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05 August 2020

Template-based website creation software.


TOWeb combines the latest HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript technologies with the Responsive Web Design (RWD) approach to create modern websites that looks great when displayed on any device : smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, TVs

  • Free Professional Website Templates Included - Don't start from scratch, create your website by choosing among our 10s stunning designs and customize it to your taste in the live preview editor
  • Easy and Intuitive Live Content Editing (Wysiwyg) - TOWeb let you browse and edit your site naturally in a live preview, adding and editing content directly into your pages, and offers everything your website needs, including pictures, forms, photo galleries, Google Maps, YouTube and HTML5 videos, polls, and much more
  • A Complete and Modern CSS3 Based Theme Editor - Customize the graphical theme of your website using the built-in theme editor. All CSS3 styles are supported: gradients, drop shadows, rounded edges ... each element of the site is customizable, just click on it and change its style to see the result in the live preview

What's new in TOWeb

  • Site form security has been tightened to avoid certain malicious script attacks
  • Correction the e-Commerce BackOffice to update real-time stock that could cause a "reset" and a loss of the product quantities entered
  • The option "Use your additional code in design mode" located in "Options > Security & HTML > HEAD" was not working correctly when deactivated, with the consequences of executing user scripts in design mode and slow down the TOWeb editor and/or display warning messages
  • The unsubscribe link automatically added to the end of the email sent by the "Notify your contacts" function is now shorter in order to avoid problems with links being cut or considered invalid by certain e-mail readers. In addition, it now becomes possible not to send any unsubscribe link by just leaving the "unsubscribe link" field empty in "Options> i-Services> Mailing list> Configure> Unsubscribe link"
  • The "zoom" hover of a photo is now disabled for mobile devices as it was impossible to scroll the page when the finger was positioned on the photo
  • When the "real-time stock" option is deactivated, the "default" behavior for displaying the Stock of all the subproducts of a product can now be customized to display "In stock" (initial behavior) or to the desired replenishment status (such as "Available within 15 days") by selecting "0" from its produtc "Stock" option
  • Theme preview of TOWeb was not systematically refreshed after adding an image in the Slider of Theme
  • Fix of the slide indicators that were requiring to activate first the navigation buttons of the Theme's Slider to appear
  • It is no longer possible to change the bookmark name of a paragraph when hidden as it is useless but also avoids integration problems of the alert script
  • The names of the topics marked as being "under construction" are no longer present inside the drop-down list of an "article" topic
  • For the "article" type topics, on the label of the drop-down list navigation now puts the focus on the
  • Notifications of orders from an e-Commerce site are no longer sent by email when used in demo mode in TOWeb Free or Premium edition and an error message "ERR_DEMO" now appears to remind you that the site online is working in Demo mode
  • Addition of a green label "New!" inside the "Options > Smartphones" screen of TOWeb to more easily locate the new option for smartphones introduced in version 8.09

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