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30 September 2018

Powerful page layout creation for desktop publishing.


Publisher Plus is a powerful desktop publishing and page layout app for both business and home use.

Publisher Plus empowers you to quickly design and create any type of deluxe and professional looking prints that you might need. It can’t be any easier to create flyers, brochures, business cards, newsletters, adverts, reports, calendars, posters, booklets, etc. than with this app.

  • Professional templates and decorations
  • 170 plus professional templates for flyers, brochures, newsletters, adverts, reports, calendars, posters, booklets, and more.
  • Hundreds of delicate clipart.
  • 230 plus professional backgrounds.
  • 40 plus photo frames and masks.

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

What's new in Publisher Plus

Version 1.7.3 (1.7.2):

Note: The downloadable demo is version 1.7.2; the version available for purchase on the Mac App Store is version 1.7.3.

  • Fixed bugs.

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03 June 2014

Most helpful

Very simple dtp. Crashes all the time. Lots of functions essential for a dip software missing. Price is to high. Not recommended
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Version 1.0.0
20 September 2018
In my opinion, 5-star reviews are most likely fake or from people with very low expectations.

It is unclear what this app can do beyond what Apple's Pages does. And Pages is free and regularly updated.

The user interface is not that efficient.

No icons are used to show the different types of shapes, only text. Reading the text takes much more time than looking at an icon.

The app can only show one inspector at a time. So if you do a lot of work and want to have page layout, text options and other "boxes" visible at all time for quick processing, this is not possible. Instead, you have to constantly switch between these parts, which is time and energy consuming.

The app also lacks text following shapes, such as a circle which is quite important for true pro desktop publishing.

The document page touches the top of the toolbar, meaning there is no visual separation and worse, significant visual pollution from the toolbar. The app should have done like Word, where there is sufficient isolation so the user can easily focus on the page.

These are only a few examples.
Version 1.7.2
20 March 2017
Easy to use... nothing to do with other pro software, but at least does the basics. But come on... no page numbers????? There is no way you can insert page number unless you do it with a third party app...
Version 1.6.8
09 September 2015
Umm… Lots of (what seem to be) FAKE 5-star reviews here… Dear developer, that kind of trickery doesn't really help to promote your app…
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Version 1.6.3
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09 September 2016
Think long term. Someone who buys your product will have a long relationship. If you publish fake reviews it is like lying to them. BTW: If you must publish fake reviews use fewer exclamation marks.
04 June 2015
Amazing app! As for designing flyers to promote my business, I'm a novice. But with it, I was able to perfectly design an attractive flyer that captured the eyes of the public. It provides me various professionally designed flyer templates, lots of customization features and many convenient share options. It is easy to learn and simple to use. Also, the price is very reasonable. It's worth a try.
Version 1.6.0
20 May 2015
I love this desktop program so much! It comes with many necessary desktop publishing features and with a reasonable price. After a bit of playing around with it, I was able to design a pretty nice publication for my business. Works perfectly with my system, and the sharing options are so easy! I highly recommend it to all of you who want to make flyers, newsletter or any other print materials!!
Version 1.6.0
23 April 2015
Publisher Plus has a variety of different templates you can use to create a unique look for so many different things. You can create your own business cards, posters, colorful resumes, letters, newsletters, brochures, catalogs, certificates, envelopes, menus, magazine covers, cards and invites, CD covers and more! This software can be used for so many different professional uses! The creativity is endless! You can choose from some of their own custom designs or completely create your own look. You just drag over photos and images to the page, type in text, and you can completely customize every thing on the template! I’ve been trying out this software for the last month and am absolutely amazed with all it can do! I tend to not always be the most technologcially-savvy person either, so I love how user friendly this software is. When you login, you can watch their quick how-to video, but to be honest, I completely skipped it and went right to work! It’s so user friendly, I picked it up within minutes and was creating right away! I usually only had to spend 5-10 minutes at most on each creation too, but if you’re really into creating and designing, you can really spend a lot of time here customizing everything exactly how you would like it to look. I just tend to be a bit lazy and not always the most creative, so I found I only needed a few minutes to pound out what I wanted. Once finished with my look, they have tabs that make it super easy to share to your social media, export to your computer, or print. The possibilities are endless! Again, you can spend as little or as much time as you like on these creations. The truly awesome part of this software is it allows you to do so much! You can spend your time being super creative, to create the perfect look for your business or professional publications, or you an quickly create anything with your name and/or business on it, if you happen to need to design lots of professional looks for your business in a short amount of time! I do so many posts for my blog, I tend to only spend a few minutes creating a design, but I love that Publisher Plus makes it so easy to do! They also have so many great templates you can quickly use too to make your job even easier! In fact, you will find over 170 professional templates of different design layouts you can use as well as hundreds of clip art. It’s also super easy to use clip art from the web or your computer too. Just drag it over! You can also choose from over 230 professional backgrounds for your creations, over 40 different frames and masks too. If all of that wasn’t enough, you can get even more FREE templates and packages available from their online store! I’m completely in love with this awesome professional software for my Mac, and you can bet I will continue using it daily for my blog as well as other professional endeavors! It’s so easy to use, allows you come up with endless possibilities for creating, and makes it a breeze to share with others!
Version 1.5
15 April 2015
I like the templates that are available, it is very useful for students and for businesses. I like that I can also download templates from the store. It is easy to use.
Version 1.5
13 April 2015
I'm not a technical savvy. Publisher Plus fills a gap on the Apple Macintosh and it is a great app with intuitive interface for creating printed materials. Awesome!
Version 1.5
11 April 2015
Wow, a professional desktop app for a reasonable price! Nice! Love the amazing built-in templates and wish more templates.
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Version 1.5
Paulo Neto
02 April 2015
For me Publisher Plus is a powerful page layout application for desktop publishing on Mac. It really does what it promises. The templates available are amazing and you can use and abuse of imagination and creativity. I certainly recommend it!
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Version 1.5