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19 March 2020

Like a paper planner but better.


Opus One is like a paper planner, but better. Glance at your day, week or month. Drag and drop to reorder, prioritize or reschedule tasks, events, compass items & goals. Arrange tasks by categories, set them to specific time zones, make them last for several days, add alerts and bulk edit. Use our Growth Sections to make time for the things that matter and when needing a little cheer, add your own inspiring images, share via mail or post your Goals to Facebook.

Our top ten powerful tools include:

  • Daily Task lists with:
    • Due Dates
    • Status
    • Priorities
    • Color Coded Categories linked to specific Calendars* (to create Events from Tasks)
    • Repeating Rules
    • Task Notes
  • Eisenhower Matrix View - for easy prioritizing
  • Daily Schedule and Event integration with Calendar.
  • Daily Notes (sharable email, iMessage, Facebook, or Twitter) via with Motivational Quotes and the ability to include:
    • Text
    • Images
    • Maps
    • Checklists
    • Drawings and
    • Audio Notes
  • Master Task list (for tasks without due dates) with side Planner Views.
  • Compass Section that includes a wizard for new users, custom Roles linked to Values, compass tasks with counter and notes
  • Goals with:
    • SMART description
    • Categories
    • Tasks
    • Custom images
    • And a log to keep track of your journey.
  • Mission Section featuring a Mission Builder for those who need a little help building their personal mission statement and values.
  • Tags and advanced search tools so you can find the information you're looking for with ease.
  • And the ability to add tasks from mobiles using Siri and Reminders.

What's new in Opus One

Version 1.8.2:

Note: While the software is classified as free, it offers in-App Purchases.

  • Adaptation for 12 inch Mac Books
  • Added share your story menu
  • Fixed bug when adding a master task.
  • Fixed duplicated delete question on task cards.

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05 January 2018

Most helpful

Would not recommend. Uses to subscriptions on for Opus One Mac $24.00 and another for iOS version another $24.00. I was also not able to make the program register as pro after subscription. Cancelled both subscriptions. Go with other options instead of this program.
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Version 1.5.5
17 December 2018
Not free but subscription based. MacUpdate needs to adjust the Price info. MAS has info that this software only works when online and logged in. Sounds rather dubious.
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Version 1.7.1
1 answer(s)
01 February 2019
Marketing and merchandising of software has changed. The new model is "Free to download. Everything else costs money." This is a twist on the try-before-you-buy model, where either features were limited, or a time bomb was embedded in the software, hoping you'll choose to pay to continue using it. Now what's available is "in-app purchases" that must be applied for the product to be usable. MacUpdate should add a new category to its listings that indicate this type of software.
05 January 2018
Would not recommend. Uses to subscriptions on for Opus One Mac $24.00 and another for iOS version another $24.00. I was also not able to make the program register as pro after subscription. Cancelled both subscriptions. Go with other options instead of this program.
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Version 1.5.5
03 January 2018
This is a subscription based product. Unfortunately or by design the website or the description in the Mac App Store never mentions what the price is. However from the list of popular in-app purchases I would offer an educated guess of $24 to $36 a year depending on the subscription length of a month or a year. This of course means that if you use the App for 10 years, which is not an unrealistic time for using it, it will cost you a minimum of $240.00 to have continual access your data assuming the price is never increased and the company stays in business that long. However should the company fail, then all of your own data might no longer be accessible. You might be able to export it, but to what? This is an example of why I detest subscription marketing models that store user data. Once used you are committed to paying for that App for as long as you want to continue to access the your own data that you provided to the App. Another way of looking at it is that your are held hostage to paying for the App so long as you wish to access the fruits of your own effort and the company stays in business. This is why I never support subscription based Apps unless they are simply providing a service where user data is not being managed by the App.
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Version 1.5.5
04 May 2017
I really like this app but unfortunately it is worthless to me until it has an ios version that will sync with the computer version and vice versa.
Version 1.4.2
01 October 2016
There are numerous parts of this app that need a paid subscription before they become available. However, I can not find, either within the app itself or the developer's website, how much the subscription costs. It looks like an interesting app, but I'm not going to invest in it until I know how much I'll be up for on an annual basis.
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Version 1.3.6
15 October 2015
This is a revised version of Opus Domini. The developer site link is wrong - go to http://www.piso13.com/. It doesn't look like there are any upgrade options from Opus Domini (except to export and import your data).
Version 1.2.6
2 answer(s)
07 March 2016
Hi, Opus One was created from scratch. It is definitely not a revised edition. As will the mobile version also be & which I'm currently working on. :)
Have a great week!
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11 October 2017
Loehman is correct, this is a clone of Opus Domini!