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10 July 2020

Powerful password manager; integrates with Web browsers and more.


1Password is a password manager that uniquely brings you both security and convenience. It is the only program that provides anti-phishing protection and goes beyond password management by adding Web form filling and automatic strong password generation. Your confidential information, including passwords, identities, and credit cards, is kept secure using strong encryption.

1Password fully supports major Web browsers, including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. All browser extensions share the same encrypted data which means you never need to manually copy your passwords between browsers or from the password manager to a browser ever again!

Note: price shown in the listing is that of a 1-month subscription. To view other pricing options, go here.

1Password is also available for and syncs with Windows, iOS, and Android.

What's new in 1Password

Version 7.6:
  • 1Password now posts notifications when sites have become compromised. {#4594}
  • 1Password now has preferences to enable or disable notifications for vault addition and removal, compromised sites, and one-time password copying. {#4594}
  • 1Password now shows a “What’s New“ window to highlight major new features after a significant upgrade. {#4343}
  • Reduced the time to open the 1Password mini window in dark mode. {#4784}
  • Improved filling into various web pages through the use of a new filling brain. {#4338}
  • Improvements to the font sizes used in Markdown rendering. {#4727}
  • 1Password mini suggestions now include items for the foreground application if they include app:// as a website entry. {#4667}
  • Improved the error reporting during a standalone to account migration. {#4431}
  • Improved wording on warning when emptying trash. {#4421}
  • Minor improvement to unlock time for accounts.
  • Added new icons for vaults. {#4552}
  • Improved layout of vault icon picker. {#4643}
  • Print dialogue now has a 1Password option to print all or selected items in the list. {#4544}
  • Improved memory usage and performance.
  • Improved search speed in main window. {#4630}
  • Improved handling of malformed data when importing or syncing. {#4603}
  • Import of non-standard 1pif files is more robust. {#4593}
  • Updated the placeholder text when adding one-time password fields. {#4695}
  • Fixed a rare issue where the sidebar selection could be empty after locking and unlocking.
  • Fixed the link used by the Learn More button in the What’s New view.
  • Fixed a rare crash when setting a preference while locked.
  • Fixed issue where dragging an item over All Vaults would cancel drag. {#4660}
  • Custom website field labels are now shown in mini. {#4788}
  • Application based suggestions are now displayed based on the preferences set in the 1Password mini preference pane.
  • Fixed crash attempting to select an item that can not be found. {#4792}
  • Fixed an issue that prevented saving logins on revenuequebec.ca. {#4790}
  • Fixed an issue where saving a login might not work if the site has an improperly formed Option declaration. {#4777}
  • 1Password mini now dismisses automatically when copy action happens.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening an older license file. {#4724}
  • Fixed an issue where the app would notify of all of the new vaults after signing into an account. {#4698}
  • Copying a credit card number from 1Password mini no longer includes spaces, if present. {#4761}
  • Fixed the label of the Watchtower Alerts preference in Notification Preferences. {#4760}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when 1Password locks while the export dialogue box is open. {#4697}
  • Fixed an issue causing unpredictable behaviour when 1Password locks while purchasing a license. {#2632}
  • Fixed description text colour while in Dark mode in the Notifications preferences. {#4719}
  • Fixed an issue that could result in failure to validate the Mac App Store receipt while using AirPlay 2. {#4461}
  • Fixed issue where the create new item (“+”) button would stop working after locking and closing the main window. {#4772}
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the search progress indicator to spin endlessly. {#4630}
  • Fixed a localization issue where text was translated but not being displayed in the appropriate language.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when cleaning up duplicate items. {#4388}
  • Fixed a bug that could link to the root domain watchtower information instead of the subdomain information.
  • Addressed an issue with saving updated logins via the extension that could result in generated password items not being deleted upon updating an existing login. {#4497}
  • Fixed an issue for column resizing in right-to-left languages. {#4524}
  • Fixed a crash when restoring deleted items from the detached item window. {#4558}
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the previous rich icon being displayed in the Save Login prompt when 1Password was locked. {#3842}
  • Fixed a crash when right-clicking and choosing Delete Tag from the sidebar. {#4674}
  • Fixed an issue where some items in very old versions of 1Password data could not sync to an account. {#3824}
  • Adapted the “Subscribe now” button sizing for other languages. {#4732}
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts for Copy Username and Copy Password in the main window. {#4747}
  • Fixed an issue where a failed document upload caused a reauthorization request.
  • Fixed a rare issue that prevented creation of a new vault. {#4722}
  • Prevented bypassing the “Move Items” permission when it’s disabled resulting in failed item moves. {#4486}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when importing malformed 1PIF files. {#4593}
  • Fixed an issue where pasted text could appear in the wrong text field. {#4689}
  • Provide a reason when macOS 11 beta prompts 1Password to search local networks for WLAN sync servers.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent spotlight metadata from being deleted upon account suspension. {#4051}

