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Acronis True Image

24 August 2020

Backup and disk management.


Acronis True Image provides the following protection features:

  • Acronis Active Protection offers advanced, active protection against data loss to ransomware
  • Acronis Notary ensures your backup data remains identical to the original data and delivers a unique certificate affirming the data was unaltered
  • Acronis ASign provides an audit trail for important documents by digitally capturing signatures and generating a unique certificate that contains images of the signatures, timestamps, and other information

The published price is that of a perpetual license for the Standard package for one computer. View full pricing info.

What's new in Acronis True Image

Version 25.4:
Enhanced backup and protection capabilities:
  • Backup replication to the Acronis Cloud now supports resuming, which helps save time for those with an unstable internet connection. In case of a connection issue, the replication of backups to Acronis Cloud stops. When the connection is restored, the replication continues from the point where it stopped, to prevent the duplication of the already replicated data.
  • The Web Restore page was redesigned to make the Anywhere Access to cloud data faster, more secure, and convenient.
Additional security functionalities to shield your data from any type of malware:
  • Enhancements to our real-time protection can block not only ransomware, but other types of malware, too.
  • The on-demand antivirus scan searches all of the files on your computer for viruses.
Constant user experience improvement:
  • Acronis True Image now supports the native macOS Dark Mode.
Known issues and limitations of this version:
  • Quarantining a downloaded malware file fails with the error "Failed to add to quarantine."
  • The macOS mounting tool cannot mount a bootcamp partition after its recovery.
  • Cloning does not fail when there is not enough space on the destination drive.
  • It is not possible to clone a Mac with macOS 10.15 to a Mac with macOS 10.14 without erasing the destination drive manually via the Disk Utility.
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4 Reviews of Acronis True Image

25 October 2019
Version: 24.4

Most helpful

Works fine
16 December 2019
Version: 24.5
I like this tool- for me better than TimeMachine. Very fast Backup and recover on my NAS. Many times faster than TM! But Arconis You have to do a better job - the software ist really buggy: 1. eMail-Notification doesn´t work 2. Schedule doesn´t work, after the backup-time if the mbp sleeps on it 3. the actual backup has problems saving the volume ... backup works, but after efi-mountingpoint is shown and desktop is read only It seems, that mac-user are not in focus :-(
25 October 2019
Version: 24.4
Works fine
22 December 2015
Version: 2.0
I used ATI for Windows for years and while it was a pain to admin and always had a bug or three, it was pretty configurable and did a good job, if you put in effort. This is not the same ATI. It has almost no configuration options, no custom scheduling of backup sets and consolidation rules, no notifications.

But the big feature that interested me is it claims to be able to do snapshot-consistent backups of Parallels Desktop v.11 images. In fact, Parallels also advertises this and even has a button from within PD to launch ATI. However, THIS DOES NOT WORK -- ATI 2016 cannot create PD11 snapshots. Acronis support acknowledges this problem and claims it will be fixed in a future update (while Parallels confirms it's an ATI problem), but both ATI 2016 and PD11 have been out for months now, no ETA on any such fix.

Acronis' suggested workaround? Downgrade to PD10. Hahaha, downgrade one of the main apps I use all day long to work around a bug in backup software? No. Since PD backup is the only unique feature and the only reason I can see to choose ATI for Mac, I'm not. If they ever fix this showstopper bug, I'll definitely be happy to try it again.
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30 November 2014
Version: 1.0
If you ever thought that Time Machine was slow, wait (and waiting is the one thing you will be doing the most) to use Acronis. It's simply the most painfully slow backup software I've ever had the displeasure to use. More than 26 hours later, backing up to my USB 3.0 external HD, it managed only to finish 34% of the task. And this after having interrupted itself for 3 times. Absolutely ridiculous! Do yourself a favor, and get Super Duper! You can't go wrong with it.