 4 or 5. $12 per year for the protection it provides--a great value.
07 July 2018
Version: 7.0.4
I am a long term user of 1Password, but quit recommending it to friends and such quite some time ago simply because of the pricing. The reason for this comment is just that, pricing. Number one, I loathe subscription models. They are nothing but a headache and security risk. Quite frankly, I do not see myself as a future long term user of 1Password for these reasons. It is simply overpriced compared to the competition. I quit recommending 1Password a long time ago for these reasons. I can not in good conscience recommend the product. The rating I am leaving is unfavorable and you may or may not believe it to be fair because it is based upon my belief that the product is overpriced, but it is my opinion nevertheless. We will see what the free market decides.
07 April 2018
Version: 6.8.8
I love 1Password and don't mind paying a fee to keep it sustainable. I spent 25+ years as a Sr. Systems Programmer and personally know something about programming for a living. I feel good about paying while I am getting what I'm paying for. AgileBits IS doing the job! 1Password is a great package on the Mac, Less on IOS, because of IOS itself. Five bucks is cup of coffee out somewhere with a friend, nothing to get angry about, people. In a year, though, from all of us loyal and appreciative users though, it is enough to keep AgileBits working for us to keep the product solid, ahead of the crackers, and up with Apple. I am hanging tight.
26 February 2017
Version: 6.6.1
Five bucks per month! 60$/year!!! :-o Even harder to accept that price when you're a single... :-( I suppose the 65$ mentioned on the full app page are also for one year?
24 June 2016
Version: 6.3.1
I dislike these new forms of software rental. Not buying it!
Show comments (6)
24 June 2016
Version: 6.3.1
I rely on 1P now to store not just passwords but all sensitive information including my software licenses. Typically i'm not a fan of subscriptions but security done right is worth paying for and I like the fact that I can now put 1P on all devices for no more than the initial $5 per month. My only complain it i'd like it to be a bit easier to get your vaults setup without resorting to referring to multiple "Account Keys".
Show comment (1)
24 June 2016
Version: 6.3.1
$5 / PER MONTH for a family of 5 :-(((
Show comment (1)