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Pure Music3.0.9c

27 May 2019

High resolution music server software.


Pure Music is a high resolution music server software that is based on the acclaimed Pure Vinyl playback engine and can dock with iTunes, which it uses as a database and playlist organizer.

  • Automatically docks with iTunes window
  • Up to 384 kHz sample rate
  • DSD (2.8 and 5.6 MHz) file playback on any DAC (real time PCM conversion)
  • Native DSD Streaming (with DAC that supports DoP)
  • Supports Apple Remote App for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Automatic sample rate switching
  • Gapless track playback and Memory Play
  • Adjustable Dithered Volume Control
  • Fast-Responding Firefly Metering, Monitor Input (Native) or Output (Post - Volume Control)
  • Real-Time Dynamic Range Meter
  • Supports CoreAudio Compatible Sound Cards / DACs / Audio Interfaces.
  • Supports all iTunes Compatible Audio File Formats (including WAVE, MP3, AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless)
  • Plays music stored on networked volumes
  • Selectable REAL-TIME 64-bit upsampling
  • Mix to Mono, Exchange Left and Right Channels, Invert Polarity / Phase, Channel Balance Trim
  • Per-Track Polarity and Volume Tagging
  • CoreAudio Device HOG Mode Exclusive Access support
  • Internal Audio Device Selection and Setup (or use Apple Audio MIDI Setup)
  • Supports AudioUnit Audio processing plug-ins (parametric EQs, etc.)
  • Uncompressed audio streaming support (up to 384 kHz and up to four separate connections)
  • 64-bit Adjustable 2/3/4-way Crossover with time alignment and adjustable minimum phase filters
  • Native FLAC playback
  • Optional FLAC file conversion and downsampling
  • Pure Vinyl's High Quality File Sample Rate Converter (downsample high-resolution audio to 96, 88.2, 48 or 44.1 kHz / 16, 24, or 32 bit files)
  • The first Mac OS music server / audio player software (May 2011) to directly play DSD format (dsf / dff, 64Fs and 128Fs) audio files with any DAC (real-time conversion to PCM during playback)
  • Support for Direct DSD streaming without PCM conversion
  • "Playthrough," which permits conveniently playing other computer audio sources (Internet radio, movies, etc.) through Pure Music, with full access to Pure Music's dithered volume control, 64 bit crossover, audio EQ plug-ins, NetSend streaming, metering, etc.
  • Native device nonmixable integer mode (with OS version support)
  • Can install on more than one computer, per purchased license

What's new in Pure Music

Version 3.0.9c:

Note: Version 3 is a paid upgrade from previous versions. Pure Music 3 is free to users who purchased a Pure Music license after January 2014. For previous purchasers, a discounted upgrade is avaiable.

  • User's Guide / Manual now incorporated into application, accessible via Pure Music User Guide menu command
  • Hides "Test for Shuffle" option in Preferences if shuffle testing is supported by version of iTunes (currently 12.4 or greater)
  • Added option to Send Extra Pause Events for cases when the Pause button is initially unresponsive after switching tracks
  • Changed Demo splash dialog to floating window instead of modal window for faster startup
  • Corrected issue that could cause resuming playback to need several attempts after reaching the end of an album in Album or Artist view, or after clearing the Upcoming songs in iTunes
  • Corrected issue that could cause the last track of an album to repeat playback after it finishes playing
  • Fixed issue calling free() on a CFObject which could cause a crash on launch
  • Fixed issue involving releasing null CFObject which could cause a crash on launch
  • Eliminated issue preventing Allow Manual Playlist Navigation check box to not be disabled if Update Play Position in Remote option wasn't checked (iTunes 12.4.1)

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3 Reviews of Pure Music

04 October 2015
Version: 2.0.4

Most helpful

Version 3.01 is out. http://www.channld.com/puremusic/
04 September 2020
Version: 3.0.9c
September 2020, Big Sur on the horizon - and still Pure Music is incompatible with Catalina. A bad joke for such an expensive app. Because I don't want to stay with Mojave, there is only 1 star.
07 November 2019
Version: 3.0.9c
It's an outstandingly good app on a Mac except that it won't run on Catalina.
04 October 2015
Version: 2.0.4
Version 3.01 is out. http://www.channld.com/puremusic/