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05 April 2015

File synchronization with rsync.


Acrosync is a folder synchronization tool that supports Dropbox-style automatic file upload, as well as hourly incremental backups similar to Time Machine. Acrosync is based on the rsync protocol, which means it can sync with any Mac or Linux computer, or even a NAS device, without server installation. It comes with an easy-to-use graphical interface with which you can easily set up multiple sync profiles for different tasks.

Once configured, you will need just one click to start the sync. Only the new and modified files will be transferred, and, for each modified file, only the changed parts will be transferred, thanks to the clever rsync algorithm.

Under the new 'Backup' mode, there is a built-in file system monitor which will constantly watch local folders and automatically start transferring new or modified files once they are detected. Full backups can be performed hourly, daily, or weekly at specific times.

In addition, you can turn on the snapshot option to create fast and space-efficient incremental snapshots that are full backups but share the same copy of unchanged files. The per-profile configuration page enables convenient setup of the following advanced options:

  • connect via ssh or rsyncd
  • select a different port other than the standard ssh or rsyncd port
  • ssh login using public key authentication (with paraphrase or without paraphrase)
  • include or exclude files by patterns
  • propagate deletions
  • limiting download and upload speeds

To use a Mac computer as a server, the 'Remote Login' option must be enabled in the 'System Preferences' setting under the 'Sharing' categories. Acrosync is compatible with rsync hosting providers such as HiDrive and Strongspace, as well as QNAP and Synology NASes.

What's new in Acrosync

Version 1.7:
  • Fixed an ssh layer bug that caused the unexpected flag and blocking ssh channel errors

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3 Reviews of Acrosync

29 October 2014
Version: 1.4

Most helpful

Wish there was a trial of this to test before having to buy it
20 November 2014
Version: 1.6
Enter the promotion code 'acrosync' for 40% off. This offer expires on 11/30/2014
12 November 2014
Version: 1.5
It would be useful to know if Acrosync can create a bootable backup.
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29 October 2014
Version: 1.4
Wish there was a trial of this to test before having to buy it
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