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1769 Reviews of 1Password

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27 January 2020
Version: 7.4.1

Most helpful

I don't get all the flack and bad reviews. This have been such an amazing tool for my entire family and part of my life for a long time now. It has grown and evolved, and I trust the developer. When it went subscription, I was annoyed because I generally hate subscriptions. But they kept a non-subscription option. Then, I looked closer at how much I used it, and how important it was to me, and how valuable it would be to add my family and share things, and suddenly, the subscription cost seemed beyond reasonable and better than the frequent upgrading cycles. I am all in—with no regrets.
28 June 2020
Version: 7.5
I have paid for two years and it feels good, don’t remember all kinds of passwords anymore
23 May 2020
Version: 7.5
I have been using 1Password for many years and am generally quite happy with it. I have not taken the time to learn to use all of its features and it definitely has some quirks one has to be aware of (not necessarily the fault of 1Password). For example, some sites take you to a different site to change your password, so the password is saved to that site rather than the one you thought you were on. Sure beats scribbled notes someone else could come across, and can hold practically any information you want password protected. Unfortunately, they are moving toward subscription licenses (which I can understand from a business sense) but I refuse to go there. Single licenses are still available.
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19 May 2020
Version: 7.5
As I wrote earlier I am stuck ! I cry for step by step help , but nothing comes ! Johnny
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18 May 2020
Version: 7.5
The old version is frozen. I paid for a new possibility of using the app, but I can or know not how to do ! Help me step by step PLEASE Johnny
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17 May 2020
Version: 7.5
I've been using 1PW for TEN years now. There have been some major hiccups along the way, but in general, it's been worth the trouble. There are several reasons I've stuck with Agile including: security, speed, and usability. Running v6 made me smile when I would hear about hacks related to Dashlane and Lastpass... I was fine with my local LAN sync over WiFi. Very secure! Over time, as my entirely family started using 1PW, the concept of shared groups of credentials started to look appealing. Fast forward to the Safari 13 release along with Agile's refusal to update 1PW v6 to be compatible, and we were finally pushed to upgrade to v7. (Admittedly, Apple forced a new/different/improved security model on Agile.) To be fair, many of the bad reviews for 1PW now center on the subscription model. But as a developer, I don't have a problem paying reasonable annual fees for a critical piece of software. And 1PW is something I use every day. While we've gained sharing functionality with teams and family in v7, we've lost more. SPEED 1PW 7 now takes between 1 to 3 SECONDS to pull up it's credentials page when you login to a website. What's the big deal with 2 seconds? Compared to 1PW 6 this about 10x slower, and creates real usability issues for frequent users. I'm completely accustomed to invoking 1PW6 and typing immediately to narrow a search... this is no longer possible, and there are many double/triple triggers of 1PW7 b/c it's easy to forget how slow it operates. (This on a 2013 12-core MacPro with 64GB of RAM and 4000 passwords... so NOT a computer or config issue.) You can find reports of slowness all the way back to 2018 for v7, with little or no resolution from the Support Forum (this will come up again below). CONSISTENCY With 1PW6, most web-based logins would be filled in properly. With 1PW7 there's a new issue: focus is frequently NOT on the form elements of a page, so your selected ID/PW does NOT get filled in. I'm guessing this is a "feature" of the new app/browser-plugin model. But the end result is purpose-defeating: randomly, on different browsers and different webpages, selecting the default login from 1PW when invoked, then hitting return... does NOTHING. No fields filled in... just nothing. You re-invoke 1PW, wait 2 seconds (b/c it's slow), may be good, may be nothing. You must mouse to the ID field, click to guarantee focus, then invoke 1PW7. This defeats the usability of this app. Support This is a perhaps a "little thing", but it addresses a bigger issue. 