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02 February 2019

Movie and TV show catalog app.


Movie Explorer scans all your internal, external and network drives for digital movie files like MKV, M4V, AVI and MP4 and saves them in a movie catalog for off line browsing and searching. The app can be used as a convenient starting point for playing your movie files by using the 'Play' and 'Play with' menu commands. The 'Gallery' feature let you enjoy posters, stills and photos of movies, cast and crew members.

  • Maps your digital movie files automatically with movie metadata provided by The Movie Database (TMDb).
  • Reads technical metadata of your files using the MediaInfo library of MediaArea.
  • Shows details like the original title, plot summary, release date, rating but also information about the cast, crew and studio.
  • Displays technical details like encoding format, bit rate, video format, resolution, bit depth and audio specifications.
  • Shows movie posters, cast photos, crew photos and studio logos of your movie files.
  • Shows your movies as thumbnails, grouped by cast members, crew members or studios, or just as files.
  • Support for TV Shows. This is an In-app purchase within the app.
  • Episodes, seasons, shows and movies can be marked as 'Watched' or 'Unwatched', and can be synced bidirectionally with (TV Shows Add-on).
  • With the Filter popover menu you can filter on 'Watched', 'Paused' and 'Unwatched', together with the existing filters and search function (TV Shows Add-on).
  • Show the number of unwatched files in the sidebar for all filters (TV Shows Add-on).
  • Thumbnails can be resized from small to extremely large.
  • In addition you can adjust the image quality of the thumbnails.
  • All data is saved locally in a database which makes your digital movie collections very easily searchable.
  • You can search on movie title, cast name, crew name (including the movie director), studio name or filename.
  • The 'Get Info' context menu gives you all details of your movies, the cast and crew in a fully internally linked fashion.
  • The 'Open Gallery' context menu let you browse through posters, photos and artwork of movies, cast and crew.
  • The customizable sidebar enables you to filter your collection on criteria like file location, genres, countries and rating.
  • Handy additional filters for Recently added, Stereoscopic, HD Video, HD Audio and Duplicate files.
  • You can map manually files to movies to correct missing or incorrect movie metadata.
  • Each movie file can be opened with the associated app by double clicking.
  • By using the 'Play with' context menu, you can choose manually an app for playing a selected movie.
  • Each movie, cast member or crew member can be investigated in more detail in IMDb, utilizing the built-in link feature.
  • Let you open homepages of movies, cast and crew members.
  • Export movie data on file location level to a CSV file.

Note: While the software is classified as free, it offers in-App Purchases.

What's new in Movie Explorer

Version 2.0.4:
  • Added instructions for restoring file access info after restoring a backup
  • Fixed duplicate genres bug when using ‘Update localized data’ function

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21 November 2015

Most helpful

How can Movie Explorer not have any reviews? This program is fantastic.It presents your media in a friendly, graphical way, similarly to Plex/Kodi/etc. and then you choose what you want to watch and what you want to use to watch it (I *love* this feature) and away you go. If you use a Mac to enjoy movies and don't want the complication or bloat of a full-on media centre, Movie Explorer is just what you need. It's free so give it a try and see for yourself.
Version 1.4.4
15 September 2018
Great app for movies, I paid for the tv shows add-on but after a scan I only see some specials for some shows and that's all, no episodes list, not every shows etc...
Version 1.8.4
1 answer(s)
23 October 2018
Using the correct naming conventions is extra important with TV shows files, in order them recognised by the app. More info can be found in the FAQ ( of Movie Explorer. Otherwise contact
21 April 2018
Wow this app is amazing. I just wanted a simple app that could display my movies in a catalog type fashion and after trying Plex and Kodi I found they were doing a bit more than what I needed. I stumbled across Movie Explorer and was skeptical at first because free apps are usually lacklustre but wow, the previous reviews are right. This app is amazing! Huge thanks to the developer :)
Version 1.8.3
01 October 2017
Just trying this app and it may not work for my setup. I have several external hard drives. cabled ( USB and Firewire ) to my iMac. I can not seem to be able to select this app to scan all my drives at the same time or even one at a time. Perhaps the developer may read this comment and help me out.
Version 1.7.4
1 answer(s)
17 October 2017
Click on the + button in the toolbar. A dialog will appear. Browse to your external hard drive, select it, and press the 'Scan location' button to start indexing your movie and TV show files. More info can be found in the help
23 September 2017
I really love this App. It would be great if the developer could add a German localization and a special full screen mode with big Fonts. I'm really missing Front Row for my iMac. As I don't own a TV, I can't use an Apple TV.
Version 1.7.3
18 June 2017
I don't normally review products because I'm a developer and very picky so I tend to be a bit unfair but THIS deserves a 5 star recommendation. My ONLY issue is that I'd like to see the ability to permanently assign a player app in preferences. I would "expect" to double click a video and see it play but double clicking invokes my Mocha for Adobe After Effects. A bit odd when clicking the play button actually invokes VLC which is my choice player. Still, a very good piece of work.
Version 1.7.3
16 January 2017
Just love it.
Version 1.7.1
05 November 2016
Simple and very useful app. Thank you for keeping this free !!
Version 1.6
10 May 2016
Love it!
Version 1.5.1
09 March 2016
Well I'm surprised that it has so little comments about this great app. It's probably the best movie catalogue that I have found recently. It's fully baked app with simple interface and great functionality. By the way it's totally free app, so I highly recommend to give it a try and check what the app is capable of.
Version 1.5
08 February 2016
This is the best movies & tv shows cataloging app i've found for mac. Metadata and file import is fast, UI is nice, and has some great filters in the sidebar for filtering in genre, country and rating. A few suggestions though: - DVD / Video TS Folder support. - the creation of scrubs so you can hover over a thumbnail and see a bit of what's inside the video.. Or in the gallery, some frames taken from the video. Gallery has pics but not specific to the video. - search not only finds the title but the description/plot/summary of the video.
Version 1.4.4
1 answer(s)
13 March 2016
Have to agree, great app, love it. My wish list, hopefully coming soon

- translation / localisation please. At least FRE, GER, SPA
- coverflow view
- VIDEO_TS support


App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • macOS 10.13.2 or later
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