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30 May 2019

Desktop publishing solution.


Quarkxpress 2018 is graphic design and page layout software used by hundreds of thousands of users around the world who value quality and performance in their daily production of print and digital products. Built on a 64-bit architecture with uniquely innovative features, quarkxpress has surpassed the competition as the most modern and efficient design software on the market today. With a host of new, innovative features, quarkxpress 2018 is the very best version of quarkxpress to date. Highlights include:

Unsurpassed typography:
  • Color fonts support
  • First-class opentype controls
  • Upgraded font listing
  • Hyphenation strictness levels
  • Span footnotes over columns
Professional print publishing:
  • Direct indesign® idml import
  • Pdf print engine based on callas® pdftoolbox
  • Tagged/accessible pdf
  • Built-in modern javascript v8 support inspired by html dom
  • Digital-to-print conversion
Unlimited digital publishing:
  • Export unlimited android single apps
  • Digital preview improvements
  • Html5 export optimisations
  • Grouped interactivity
  • Collect for output digital
Streamlined user interface:
  • Vertical measurement palette
  • Powerfull user interface

What's new in QuarkXPress

Version 14.2.1:
  • Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

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155 Reviews of QuarkXPress

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19 May 2011
Version: 9.0

Most helpful

QuarkXPress 9 Europe West Edition Full - Price: €1,349.00 ($1,923.30!!!) Upgrade - Price: €399.00 ($568.746!!!) Ridiculous. That's a full CS5.5 suite including spelling in many languages. Are you crazy? Quark? Really???
09 October 2019
Version: 14.2.1
I installed MAC OS Catalina and now I cant export quark file to PDF, Ive updated quark etc - HELP
29 May 2019
Version: 14.2.1
Once again, MacUpdate is so late it is laughable... Quark 14.2.1 came out on Jan 24 2019. This is why I canceled my membership
19 October 2018
I only just noticed this but a Mac App Store version called QuarkXpress 2018 Pro is available for $300 (normally $400, apparently) until Nov. 18th, 2018. The MAS version says it does NOT output to Kindle format, and is not scriptable via JavaScript, but appears to be otherwise the same.
23 May 2018
A pretty good step forward! Nice large vertical measurement bar (make the right hand side bar and pointer tool large on retina displays as well please) helpful open type palette, and fonts are now separated by style. One note on that last thing, 2018 takes away the ability to type in a font and it's variation. Bring back the ability to do that immediately!
02 April 2018
This software works great. I switched to it from InDesign CC which kept crashing. Initially, I was put off by the "old school" interface, but once I really started working on projects with it, I noticed how well thought out all the details are. It looks like in version 2017, they have really listened to customers: whatever I wanted to do, there was a specific feature for it that made it intuitive and easy.
08 March 2018
I havve never been a big fan of Quark. To me its always been the "wanna be" of layout apps. I think the interface is clutsy and non-ituitive and they can't seem to make up their mind what and when to update features. After years of being away, I had to go back to Quark because a client insisted on it. I am recalling why I disliked it, but not I absolutely HATE it. This latest update constantly crashes on me any time I do any work with images. Its baffling and infuriating! I can't wait to be off of this piece of s**t!
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23 January 2018
13.1.1 is what this link goes to; not 13.2, which does not seem to exist.
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12 July 2017
This version of Quark is the first one I have used and I am loving it so far! I can't speak for how terrible previous versions may or may not have been. Be sure to take advantage of Quark's $400 competitive update that allows you to update from several competitors products (such as InDesign) to the latest version of Quark. I generally like this software a lot more then ID CS6 which is what I was using previously (and still use from time to time.)
30 May 2017
Modern Quark is just fantastic.
30 May 2017
Top notch quality upgrade, very impressed, this is a compelling upgrade from older versions and even from InDesign! The Typography engine is significantly improved, best in the business!
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