6+ years ago, and mulitple times, I created bug reports AND posted to the support forums, pointing out one simple improvement (or bug, depending on your perspective): 1PW does NOT use the full URL to select the most appropriate password entry. For many users, this is not a big deal: they only have one GMail login, and one Marriott login. But for developers, web designers, and anyone in a corporate environment, this is a much bigger deal. Example of three URLs: abc.com/1 1 abc.com/22 abc.com/33 You have multiple IDs... why wouldn't 1PW auto-select (or rank at the top) the one that matches the CLOSEST? Same thing for sub-domains: www.abc.com dev1.abc.com dev2.abc.com This happens ALL THE TIME in corporate and development environments and it would be TRIVIAL to code an appropriate algorithm to select the MOST appropriate login based on the URL you are visiting. Picky? Perhaps. But if the ONE THING you do in life is auto-fill passwords, shouldn't this work well? And, if someone (and multiple others) have pointed this out to you for SIX YEARS, don't you think this could have been fixed? My guess: it points to similar oversights in other areas of support and bug fixing. So: what are we left with? Bitwarden perhaps. At least it is open-source and you can fix things yourself. Or, perhaps other commercial apps that have decent security. I'm hopeful Agile does the right thing and responds to its user base.
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12 May 2020
Version: 7.5
Long story short: I hated v7 when it first came out, I hated subscriptions. Now, after several months, I like v7 and I've learned to accept subscriptions. Not my preference but -- OK. One neato feature of v7 is the ability to easily SHARE LOGINS (or actually anything) between 4 family members. So everyone has access to, say, the Netflix account and you don't have to copy it to 3 other places every time you make a change. Or you can share a credit card. I don't know if other password managers have this feature -- would be interesting to find out -- but it makes things so much easier and works well. If you hate subscriptions, I get it. And if you're happier after moving to another password manager, I'm happy for you! Maybe think about writing it up. Would be great to see a good head-to-head review of 1Password v. a competitor here on MacUpdate. (Or anywhere.) I'd hope such a review would include SUPPORT. There's actually a bit of a learning curve using the 1Password support forums but the staff are helpful, knowledgeable, sometimes even fun. Eventually you figure out how to get the help you need. Best, -SB
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11 May 2020
Version: 7.5
I have been using it for years accross several devices and it causes more frustration and problems. I am ready to look for a substitute. There support isn't anything that works for me either.
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08 May 2020
Version: 7.5
I have used 1Password for years and have supported the transition to subscription but it has become very inconsistent app and more hassle than it is worth. Very disappointed in Agile. The subscription will expire soon and so will my use of this product. Several other folks in our group have also removed their support of ZERO PASSWORD.
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07 May 2020
Version: 7.4.3
Just a note that the version number in the listening is wrong. It is a up to 7.5
21 April 2020
Version: 7.4.3
I have used 1 password since it started with excellent results. Now however my 1 password 6 account stopped working on my new mac. It is IMPOSSIBLE to rectify the situation. My lifetime license is now useless and no one is helping me. I have to resort to my iPhone or old computers to do anything-what in the world happened?
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