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Fusion 3602.0.8609

01 July 2020

3D CAD/CAM tool for product development.


Fusion 360 is a modern 3D CAD/CAM tool for product development. With Fusion 360 you have one integrated tool to take your idea from concept to manufacture. With built-in collaboration you can work with anyone, anywhere and because it’s cloud based you can access your designs anywhere, on any device.

Iterate Designs, Explore Forms
  • Surface Modeling - Explore ideas and create organic shapes with T-Splines push-pull commands.
  • Solid Modeling - Direct and history based modeling are seamlessly integrated.
  • Parametric Modeling - Make changes that automatically update corresponding values and functions of the design.
  • Mesh Modeling - Import OBJ or STL bodies as mesh models to create custom designs conforming to mesh surfaces.
Engineer Designs, Explore Function
  • Data Translation - Import and export design files with unlimited CAD translation of over 50 file types.
  • Assembly Modeling - Assemble components and show how they work in relation to one other.
  • Joints & Motion Studies - Create relationships, simulate motion, and review the fit and function of designs.
  • Rendering - Visualize designs with a variety of rendering tools, environments, effects, and visual styles.
  • Animations - Communicate design concepts with 3D exploded views and animations to show how a model is built or functions.
Fabricate Designs
  • 2.5 Axis & 3 Axis Machining - Prepare designs for machining with integrated CAM for 2D and 3D milling.
  • 3D Printing - Set up designs for 3D printing within Fusion 360.
  • Drawings - Document designs with associative 2D drawings - any changes made to the model will be automatically updated.
Collaborate & Manage Designs
  • Collaboration & Sharing - Collaborate within Fusion 360 by tracking and commenting on project progress, or share project components with other team members.
  • Version Management - Store and manage all design data in one place with auto-save or manual version control.
  • Mobile Viewing & Management - Access designs on the go with the free Autodesk A360 app or in a web browser.
  • Share or Publish Data & Designs - Share designs with the community or with individuals with secure public sharing links.
Other Features
  • Enhanced Support - Get help with prioritized form responses, email, and extended phone support hours with an Autodesk support agent.
  • API Extensibility - Create custom JavaScript’s or use sample scripts for bolt generation, spur gear generation, and simple built of materials extractor.
  • Form Inspection & Analysis - Validate a model with curvature comb analysis, zebra analysis, draft analysis, curvature mapping, interference checking, assembly motion studies and more.

The price quoted is that of a standard annual subscription. Monthly subscriptions are also available.

What's new in Fusion 360

Version 2.0.8609:
Improved! Select Project Type in Fusion Team:
  • Previously if you were working in Fusion Team on the web and created a new project, the project type would always default to Closed. We learned that many of you didn’t even know that there were different project types to choose from, and we realized that changing the project type was undiscoverable. Now when you create a new project in Fusion Team, you’ll have the option to select the appropriate Project Type for your new project.
  • Issues fixed:
  • We found a few areas in the tool library that could use some minor tweaks, so we made it more resilient and more stable.
  • We fixed an issue with the Manufacture Tool Library where it appeared entirely off-screen where you couldn’t interact with it. Apparently there was a glitch with the UI engine and it was acting funny. This is now working as it should.
  • Apparently the Clear all filters button wasn’t doing it’s job correctly when you wanted to clear your search filter in the tool library. It wasn’t actually clearing the search bar. Our bad- now it does.
  • We heard that a bunch of you have been experiencing instability while sketching. While we didn’t have any steps to reproduce what you were seeing, we dug into it and discovered some code that was messy. We quickly gave it a make-over and now we’re back in business with sketching in tip-top shape.
  • Joints and As-built Joints were experiencing some unhealthy grinding of the gears, so we hit it with some WD-40 and now you should no longer be seeing any crashes while using them.
  • There was a bug in the Electronics library > Create New Package workflow where selecting the "Chip Array 2 Side Convex" package (in the package generator), and modifying the pin value to 4 incorrectly generated a terminal, which overlapped with the pins. Now when you do this, the preview and resulting package are correctly generated.
  • We fixed an issue where undoing consecutive "Dissolve" actions committed in the browser in direct modeling caused Fusion 360 to become unstable.

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3 Reviews of Fusion 360

23 January 2020
Version: 2.0.7400

Most helpful

Great app, and you can use it for free.
25 March 2020
Version: 2.0.7824
Well, basically a good software and it's free for hobbyists. But looking at my network traffic, it's amazing how much data is being collected under the hood. There's no obvious reason for that.
23 January 2020
Version: 2.0.7400
Great app, and you can use it for free.
03 February 2017
Version: 2.0.2685
please provide a proper download, not a downloader app
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